The Graham Hart Show: Frustrated Farewell (9-12-16)


Graham gets on air to vent his frustration, talk about evil Whites and good jews, and speak to Brizer about a number of topics.

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I’ll be honest, I had to turn this shite off after a half hour before I had a stroke. It sounded like Jew talking points: saying that “WE raped the world.” Do you realize that is what Jews have pounded into white people’s minds for decades now to make us feel guilty and like we should forever cater to non-whites because we took their land? Yes, we took some nonwhites land and guess what, I don’t give a flying fuck! You know why? Because EVERY race throughout history has fought over land and resources, but whites are the only ones who get shit for it BECAUSE WE WERE SUCCESSFUL. They want us to feel guilty and ashamed for being better. Frankly, we could have wiped… Read more »

Hear hear, Maiden of the Shield. Hear hear.

Graham is from an area of England that think they’re not English, and they resent their own. People go to his county as its a vacation hotspot, but the locals are the least friendly of anywhere in England, as they have this chip on their shoulder about some mythological ancient kingdom they want to return to, and think ‘English tourists’ are foreigners. Essentially he wants to balkanize England and return it to feudal principlaities – that is what would happen if everyone was as stupid as Graham in England. It’s like me pushing the old Northumberland Kingdom. That is why he doesn’t identify with whites, as he thinks he is an anceint celt being oppressed by the Anglo-Saxon Protestant Empire. In England, we generally look… Read more »

Damn, I’ll just say “Ditto” to Shield Maiden. And to those of you who liken this to “in-fighting”, you don’t get it. This isn’t in-fighting, this is drawing a line in the sand between those who are ready to stand their ground and fight, and those who will make excuses for the enemy to avoid the battle. I’d rather be counted among the former. In-fighting is between people who are on the same team. Anyone who isn’t naming the Jew (and I mean the whole stinky tribe), isn’t on the team.

I got $20 says Mr. Hart is a crypto jew.

Sir Algernon Farnsworth
“We” “raped the world.” As in ALL White people took part in raping the world? I took no part in any such activity, nor did my Scottish ancestors, whom some of which were Highland Scottish, and they too had their land stolen from them. You need to get your facts straight. South Africa was almost devoid of Africans, and “we” Whites built amazing infrastructures throughout Africa, India, South America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand etc. “We” Whites built amazing civilizations throughout the Western world… where there were none! We conquered, as did every other race upon this planet, as we exist within finite environments. The natives fought each other and negroes enslaved each other, and Arabs took millions of White slaves, including Irish, Welsh, English… Read more »
Graham is right on the infighting but that goes both ways. David Icke talks shit about us Anti-Semites and Fascists ALL the time. We can have a truce. Icke stops the Nazi-bashing and in return, we stop calling him a shill. Icke continues his Jew-shilling through omission and merely pointing at Zionism, and we do what we do. That’s fair. Regarding Whites in the world: Arabs tried to invade Europe long before WMD that our Jew-run governments drop on them now. And who would want to flee to their victimizers if we’re so evil? There’s lots of virgin land in Kazachstan for example and they are Muslim already. They could go there. And why is it our duty to uplift them? Are we supremacists that… Read more »

All the infighting Graham is talking about is me and a few others saying all jews are bad. Fuck, if that’s gonna make you turn tail and run, it’s best to go ahead and get out of the fight.

I don’t recall me announcing my departure at all. That sounds like a shove Kyle.

I was wondering about that myself. I do not agree with Graham on some points but will 100 % back him. Seeing the way the vulchers are circling over this one….I do indeed wonder if we are screwed….

You said you wanted a break because you were getting old and then went on to damn white people, condone jews and have a go at people for disliking Icke. Sounds like departing words to me. We don’t cater for people coming and going as they please, as if we are being paid to do so. And we certainly don’t cater for those that piss on a narrative we have fought to create here at Renegade. You can argue until the cows come home about Icke waking people up, but there were others waking people up way before Icke, such as Peter Schaenk and Eustace Mullins among so many others and they were doing a good enough job at it. We didn’t need lizard man.… Read more »

Well i notice your photo has been removed from the host listing and now shows ‘wild’ so i’d say yes Kyle has given you the shove. To be perfectly honest Graham i was surprised you joined Renegade in the first place and i’m not surprised at this action – you aren’t one of the ‘lads’. You have to tow the line to be accepted,that’s why i join nothing and follow none of them.

Thank you Graham for your time, effort and caring. It takes balls to start speaking after the intro music dies down. Renegade has always stood firm on the subject of jews and degenerates – that’s why i admire their stance so much. This is just one of those – good person, ‘wrong’ fit times.
You are right Steve, we shouldn’t slavishly worship anything. I think Sinead alluded to such gullible folk recently. I can’t help feeling though, the jews want us disjointed, hovering over various ‘controlled’ groups and never settling. Another version of white flight. Having little nibbles from their prepared kosher buffet instead of tucking into the full white truth feast. Renegade i believe, is that feast.

Health and happiness to you and your family Graham.

Well Renegade didn’t have the decency to tell the truth, they put up a false comment on the show description saying graham announced his departure, thats dishonest and cowardly, i’ve lost respect for Renegade and whoever wrote that description.

