The Graham Hart Show: Dawn Ploe – Muammar Gaddafi (8-15-16)


Graham’s guest Dawn Ploe talks about the rise and fall of Muammar Al Gaddafi. How he took them from the poorest country in Africa and made them the richest, with a true democracy and wealth never seen before on that continent before his downfall in 2011. Towards the end of the show, she suggests with good reasoning that Gaddafi may still be alive

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Anthony Roberts

The jews wanted those precious resources of land, endless oil, and fresh water for when they complete their greater Israel plan.
Typical jew hypocrisy. “How dare they want their own currency, pride and autonomy”.
I reckon jew puppet ‘Blair the traitor’ distracted Gaddafi just enough, with western false promises, so they could arm their mercenaries for the takeover.
Unlike Dawn, i think he was tortured and killed. The evil jews have to humiliate and send out a message; death is never enough for them.
Very good show Graham and thank you Dawn for keeping this recent jew atrocity fresh in people’s minds.

Dawn Ploe

Thank you for listening; And again, this is why Muammar wouldn’t do business with Israel. They play dirty pool and he knew it.


Love this show Mr Hart. MG (RIP) was the last national socialist, possibly not if you count Iran. But what I found out about him I am ashamed to have bought into the narrative. He knew what was up and even said that Libya was a last stand keeping the dark hordes from Europe. His crime was not being a sucker to the IMF and guess what happened?!


I remember when the walking, talking, living turd known as Ronald Wilson Reagan bombed Libya and tried to kill Mummar. Fuck Reagan! What a piece of shit. If he was half the leader Mummar was America truly would have been great again. Fuck NATO and Fuck the Jews.

Dawn Ploe

It could take hours upon hours to talk about the atrocities committed against Muammar, let alone Muammars good deeds. Those two hours flew by! Yes, Reagan had no right to bomb Libya in ’86. Alzheimer’s and a BAD administration responsible. So many people think Reagan was the ultimate great POTUS, but they ignore or don’t know what he did to an innocent man and his family. I have no sympathy for Reagan.


I would say there are now way more jew-wise people in the world than jews. I have no idea of exactly how to do it, but we need to take these shit-cunts out of the picture sooner rather than later. But how? Any ideas? If things continue as they are, I don’t see how we can go another five years before it’s definitely too late to do something about these douche-bags. .

Graham Hart

We do it by disengaging with them in Commerce wherever we can, and exposing their filth until the masses of dumb asses finally get it…which they are, slowly but surely.


Yes, the cells of the beast are money and for as long as we use it, it syphons our energy every time that coin or note gets transferred. We would have to have some kind of White network by exchanging goods and services and bring the honour system back, perhaps even invent some form of internal token like casino chips that only have relevance inside the walls. The tokens could then be abandoned once it becomes more established.


As I’ve said before, it all comes down their monopolization of the money system everyone uses. That’s the keystone of their power.


Nice stats in the opener. It is amazing how many kikesters rise from the dead to claim a good bit of leeching. Nothing like a perpetual handout to bring a jew corpse back to un-life.

John A

You can bet your life, if the Jewish media says someone is bad, they are usually good and vice-versa….what’s happened to Saddam and Al Gaddafi is so similar to what they did to Hitler, it’s obvious.


They did the same ting with Idi Amin. One moment he is the greatest thing since ice cubes, then (one the israeli embassy is mown down and replaced with a Palestinian one) all of a sudden he is talking to severed heads in a fridge and watching blood fountains powered by the screams of orphaned children in the media and a very bad boy to boot. Some sort of pattern is emerging, I, I can’t quite put my finger on…


Very interesting show Mr. Hart. I had known about Mr. Gaddafi’s goodness but this conversation really enlightened me.


Gaddafi was a freemason I thought – always with those handshakes, and he wore the hat that had the pyramid/all seeing eye thing inside it.

Dawn Ploe

No. Muammar was NOT a Freemason, And his handshakes were meant to show respect and warmth to the other person.

As for the hat, he doesn’t own a hat with the all seeing eye or a pyramid. Muammar knew about the Illuminati and wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. He was an outsider and this is why they attacked him.


Great show Graham! What an excellent guest and topic. It is amazing how effective western propaganda is and how embarrassingly susceptible Americans are to it. I honestly believe that if “Fox” and “CNN” came out tomorrow and said they just discovered that Santa Claus was in fact a real guy who still lives in the North Pole and builds toys with elves, that the next day the post office would be over run with apology letters from at least half of the American population! It is a good instinct to assume that if western mainstream media demonizes a person, they are most likely a good person and if they glorify a person, they are most likely straight out of hell.