The Graham Hart Show: Dennis Wise (8-8-16)


Graham speaks to Dennis Wise about the arguments against Hitler, then moves quickly into the recently completed Communism by the Backdoor, which shows how the world came to be so sick and twisted with Cultural Marxism and all the other manifestations of jewish power since the good guys lost in WWII.

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7 years ago

(hope this is taken as constructive) When Dennis’ audio craps out (like it did often on this show) you should reconnect – it only takes a sec…

Graham Hart
Reply to  akseeker
7 years ago

It is. Thank you aseeker.

Steven j Lewis
7 years ago

I am catching this show on the archive. Graham mentioned that someone in the chat said Charlie will never change his mind on Hitler. Well that’s not true. Now, Charlie while on Oracle, admitted he was wrong about Hitler and Germany after doing many shows and interviewing historians and actually went as far to say he was going to stop using his German accent when describing or comparing the US police state to Germany. He did some outstanding shows. Charlie has never been pro-white, but when he was featured on Rodney Martin’s ANN website, Charlie for some strange reason went back on his previous stance on Hitler and it caused a huge buzz. People were telling Rodney he should remove Charlie from the Network, but… Read more »

Reply to  Steven j Lewis
7 years ago

Come on man!
Charles is pro-White by the definition of the term, “pro-White”. He’s race aware. Go back and listen to his history shows.

7 years ago

Near the end of the show — which was a good show, as always — Graham said he hated the jews. Dennis Wise, pipes up and says, “but there are some good jews.” Oh, holy fuck! I am sick to death of hearing someone say that inane phrase. Almost every time I hear someone say they hate the jews, someone always chimes in with “but there are some good jews.” Yes – god damnit – we all know there are some good jews. (I believe the total number of good jews in the world is now 8.) Well, I don’t give a bloody fuck about the good jews. The issue is the bad jews of which the number is legion. When the jews sit around… Read more »

Nick Dean
Reply to  Falcon
7 years ago

There are NO good Jews. Jews choose to belong to an organisation, defined fully by identity with a tradition and history and ideal of supremacism, genocide and slavery – targeted particualry at us.

A decent person like Simone Weil who is born into that community will come to reject it because of these defining characteristics. I say, like Simone Weil, but as far as I know she’s the only one to do so and go public. But surely there were others who just quietly distanced themselves and tried to forget their horrible ancestors. And, yes Weil was good, even if she did not understood WWII.

Reply to  Nick Dean
7 years ago

What about Benjamin Freedman?

Nick Dean
Reply to  MaryC
7 years ago

Tell me about Freedman, MaryC.

What did he say about Jews pushing wars and cultural degradation that wasn’t already known? I see nothing – he joined the fray only to say don’t bash Jews, not all of us are bad.

Why did he push the lie about the Khazars? Only one reason suggests itself for the unlikeliness and longevity of this claim: it is SO EASILY disproved. It can only be kept alive by hostiles who hope to make pushers / their nationalist dupes look stupid and as if they are unable to use libraries or google.

Reply to  Falcon
7 years ago

When I start hearing/reading “but not ALL Nazis were bad” from kike editorials and “not ALL Whites are evil” from the nonWhite mainstream ethos, then I will take the “notall” with them. I want to see the holocuzzer curese banished completely from Germany, because I am sire not all Nazis were bad right, and doub’t there are many left alive.

But for as long as this is war, then all you other fuckers are being thrown in the generalisation box without exception or excuse, until they get off our backs and start humbling themselves.

Reply to  Falcon
6 years ago

“Tob shebbe goyim harog.” (Kill the best of the gentiles.)
Thanks for bringing that up.. That should be the only response when someone gives the ”good jew” virtue signal.

7 years ago

Great show, thank you

frank Clancey
7 years ago

Researches like Eustace Mullins, Anthony Sutton, Joseph Farrell and Bill Cooper are wrong? I don’t think so.

Reply to  frank Clancey
7 years ago

I don’t trust either Anthony Sutton or Bill Cooper.

7 years ago

Look. Let’s get real. The only “good jew” is a dead jew, plain and simple, like it or not. You can’t fight DNA and mother nature. Well, okay, maybe you can, but good luck with that. If a “good jew” really did exist, it would tell you to round up all the jews and put them on Madagascar, and patrol the coast 24/7. And after a relatively short amount of time, the island would become empty, and the world would revel in the glorious advancement of incredible advancement, lead by the White race. Don’t think so? Hmm….how bout giving it a try…what have you got to lose?

Reply to  newstarmist
7 years ago

Most of them are fucked and should be put in rockets and shot up into space, but David Cole is good:

7 years ago

Whenever good jew haters feel the need to claim there are some “good jews” out there, they always — and I mean always — bring up Gilad Atzmon. Fuck Gilad Atzmon. For an excellent article on the subject of the so-called “good jew”, Google: “Myth of the Good Jew: Why Gilad Atzmon is Irrelevant”.

“Desiring Jews to join us as equals or even subordinates in our Resistance to Organized Jewry is fanatically foolish and exceptionally irrational.” The preceding sentence is quoted directly from the Myth of the Good Jew article. It is an excellent point we should take to heart.

Fuck Gilad Atzmon and fuck every “good jew.” We don’t need them…..and, in reality, they are destructive to our cause.

7 years ago

Excellent show gentlemen. Facts well presentend. Keep up the good work !

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