That was my fault when it comes to the departure. I walked in right as he was saying he needed a break and that he was getting old. However, it matters not what mistake was made, because that is not why Graham will not be with Renegade anymore. As Anthony said, “good person” but he doesn’t fit. And of course if he isn’t “towing the line” as you put it Steve, he will not be accepted here. And you’re a fuckin idiot if you think otherwise. Listen carefully Steve, (I say Steve as everybody else seems to get it) the jews have a narrative and they stick together. They see their own, as “one of the lads” and if one of them should stray, they… Read more »
And it is exactly the attitudes of you people on here Shaun that will keep the white people divided – if you think you are going to unite the white race then it is you who is the idiot. This ‘truth movement’ is a joke, always has been and always will be. I’ve always felt you to be an idiot and every time you say something you just confirm that for me. Your hatred of other people’s Shaun is what puts people off and is actually falling into the enemies hands, you don’t see that and you never will. The language you use and the name calling of non white people puts you in the same category of the jew, there is no difference no… Read more »
Well shit you’re still here Steve’o, so I can’t be doing too good at dividing whites now can I? I mean, you are white aren’t you Steve’o? Steve’o? Are you there? Steve’o? You did say you lost all respect for Renegade, so why are you still here? Steve’o? Are you still here? Marko! Steve’o!!! Fuck off idiot. Our proper white people are sticking together WITHOUT you morons. You’re not even white Steve, even if you have the pigment! You say what I am doing is as good as what jews are doing, but let me tell you pussy boy, that the whites I join forces with are TRUE and QUALITY whites that know what the fuck is up and don’t bow down at a whim.… Read more »
Totally with you here Steve – Surplus, to put it simply is an absolute Idiot. The viciousness with which this guy operates is unparalleled. All the while speaking of honor and truth. Your attempt trying to sound oh so intelligent while you either have your head stuck up other peoples asses ( Sinead ) or try to rip them to shreds with nothing but foul language ( me… ) is embarrassing. But to make one more last point……..Graham Hart spoke from the heart with honesty and integrity. To ostracize him on not being pro white or anti Jewish enough is just dumb. We have lost this battle you fools and not only because of the evil Jew, but your utter stupidity. Waving good by now….still… Read more »

I ain’t waving back Max, I am flipping you the fuckin bird. How’s that for bad language you defeatist piece of shit?

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Actually, no please do…

Max, fuck off, douche bag.

I have to disagree Max. Renegade are the only group of people with integrity, honour and speak the whole truth. They are here to save the white race – our race! They don’t go in for this “gotta love and fix the world – everyone’s a world citizen bs.” That is jew-speak. They don’t cuddle up to your so-called good jews, arabs or blacks, because unlike you, they deal in the real world. THERE AREN’T ANY! They want us all dead – even those lovable Palastinians, if we didn’t convert to islam. Renegade hosts and contributors have such a thing as loyalty – and that doesn’t mean being up each others backside. It means telling it like it is – self regulation. I am probably… Read more »

Your words were “Fuck you” errrrrr whenever ive told a boss to fuck himself ive always been pretty sure i wont be going back to work in the morning.

So dont start with the pathetic victim drivel.

Was collectively blaming the White race not a shove? You disgust me.

Can you point me to the mark in the show where Graham says he is leaving ? I must have missed that part. I did hear Graham say at the start that this would be the last show for a ‘week or two’ as he needs to take a break. So i was surprised to read the show title that Graham ‘announced his departure’.

They stole and cleansed Byzantine already, and they want more. Jews and traitors letting them in is merely a way for them to conquer. Without the enemy within, the enemy without would have no chance to invade on their camels.

OK dude, I get your point but just ask yourself this one question. What have you done today to stand up against this toxic system? History is in the past and sure whites have done some amazing things for civilisation but look at what’s happening now….it’s gone to shit. So what are you doing now in the present to change things for the better for future generations? Venting your anger at a radio host just because you disagree with him doesn’t cut it in my opinion.

Why are those options mutually exclusive? People can write on here and criticise, which takes all of 2 minutes of the day, and troll liberals or do any number of other things to spread Gospel of St Adolf.

That’s why we unburied the Sphinx…so we could rape that b****. It’s also why we spent untold millions to preserve relics and monuments of the past in foreign countries that absolutely no one else gave a shit about, so we could keep on raping those foreign cultures. Absolutely true. 100%

Also the last time I read about a person getting raped I don’t remember the victim getting modern medicine, railroads, infrastructure, or schools out of the experience.

The whites take the rap for Columbus who was responsible for the deaths of 4,000000 people, but the truth is he was a fucking jew. Everywhere you find horror and chaos in the world, you will find the fucking jew.

WTF is to debate?

a jew is born and then brought up learning that they are here to rule over us.



It is US or THEM.

Sure the ‘good ones’ will be your ‘friend’

but they KNOW YOU ARE A GOY behind it all.

Holy crap, it’s amazing people can’t get this.


“Not every Jew is bad. Feck that shit!” Do you know any Jews personally? Nope ?

I have not heard of the “good jews” banding together and canceling the holocuzzer extortion program from Germany, with severe reprimanding of their bretheren, and following up with a repayment plan of some sort.

Wtf don’t people get? If you claim to be a jew, even an atheist one, or anti-zionist, you are part of the tribe, period. That makes you an enemy. As we are theirs. And if a ‘good jew’ claims to not understand that, bullshit, they are still part of the tribe and have their ‘safety zone’ within it, and you have no reason to waste your time with them anyway.
Anyone that doesn’t understand this, doesn’t understand the situation in full.
There’s ONE book for the WHITE MAN, and that’s Might Is Right.
The strong WILL conquer, as always.
Hail Victory.

Great video about the mythical “good jew.” Also, please read the first comment which is from Scott Roberts about the fucking “good jew”. The video and Scott’s comment are spot on. Fuck the jews…..every last fucking one of them.

