The Graham Hart Show: Clint Richardson – The Law (8-22-16)

clint richardson

Graham speaks to Clint Richardson about Natural Law vs Man-made Law, how to approach contracts and other legal situations, acting as the agent of your person, the strawman, mind parasites, and much more.

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Some great info Graham and thanks to your guest Clint. If we are all birthed as slaves, with a name and number, how do we break this synthetic evil system? Should parents, who are already slaves because they have used and agreed to the contract of this world, not register their children? Won’t the scum just imprison them, and then assign a name and slave number to the child in their ‘care’ anyway? We can’t even form our own communities because they own all the land, including the queen’s pavements and highways, and demand a tax. Perhaps living like gypsies is a solution. Don’t own a property, don’t pay taxes and just use cash. Then again, why should we tiptoe around on our own soil?… Read more »

At least 2 guests that Clint had on His RBN show disconnected from the “fiction”! KW from Kentucky went to court – and sued for what was stolen from him at birth – He did get a monetary settlement – and is now a “private citizen” of Kentucky. (Just like the founding fathers and their progeny are “private citizens” – So KW is now “one of them” is that the answer? In Canada – Daniel went to court and is now a man of God in Ontario, Canada! Clint has come to the conclusion that the only way to be “free” is to start a Monastery! Very long story – it took over 500 shows on RBN to get that far!

I have to see court cases and the filings to believe any thing related to this topic. There’s too many nut cases and feds/kikes putting out time wasting shit on legal issues and I think it’s because the legal fraud is so central to every thing creating this jew’d society. All the rules and laws we want to see applied properly versus all of the rules and laws that are not properly applied, or even passed, influence all aspects of our lives. I know that being a Citizen of the Republic of and a US National is supposed to be an ideal for anyone wanting to remain under the system we were taught that we are supposed to live under. What’s messing every one up… Read more »

Contracts are only valid if there is a true meeting of the minds. Your parents can not contract for you. And you are not sound of mind until you are of age. So anything they assign to you you write them and indicate the above and that fraud has taken place and you want no part of it and will prosecute if persecuted over the fraud. And any one who is sound of mind when they contracted did not make a valid contract unless all of the terms and implications were conveyed and understood. This is called a “meeting of the minds” at law.

On my Birth Cert’ the name is not in block capitols. Does this mean i’m “Kosher” ? (real surname Davey is Welsh).

Graham’s mini rant at the start of the show was perfect!

Great Show Graham. Have You ever wondered why “They, the Elite, Jews, whatever, would poison the earth so bad! If they intended on living here, after they have killed most of Us off”, I could never come up with a justification for chemtrails, radiation poisoning, environmental weapons, killing off entire species, using all valuable resources etc. ? How do We explain “cognitive dissonance” .. when We ask someone? “2 planes – 3 Buildings? Could it be that We are “Infected”?

The jooos don’t believe their messiah will come until all goy are dead. How do you kill all the goy? You poison the earth. If a few of their own die in the mess, they could care less. The elite joooo scum will be safe and secure in their underground cities.

Why do you always use “jooo” instead of calling them what they actually are “JEWS, JEWS, JEWS!”. Stop being a pussy and just say it like it is! Unless you’re not who you want us to think you are…

LOL to Mary. Hell, I’ve called the fuckers jews and jew-fucks and jew-tards and jew-fucktards millions of times. I use “jooooos” occasionally in mocking derision.

Mary, it’s the people calling them “zionists” you should have your beef with. Oh, and worst of all, those who say there are “good jews.” I say fuck ALL jews. Every last one of them. There are no good jews. Fuck every last one of those pricks……especially that no good piece of fuck-shit Gilad Atzmon.

They poison select regions. There’s already entirely build cities that aren’t populated in Asia that are probably not getting hit with any of the stuff they spray. Plus over time that stuff leeches into the soil which acts as a filter and in who knows how many years, decades, centuries, millenia, it will be usable again, and they hope that they will have complete control of the planet by then. If you look up new youtube videos of Cherynobyl you can see the plants are growing still. It’s not a desert wasteland. Things live and survive. Some of these meltdowns might even have been trial experiments to see how the cause and effect works. Wipe out the immediate population but then wait X years before… Read more »

We all know about DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases), right? I believe they think they can poison anything and everything up here and then survive down there.

I understand the power of deception but, at the end of the day, practically speaking, its their physical power that should be stripped from them which gives them the leverage to control the earth we are living on.
There’s no excuse for us to be jewed anymore and the first contractor ever was the jew god, “yahweh”.

Fantastic interview.
Thank you Mr. Hart and Mr. Richardson.

Mr. Richardson, regarding approximately 1:12:00, jews have no code of honor and this should become obvious after studying them and their history. Contracting with them is certainly stupid but they gain their access in our nations, in the first place, by disregarding our laws. If I decide to move to Northern Alaska and live in the icy grounds somewhere, by disconnecting myself from their goddamn “civilization” and contracts and if they want to “get me” over something, they will do it physically. The contracts are a cover up to further confuse the European people. In non-European dictatorships, the ones they control, they don’t even bother to use contracts to enforce their wills. They just do it with brute force, examples of which are China, Russia,… Read more »

Excellent show Mr Hart, thanks for having the main man back on.

Regarding’s Clint’s idea of appearing as the ‘agent’ for the ‘person’ – it seems to me that if the clerk of the court or man/woman who sometimes appears as a judge calls for the ‘name/person’, and the individual present does not appear/idenitify as being in that capacity, then the court might very well treat this as a ‘no show’ and may even issue a warrant for the arrest of the ‘name/person’. Not saying this would always be the case though, but quite likely.

It happened in a UK Court once, the ‘agent’ when asked if the ‘person’ named so and so was present, he kept handing the Court Clerk that person’s birth certificate.

Ray St Clair, isn’t it? Hmmm…