The Graham Hart Show: Dennis Fetcho (7-4-16)


Graham speaks to Dennis Fetcho from Inside The Eye Live about the White Genocide agenda, resistance to jewish tyranny in its many forms, linguistic codes, geopolitical power plays, Brexit, Trump, and much more.

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I’m sorry, i don’t believe in ‘natural migration’ of non-whites. Why should 3rd world black/browns be given everything on the blood and sweat of my ancestors! They will not even assimilate. Another moan – i feel it’s a ‘cop out’ and double standard to choose a yellow lady. You are just buying them and it’s still race mixing. White men need to be mentally and physically worthy of our own beautiful white ladies – me included. I’m on a roll folks – do not trust any jew Graham. 1/4, 1/2 they will turn on you. They stick together like blacks, asians etc. Your friendship will only ever be on their terms – then they kill you! You just need to go that one final step… Read more »

I always enjoy reading your posts Anthony. Whether we agree or not, they are respectful and well considered, and I thank you for your kind comments, but I Jewbash only. They are the cause of ALL our problems and I will not give my energy to anything else until we rid the world of their filth.

At about 39:00 Graham said that every mayor city in England has a Muslim mayor. That’s simply not true, I’m not sure where he got that idea from.

I was thinking the same, i’d like to see the evidence for this.

TBH guys, I saw it in a picture on Facebook and had not fully researched it. However, following your comments, I checked out Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and London and then stopped. I’d seen enough.
My apologies for the inaccurate propaganda 🙁

Hi Graham, many thanks for your reply – there is certainly a few in major cities thats for sure.

Appreciate the reply, Graham.

London and Birmingham have Muslim mayors, but not Bristol or Manchester. The mayor of Bristol is half English, half Jamaican; unlikely a Muslim. The mayor of Manchester is white (albeit former Mr Gay UK). So although not all Muslims these are certainly the ‘leaders’ papers like the Guardian likes to celebrate as ‘progress.’

What is worse is that the some higher ups with some clout on immigration are muds, and that is very concerning to say the least.

London definitely does. I found that out to my horror a few days ago Shadiq Khan I think is his name. But as for the whole of England, I seriously doubt it, at least not yet anyways.

Dennis Fetcho makes a lot of sense. It is tragic that the Palestinians are at the mercy of jews, including Al Sisi, and their jew installed traitor Abbas..

I wondered Graham if it might be possible to play trad jazz, instead of that awful modern stuff. I love Acker. I have an old album in the attic somewhere, and one of the little ditties on the cover goes something like:
The revellers spilled out into the night
The barmaids too are going, going, gone
Gone too the student mice in woolen tights
To leave the club to Acker and to Ron..


Excellent show. Great guest The Fetch, he really has his head where it should be. He fits well in with your show.