I could not take more than a few minutes of this anti-white raving lunatic. If it was not for whites-blacks would still be peeling bananas with their feet and arabs and orientals would be living in the middle ages. In Africa they now have huge numbers because of white medicine and help. In America Indians are on white welfare. Perhaps this Graham character should have been captured by the Apaches in the old days and then he might sing a different tune. He actually said that we should build better homes for blacks than we have???? Whites have done way more good than bad in the world. What have non whites voluntarily ever done for whites? I believe this man was never pro white. Our… Read more »

Solutions please Christina. Solutions! The white man for all his greatness has fallen under the spell of the jew and the western world has gone to shit so what the hell do you suggest we are going to do about that right here right now?? Oh right…blame the radio host. Take a look in the mirror girl…maybe the problem is you.

I am a teenage Mexican girl. Yes the problem is me. The fall of civilization is due to me. I am the only latin I know who even speaks up for the anglo among my many friends and relatives. That is what I am doing and that is more than any of my anglo acquaintances seem to do. Also I plan to have lots of children. I already have 73 first cousins on one side of my family alone. Political solutions are up to men to lead and the rest follow. I am not Joan of Arc therefore why do not you men do something? For beginners, you could grow Pelotas. My texas grandmother said that never in her 85 years has she ever met… Read more »

“Quit blaming “EVERYTHING” on the Jews.”
And what’s your incentive, as a self-proclaimed Latina, saying that horseshit?
Oh wait, you ain’t one.

Nobody in their right minds can believe that all of the problems in the world past and present are because of the Jews. They are an evil people according to my religion. But they do not control everything and if people did not cooperate with them then their power would be limited.

Their power was way less when they were in the ghetto before the French Revolution.
As for my bloodlines if you are expecting a picture keep dreaming.

ONLY people in their right minds hold the premise that all these problems we have is on account AND SOLELY on account of the meddling jew. It ALL comes down to the jew.

I should actually qualify that to some degree: Money. Look at what everything comes down to and how the Earth is being transformed into a Death-Star mechanised labour farm. And who is responsible for relentless corruption and the purveyance of glitz, glam, sham, illusion and bullshit, tricks of mind, sleight of mind, and generic shitbastard tomfuckery i.e. genocide by long term incrementalist, gradualist reformist means.

You didn’t answer my question Christina. What are YOU going to do yourself to change this world for the better? Planning to have loads of children is admirable and I hope you can afford to feed and clothe them. Kids are expensive these days but hey the balless white men will pay for it all eh?? If you actually listened to the show you would have heard 2 men who have been through the mill discuss possible solutions to try change things but all you can do is resort to is deriding the host so stay cool in that comfort zone of yours. All I’m seeing here in the comments for the most part are logical fallacies and ad-hominem attacks. Disappointing to say the least… Read more »
What more do you suggest that I do for you? I derided the host justifiably for his comments. As for you losing sleep–I could care less. I help take care of my elderly grandmother in Texas since she lives alone. I go to Church like I am supposed to. I help take care of my younger brothers and sisters. Those are the duties of a young girl. Saving the world is a man’s duty so quit shirking YOUR duty as a man. My duty as a female is laid out. Having lots of children is a weapon in itself. That is my duty. Taking care of the house and future husband is my duty. Saying I expect someone else besides family for children is a… Read more »
Anglos are afraid of blacks? There is a new RT presenter, that hard core (American) leftist guy, who thinks gun rights activists are just white people that fear blacks….whilst completely ignoring the crime stats. On average, in a street fight, whites would win, as they do in mixed martial arts compared to blacks. The trouble is, whites don’t fancy going around shopping outlets getting sucker punched or jumped by 5 negros, so they pack a gun for mere effeciency and to have a life unmolestered by negros pack hunting. Go to any YT video and it’s black people pack hunting stray whites, or hunting white women. One on one, blacks are no threat in a fair fight; but only whites have a tradition of ‘fighting… Read more »

Anti-Racist is a Codeword for Anti-White

TTFN & don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

Pathetic ! Spite…….shame on you sir !

There’s nothing worse than a White Anti-White

LOLOL Graham went out kissing jew ass. I still say there are no good jews. And jews are responsible for getting America into the wars after 9/11. And Graham has no understanding of the Indian wars in this country. He would do well to read “Scalp Dance” by Thomas Goodrich. Never forget: the jews you think are oh so wonderful say “Tobe shebbe goyim harog” behind your back. There is truly some disconnect in the “goy” DNA that makes them kiss jew ass. Jews never sit around talking about how many wonderful whites are out there. Since Graham is, unfortunately, leaving — he really did have some great shows — can we please get a real jew hater on this network?

How about Scott Roberts doing a show? Now that guy hates the fucking jews with a passion.

“can we please get a real jew hater on this network”? And what’s that going to do? Fuck all. You sound like someone out of BLM blaming whitey for all his problems.
Stand up to the jew system, take them on and stop pointing fingers ffs!

I appreciate Graham’s analysis and his passion, but heartily disagree with him that the “only way” to stop migration / immigration is to make all these countries of origin better so that natives of those places will want to stay there or return. IT IS NOT OUR JOB TO “FIX” THEIR COUNTRIES. It is our job to not screw with their countries via the CIA, illegal wars, corporate rape, etc. And it is the job of all people to rise up against the conniving tribe and their one-percenter cohorts to rid the world of their pestilence. But it is our right, duty and obligation to erect, maintain and enforce our borders and to prevent any foreigner from entering our lands or expel any and all… Read more »
Regarding Good Jews: These people are traitors to their tribe. They live in our land and tell us how bad their kinsmen are. I would rather see them confined in Israel with the rest of the Jews. There, they can preach to the Bad Jews and try to change their ways. Jews should not live in our realm whatsoever. A Good Jew will have children, who will be entirely normal Jews again, aka Bad Jews. Regarding the Jews in Hitler’s military: they were Mischlinge, most of them deutschblütig, meaning 3/4 German 1/4 Jew. They were allowed to stay and merge into the German gene pool. But they had limited rights. A Mischling could not hold high office in government for example. Plus they had to… Read more »

thanks for the good shows you did Graham. really liked the one with sinead and the one with dennis wise. sorry this has happened. i understand where you’re coming from but you should examine the version of history you have accepted. we didn’t ‘rape the world’. our ancestors were good-natured as we are, which is where our good nature comes from. don’t believe the jewish lies.

remember that the dutch empire and then the british empire and now the american empire are/were all dominated by jews.

