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Anthony Roberts
8 years ago

Wonderful show Graham and a great guest. I love your passion. It’s enough to drive a man to profanities! I’ve used more swear words in the last year than in my previous 50! I woke up to this rotten society in my mid thirties and ‘jumped ship’ but only became jew wise in the middle of last year.
Maybe we can start the UK branch of renegade and get some activism going? I’ve never used faceberg or twatter ( oops there i go again ) so perhaps i could email you?Being English, i consider all my celtic white brothers and sisters kin. The good folks of Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and of course America, Australia, NZ and SA…i salute you all. Hail victory!

8 years ago

I know Clint. It was a pleasure to see him on your show.

8 years ago

Great show and great guest. I especially liked the fact that the guest explained how reading a Bible in English does and and cannot transfer the originally stated meanings. And that goes without mentioning the intentional mis-translations appearing in various forms of the Bible that have essentially eviscerated our culture. But before I would point anyone to the Bible – I would point them to our religion that was forcibly wrenched from us by Bible dupes. Asatru. There are 9 Noble Virtues of Asatru. 1) Courage 2) Truth 3) Honour 4) Fidelity 5) Discipline 6) Hospitality 7) Industriousness 8) Self Reliance 9) Perseverance The only other thing I would mention about this broadcast is simply a suggestion to the guest to perform a detailed investigation… Read more »

8 years ago

YES! Clint Richardson on RB!!! What a dream realised. I was wondering if he might have an appearance. A perfect guest to have featured here. We must consolidate our warriors. Excellent show and hello from a fellow Islander 😉

8 years ago

The EU has been fundamentally about nig flood. Immigration is fine, as long as we are talking about White Euros (yes that includes Italians Spanish etc) but I dont want juhadis and nigs within our sphere. The bottom line for all this bullshit, bandying about ‘Britishness’ is ultimately “I dont want darkie genotypes here” I need no excuse, justification or reason: that is my will and that is all there is and that WILL DO. Here is a chorus for the indians that want to claim a piece of our sweet cake (from something I saw on Question time where some mud wanted to use the ‘cultural’ angle to claim some sort of White right) by trying to wedge in on “I want to be… Read more »

Graham Hart
8 years ago

Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it guys. It was a pleasure to interview him.

7 years ago

June 3rd 2014 – STOP PRESS !!! Graham Hart will stand in Lawful Rebellion as a candidate for the constituency of Camborne-Redruth-Hayle at the next General Election. It’s Government by consent. They are OUR Tustees. Man created Government. Not the other way around. Magna Carta Article 61 Under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 – the founding document of the British Constitution – we have a right to enter into lawful rebellion if we feel we are being governed unjustly. Contrary to our common belief, the Queen and her Government are there as our Trustees and not to Rule us. Under Natural Law and Common Law. The highest Law. Explained in three words: DO – NO – HARM. The time has come to expose the… Read more »

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