It is so easy to get angry, frustrated and very down with this struggle. Damn it, why did i click on Sinead’s YT video last year? Only joking lol, you’ve given me purpose and renewal. The jews HAVE destroyed our white way of life. The pub, post office, corner shop/mom pop store was our meeting place – now all gone. The other races still have their strong communities, no matter what country they’re in. Yes undoubtedly, there are good kind people of all races, but in a dog-eat-dog situation, they would only look after their own. We whites would help any race of people, especially children. The jews know this and have exploited it. I don’t know about a NS ladyfriend, i can’t even manage… Read more »
Graham is admittedly new to the jewish problem. Observing his awakening was refreshing and sincere. It takes time to get to the next step or two or three. There are no good jews. That takes awhile. As for Gillad Aztmon …… simple question … what is HIS solution ? Essentially they need to start behaving batter. That’s what his narrative bolts down to. Horseshit !! He knows damn well that’s a load of crap. He’s NOT a good jew. It really does take awhile to see it with such clarity. We al know what the solution is and few are willing to say it. The solution is not legal and it’s not bloodless. Another step that takes awhile to get to is “why take the… Read more »

Also worth mentioning that Gilad Atzmon has admitted that he is related to Menachem Atzmon (Chairman of ICTS International, which handled security at Logan Airport on 9/11), Chairwoman of the Fed Janet Yellen, Mossad operative Tzipi Livni, and Zionist terrorist Nathan Yellin-Mor.

This show is indefensible, “i dont care what colour they are aslong as they adopt the culture” ……………… “the Jamaicans were more British than the British” ……….. The “Jamaicans wernt allowed to assimilate”……… lol

If that wasn’t bad enough then you go on about the “English” and muh cornwall… But has the gall to say were divided in our movement lmao. I couldnt stomach anymore after that im afraid. As an Englishman or if were going to divide ourselves into petty kingdoms a Mercian i get kind of bored of that crap.

Respectfully Graham, what are our guarantees that if we trust these “good Jews” then they won’t turn around betray us like almost all the time?
We have everything to lose and they have nothing or at max another expulsion (or so they think).
Please don’t take it personal Graham. It’s all a learning process for all of us.
Please make sure t watch this:

Got to be honest, only listened to about 4-5 of his shows, but I’m not surprised. He started talking about Knights of Malta / Vatican / Freemasons and saying they’re as responsible as the Hebrew lot which I found strange. Great online meltdown. Long live the internet

I posted this earlier but it’s “gone”. don’t think I say anything wrong here so I will try again: Graham, I have enjoyed all of your shows here on Renegade so far…..however, I have finished reading all the comments and listening to you now. I’m afraid that I HAVE to agree with the dissenters. You need to understand that there is NO such thing as a “good jew”. Hellstorm was their doing. They ALL took part in it. Please listen to Fetch’s recent ITEL radio show 9-10-16 first hr he interviews a Polish activist who is trying to protect the Poles…..but let’s remember the Kikes conned the Poles into massacring thousands of Germans in territories they STOLE from Germany thanks to the vile Versailles Treaty… Read more »

Have to agree – people should go and listen to Zezorro and Goodrich in the 9.10.16 airing of Inside the Eye – Live!

Thanks Fetch love all your shows. You’ve got class. meow purr ftzzz

I agree w/ Graham to a degree- the idea that it is every Jew, is ridiculous. There are many Jews who have never heard of the Talmud, many Jews walk around wanting the borders sealed, etc yet most Jews will circle the wagons to protect their core interests that may conflict with the interests of white society- organized Jewry is a grave threat to whites, but some Jews are not going to participate in the larger project of the usurious multi cult. jew identity itself is not fixed either- some “Jews” are only 1/4 Jewish, etc. Graham is wrong to say whites raped and pillaged ad infinitum, whites have a history like all other peoples, thats all. We are not uniquely guilty of any crimes…… Read more »
I would like to add, I advocate tying white nationalism to Holocaust revivionism. World Jewry gets its fuel from Auschwitz , thus we can disembowel our enemies by dismantling the myth. But again, ordinary ‘little’ Jews are not as great an enemy as are our own gentile traitors, those goy who submit to Jew pressure. Our traitors must be fought as much as the Jew is fought….Revisionism is only really legal in the US, so we need to take advantage of this (partial) freedom while we can, since most our European brothers are not allowed to go there. More holohoax revisionism, less 9-11 tail chasing. Those rising successful poltical parties I mentioned never talk about chemtrails or fluridated water……hmm, I wonder why? Is it because… Read more »

Wildcard next Monday 8:00pm EST. Come all ye. Open the phone lines and debate me one & all about the show and the comments here. I don’t care who interviews me or how many. The truth fears no investigation.
You could start by playing fair with the return of the original synopsis instead of the above, which is causing misrepresentation to the comments.

Please confirm Renegade Broadcasting.

Even if Kyle decided on the Wildcard Graham (I can understand entirely why he wouldn’t) what makes you think for a moment that I would say anything different to you, that I have said to countless other dupes, such as Angelo John Gage? And I mean that seriously.

You’ve been duped dude. Get to know the Talmud and the Protocols as I previously stated and then come back and talk to me. Or anybody else on Renegade for that moment.

Graham do you believe you are prepared for a debate regarding how evil whitey was for putting an and to some of the most sickeningly brutal & horrifyingly inhumane social norms that were being commonly practiced when we were used to colonize the world? Also how long do you think the noble savage will remain so noble when left to their own nature not to mention despotic jewish rule?

Graham, why arguing with your brothers and sisters over the rarest thing in the universe?
Kyle and some other have praised Bobby Fischer before but he’s a rare individual who never called himself a jew. How can one be a Jew and good (and by our European moral standards of 9 noble virtues) at the same time?
This all goes back to race realism and how much a person is educated on that topic.
And for the 6 trillionth time, for those who insist otherwise, jews aren’t White.
Moreover, that’s considering all the European gene-hijackings that they’ve done for the past several millennium to improve their IQ and be able to better infiltrate.
comment image

Fuck off, Graham. You have to be a crypto. Fuck you!

The dude’s just not there yet,. He’s not a crypto.

He’s not ready for where we’re at yet, that’s it.

I’m not saying cut him him slack, but there’s no need to be an assh**le either.

Artie?????? Jew???????

Pope, get real man. All I’ve said is Graham ain’t there yet.

He’s CLEARLY got some more researching to do. And that makes me a jew ?

I hate jews so damn much I want em all 6 feet under.

Screw off with your idiocy.

Graham, don’t do this … I like you man but you ain’t anywhere near where many of us are with the jewish problem. You have awoken to the jews and you are passionate … but you don’t have the detail and depth yet. Do not put yourself in a debate DEFENDING a possible few good jews. You will get eaten alive…. and rightly so. Keep your research going brother. Keep the fire to fight alive. Sooner or later you will fully understand what you’re dealing with when it comes to the jew. If we’re ever going to have a chance at winning this war we’re going to have to be very hardline. You either have it in you or you don’t. When this gets a… Read more »

Renegade already has a new host ready to roll out for Mondays who doesn’t hold back on the Jew World Order and is not a self hating White man.

Time for self reflection Mr. Hart. A relaxing holiday in Peru with Max Igan and some ayahuasca is more suitable for your persona than hosting a debate on Renegade. We wouldn’t want you to be scarred for life from the hostile White folks who would tear you apart if you were to host another show on Renegade. ?????????????

You are a pathetic excuse for man. Let’s buy you a one way ticket to the Middle East so you can go and make their countries better than ours. You’ll last 2 hours before you piss your pants and call for evil whitey to come save you.

I hope Renegade does let Graham on for one last wild card. I would love to hear that little crypto bastard with Shaun, Sinead and Kyle co-hosting. They would rip Graham a new one. Graham, you can always have your little tribal butt-buddy Gilad Atzmon come over to sooth your little hurt feelers.

Forgive me ….I just have to add another recommendation…..Lasha Darkmoon’s contribution to Renegade “We Know Who They Are”

Not too long but ya, you really NEED to read this one.

Guys…… Scott Roberts addressed the kosher food conspiracy more than once. It’s not just a tax. I hear repeatedly that it’s just a tax from some of the most prominent Jew-wise spokesmen and I’m left dumbfounded because who on this level hasn’t listened extensively to Scott Roberts? Look into it for yourselves. Kosher food is held to a higher standard.

What the heck Graham?! I am eviscerated. I liked your show but this turn is not good. Best regards.

Graham would be more comfortable going on a David Icke tier esoteric stuff or the ‘Freeman of the land’/Common Law stuff which ‘alternative’ types in Britain focus on. The British ‘alternative’ movement does not know where it wants to ‘move to’. The American scene has matured and is strongly anti-Neo con and pretty Pro-White. In Britain the ‘alternative’ scene generally don’t put immigration as much of the priority as the majority of people come from areas where there is not much immigration or it’s not too bad as to ‘push them over’. In the times I listened to him I found him really misinformed about Pro-White issues in Britian. Living in Cornwall means he is extremly isolated from what goes on. I remember him saying… Read more »
I past on some critical info on the role of “Anti-Zionist Jews” to Mr Hart prior to this show, didn’t he take any notice ? Does he not know of what Kissinger allegedly has said, ie: “The Era of Israel will end in a Decade” back in 2012 ? Is he not aware that the most wealthy and vile of Jewbags do not actually live in Israel ? Do you really believe that they only want to inherit a small section of the Earth ? Perhaps it is the expansion “between the two rivers” that confounds this belief, no, it only serves a purpose, not only genocidal to the neighbors of Israel but to irreparably flood the West and destabilize the entire World toward WW3,… Read more »

I’ve listened to the show and have since Tweeted to Mr Hart a message of good will on the idea that this has been all blown out of proportion. So far it seems he’s too busy Tweeting to acknowledge my gesture.

I got a response via message service on Twitter: TheFetch “Will have to go back and have a listen as I really have no idea what I could have said. You are the first to raise an issue and whatever comments were externally made never came across my screen. To be honest, you are the first person to ever say that something I said came off as anti-White and I have been at this for a really long time. No worries..” 6h 5 hours ago Roj Blake Ok mate, I gotta go to bed for a while, get back to me later. 5h 5 hours ago TheFetch Hello. Thanks for the follow. Lots more cool points of view at – Intelligent Media for the… Read more »

Fetch says: “Just went through the archive – am really clueless as to what I could have said that would draw such a reaction. I know I am often very particular in choice of words so as to avoid any misinterpretations or leaps to unintended assumed conclusions, but I can’t control how people interpret what I say.”

I’m done with this.

What does the Fetch have to do with all of this?

Exactly. I have no idea what is even being spoken about relative to me and privately voiced this. I have had my private people who monitor my shows look into the issues raised by the above mentioned individual and I am getting the same answers as I am giving. Note: these were private conversations that had a reasonable expectation of privacy. I was a guest on Graham’s show and found him gracious and friendly and enjoyed working with him. He has been on my show and he knows as does anyone listening that I questioned his wisdom on regarding the Middle East and Jews in particular, but ultimately, people will move faster when they figure things out themselves than when people preach from a pulpit… Read more »
Whilst I jumped the gun on him leaving on his own accord, I had not jumped the gun on Graham not doing a show on Renegade any longer. After what he had said about whites and such, we had already decided that he was not for ready for this network. As for tact, I don’t have time for it. Tactless might as well be my middle name. I only have time for separating the wheat from the chaff. and to have tact whilst doing so is nothing but a time waster. Tact was 2005, flushing the shit is now. I’ve also heard you doing this before Fetch, where you constantly take credit for being around longer than most and before so many others when it… Read more »

Surprised you know about Peter Schaenk but yet didn’t know about Fetch. He and Peter were around about the same time. Other than those 2 there was only DBS’s The French Connection & Harold Covington.
Do you know what happened to Peter? I tried to get ahold of him a few yrs ago but had no luck. I used to manage his website back in 2007. I have a few of his old shows on CD. WOuld like to post them.

Nope, I don’t recall Fetch at all around the mid 2000’s. Never heard of him. Do you have any of his shows from back then to prove this?

Darryl Bradford Smith was another one that was on Peter’s shit list. Not just Huffschmidt.

Yeah, Peter had a couple of children and after the bullshit that took place on VOR, he hung up the radio gloves. I haven’t heard from him since, Sir.

Well I don’t recall you around 2003-2004, Shaun, but that doesn’t mean I would be so bold to go public and call you a liar, which is basically what you just did to my face and the audiences faces. And that PRECISELY what you did here: <> I have been around since 2000, with anti-Noahide Jewish material released first on Ask A Witch Society, one of the leading “Pagan” forums back when “Community Forums” was all the rage. My work often garnered responses in the thousands. I had a very large following at where a thread entitled “Censorship Among Occult Practitioners” garnered over 100K words and the debate when of for over 5 months. Reason: I was banned for anti-Semitism – in 2004 At… Read more »

Fetch: Above Top Secret, who owns that joint, isn’t it highly suspect ?

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

I have listened to the Fetch for a few years and his insights into the jewish question, nationalism and politics in general have been excellent thus far.

The first I saw someone suggest an air of caution with you was Bob in DC on one of his recent programs. Maybe 3 weeks back ?
Gotta say, I was less than impressed he did this.

Short of that, I still can’t figure out why you’re being brought up in this thread. Looked for it but must be missing it.

You are a top notch jew fighter and anyone who doesn’t clearly see that ain’t paying much attention.

@Jmcaul : if you read my post you will KNOW what Fetch’s show has to do with this issue. If you listen to the show you will KNOW even more. Fetch had a great show interviewing the author of HELLSTORM. This is the history of the JEW and his abominable treachery. Demonstrating that ALL Jews are GUILTY.

@Fetch I am sorry to pull you into the fray, but Tom Goodrich had me crying along with him and anyone who denigrates the whites NEEDS to hear that interview. Hope you understand

Roj. Are you confusing “The Fetch” with Graham Hart?

The Fetch, you know, your absolutely correct, I did get my wires crossed in thinking that You and Graham are one and the same !

My Sincere apologies to you Sir !, I was just outraged at what Graham had said in his opening Rant, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from a fellow countryman.

P.s: I sent my apologies to that other section to clear this up.

I still feel shaken from the show Graham did with Sinead, when he, almost frantically, insisted that she say that there WERE good Jews.

I’m tellin’ you, Graham is a crypto. Hence, he’s so fanatical that there are good jews.

The Beauty of Renegade is WE ALL have a voice if you choose to voice it. Hence if you jump in to do a radio show, and don’t fully understand the JP situation, don’t be so hasty. Pretty simple. And threads like this will work wonders for newbies to get a grip on the SERIOUSNESS of our circumstances. WE HAVE ALL been completely brainwashed by the ‘good people everywhere, non-violence, non-hate, accept everything like a good pussy-Xtian’ narrative for so damn long, that, yes, it IS hard to really wrap your head around it, but luckily their are those here that actually GET IT and aren’t afraid to voice it. THAT IS RENEGADE. If you still can’t fully understand this, stay the fuck out until… Read more »

Come see David Icke at ‘ Wembley Arena ‘ for his latest 6 hour presentation. Come on…….I mean REALLY ???

“Keep fighting the parking tickets Mr. Legalese.” LOL That’s a good one.

come on man ….. he’s got a ways to go but he’s obviously not an infiltrator.

Stop the BS.

Artie is a jew troll. Fuck off, kike!

Just because I think Graham has a ways to go to get up to the level we’re at with the jewish problem … I’m a jew troll ?

You don’t even make sense. My hatred for jews makes Scott Roberts seem like a slacker. (no offence intended towards Scott… just making a point).

F U for being so damn stupid.

Artie the Kike. And I suppose you’re in love with your tribal buddy, Gilad Atzmon, also.

You’re a certified idiot Pope.

I’d slit Atzmons throat if I had the chance for his jewish lies.

did anyone mention the -what’s the kosher tax – beauty?

Here’s the transcript of the show where Graham sounds off. This is only the first 11 minutes of a two hour podcast. In this first part Graham goes on an anti-White rant while also saying that the problem is not all jews. The rest of the podcast he chats with Brizer on various innocuous local issues. [00:00] Intro Music Graham: Good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Graham Hart Show here are on Renegade Broadcasting — my last one for a week or two folks. I’m going to take a little break because, I need a break. I’m getting old. If Max is old at fifty nine then I’m old at sixty four. I need a break, folks! It’s been, it’s been quite a… Read more »

On another note, the speeding ticket thing was interesting. I wonder how many times you could do that before they wait outside your street and then bust you in the car. I would have thought that they will follow up because they do not want the people to get the idea they can get away with anything at all. This is why teh council will spend £1000 to get £10 out of you, it is principle.

Typo error, 5 Million Irish perished in the Irish Holocaust not 5 Billion.

With all due respect sir, you have intelligence but ZERO common sense. None of us were around at that time. Only weak liberal handwringers feel this way. There is no white guilt around here. We don’t do knees ‘n chains!

Any rebuilding of non-white lands will be done with money International Jewish bankers and other criminals stole from those lands.

I think Brizer and Graham both support the 14 words. That’s good enough for me. Obviously non-white countries will never be made “white” and I don’t see where Graham was going there and I don’t know any jews so I just think, what would Hitler do?

I was nearly duped by you and that twat brizer. Wake up and redeem yorself Graham while you still have a chance.

Graham, please come back after the break. Exponential growth of awareness is happening and people will always disagree at one point or the other (especially on minor issues like personalities).
I appreciate and respect your work.

Welcome to Renegade Broadcasting, the home of hard-hitting uncensored character assassination. Here at Renegade we pride ourselves in verbally burning people at the stake if they don’t fit in with the Renegade “narrative” (whatever that is). Forget about the freedom to question whether there maybe a few good jews out there and a few bad whiteys out there…you can’t do that here because it does not fit the “narrative” (whatever that is). We can unleash at any moment white trash basement dwellers at any moment to tear you apart in our comments section (see proof below) if you dare question the “narrative” (whatever that is). They will have names like Thors Testicle and Freyas Fanny to scare you with. These are the finest pizza eating,… Read more »
That’s very funny Brizer. I thought you were just going along with Graham because you were invited onto the show, but this comment in itself proves otherwise. You really believe the shit you were saying on the show, even though you have been MAJORLY contrary to everything you said, when you and I speak behind the scenes. You know Brizer, you once contacted me via email and said, “Shaun, I use to doubt what you had to say about the jews, but now I don’t…. You have been right all these years…” And now what, because you were taken to task along side Graham, everything changes? At least I can say I am fucking real on everything I have ever said. I never held back… Read more »

Nor you Shaun – your post hadn’t shown up. Bloody hell, i’m going to have to say sorry to everyone at this rate.
I’ve never been around a situ like this before, but i can understand the pressure everyone is under.
Sinead, we need your yoga – quick!

This is not about the content of the show Shaun and it’s not about whether I agreed with Graham or not so stop trying to steer this in another direction and then aim your bile at me. This is about how Graham was treated…despicably I may add. End of. You imply that there is a certain “narrative” or “standard” at Renegade yet was Graham made aware of this narrative or standard before he joined the network? If not, the admins at Renegade who invited him on to the network have to take some responsibility for this. Should Graham have been put through a test to see if he was pro-white enough and anti-jew enough? Is there a scale from 1 to 10 on how anti-jew… Read more »

Agreed. A Farewell would be standard.
This whole discussion should be private. An official announcement that the network and the host have parted on ideological grounds, would have done it.
Graham did some good work, indeed and one should praise him for that and for his time invested in general.

This unprofessional name calling is really turning me off, even if I agree with the reason why the name calling is happening.

Have some common sense and grace, folks.

Regarding Charlie. Yeah, he talks shit about Hitler and uses fake quotes to support his stance. He is wrong! Does that mean, he is wrong on everything, a shill, a crypto or a bad person? I don’t think so.

Why are you still here? Run along to the Middle East now and go make it better than our countries.

Brizer, there is a list of people and circumstances against white people that would fill a toilet roll. To now start trying to sub-divide these enemies into good and bad is just suicide ( as KMac wants ) not to mention very time wasting. We are being genocided! Having a clear, simple message of who we are fighting and why, is not a narrative – it’s a winning formula. A lot of our ‘own’ folk want us to be confused and divided; stumbling around in that big kosher tent of lizards, trannies, wannabes, fags and agents. They are jealous even. I am an uneducated person. I left school at 16 in 1980 and spent the next 32 yrs doing a boring office slave job. It… Read more »

Not directed at you Sinead – you’d posted before i’d finished my long essay.

I was trying to reply to Brizer lol Sorry!

Wow Brizer, have some Respect for the Old Gods.
All this from a guy that doesn’t “know any jews”.
Wake The Fuck Up.

Graham Hart is a very brave man. The abuse that He has been subject to here is unwarranted! Graham’s major points: Not all “Jews” are bad. How can this be argued? First how do “You” categorize a Jew? Is it a religion, is it a race? Every single prime minister of Israel has been an “Ashkenazy” – as anyone who delves minutely into history, Ashkenazy’s are not Jews. They are Mongols, and Huns. Is criticizing Ashkenazy’s productive in any way? Dissension in the “alternative media”, how can this be argued? There is major dissension, period. Is any of the dissension positive, does it lead anywhere? Accomplishments of the White Race! I am very proud of My personal family and ancestors! The accomplishments of My race,… Read more »

It saddens me to see this in fighting and people slagging you off for having a different point of view. I enjoyed your show Graham. Thank you..

it’s more than a different point of view, it a fundementally opposite point of view. I wrote on Grahams comments two weeks ago that he is incapable of viewing the world as we do due to the baby boomer psychosis, and within 2 weeks everyone has seen it for themselves. Just remember that Graham, at our age, and until recently, was totally gone in the head, a total bitch that was on his knees in front of jews buying their culture war like a good, servile goy, and even said he defended them and the holohoax. He’s always been incapable of thinking, and now he has a bit of conspiratainment knowledge, thinks that has changed, but it hasn’t, as we have all just seen.

Sometimes I think you’re a fuckin idiot Daniel, but then sometimes you just drive certain points home.

I spoke about the baby boomer bullshit over and over again back in 2014. And they still don’t own up to their shit. It must be my deodorant. Do you think Old Spice is out?

Hello, my name is Anthony and… i er…i’m just a tail-ender BABY BOOMER. Please forgive me and someone, self flatulence me lol.

Nothing to forgive Anthony. The important thing is that you are awake now and I know that I and I’m sure everyone else at Renegade appreciates your constant support and kind comments. You see who the enemy is and have not wavered from that; that’s the first BIG step!

Anthony Roberts did you know you make some of the most insightful & generous comments around. Beattie Boy mentioned you for this & he’s correct.

Thank you both, you are very kind. I can understand being with a friend on a live show and being caught ‘like a deer in the headlights’ – i too would have probably stumbled ( shyness, embarrassment etc). That’s why i admire Sinead’s intellect and sharpness; she doesn’t let any bs pass, even when caught off-guard. But Brizer, not to denounce this utter tosh afterwards is madness – you obviously must believe it. A true friend would have told Graham he was out-of-order, and needs to apologize. Kyle, being a fair man, would have at least listened. That’s why i don’t understand your position – making it a narrative thing now. I thought you were a trusted friend/contributor of this network. Sorry, i will end… Read more »
As always, truth fears no investigation, but Renegade Broadcasting does. Shaun, Sinead, Kyle & Nick, you have knowingly between you lied, removed posts that have supported my “perspective” (because that’s all it was, a perspective) and egged on the Herd with glee. Furthermore, you couldn’t find a decent pair of balls between the lot of you and that’s a fact. To fire me via the synopsis really is as ‘Fluffy’ as it could possibly gets and in a league of it‘s own. I offered to debate this live on air, face to face so to speak, with everyone of you, man, woman and child, but all you could do was run for the hills. When you remove someone’s right to freedom of speech, you become… Read more »

Graham, this IS the truth. You and Brizer are wrong. ALL jews want our demise. As Shaun has said, you both need to do a lot more research and wake up.

Your right to free speech hasn’t been removed, as it never existed on here; someone owns this website and their narrative is final. That is a pretty basic form of respect. You can say what you like on your own website and radio station. By your logic, every opinion should be allowed on here. Fuck it, lets allow kikes on here to promote their ‘perpective’. If Renegade disagree with your perspective, why would they allow it? Who do you think you are you entitled old prick? Typical boomer, you think the world revolves around you and your opinion. BTW, saying “the truth fears no investigation”, when you were talking such shit, is the height of arrogance. Presumably you’d be the arbitrator of whether such and… Read more »

We have not removed any comments. Wtf are you even talking about? Why are you even still here? Shouldn’t you be off in the middle east making it better than our countries?

I posted three comments two days ago asking why Guiliani is still on Renegade when he has repeatedly denigrated NS and the Third Reich, castigated racism, and shown himself a negrophile, egalitarian liberal hippy. Those comments still have not appeared here.

Then you may have forgotten to hit the send key, because Kyle has no reason to get rid of any posts. Most of the time, they are auto approved per person and Kyle doesn’t even get to see them. So that people understand: Once you have been approved to post, Kyle does not have to approve them any longer. Whilst he may stop auto-approval of messages from trouble makers, he does not delete what has already been written. Once it’s there, it’s there. Keep in mind also, that the only reason Kyle would know to switch off auto-approval for anybody, is after people have reported the post. At which point he will let you know that you are out of here, should he decide that… Read more »

Whilst I agree with your sentiment regarding Giuliani, who I also can’t stand to listen to anymore, I doubt your comments were censored. Many others have already voiced the same opinions here.

I kinda agree. Charles offers almost nothing toward white nationalism, white preservation, how to be an activist, or there is little or no exposing of the Jews… Im noticing some of the other hosts offer minimallly in those areas as well, or they gossip, which does not serve us at all either.

Every Gulliani show is about the kike parasite….even the giant mp3 2 days ago was about the J-virus slaughtering giants. That was an interesting show, and worth listening to. At least he wasn’t pissing on his own racial group.

So if you are going to run for your towns city council soon i guess you will debate with people about how the Yids wiped out the giants ? lol

Why do you need Charles to spoon feed you on “how to be an activist”? Do you have daddy issues and need Charles to be your father figure? Is utilising Twitter and becoming a pro-white twitter troll to complicated for you to do without Charles walking you through it? You are right, talking about giants wouldn’t get someone elected to town council office, but nor would talking about sacred geometry, or exposures of the psycho YHWH. I’m guessing Charles presumes you are intelligent enough to not use that as a platform to get elected. As if you would ever get off your computer and run for office anyway, especially on an anti-kike platform. But if you did, am pretty sure Gulliani’s previous shows on Communism… Read more »
Unfortunately Graham will NEVER understand the real jewish mentality if he continues to taint all his “research” with the opinion that 1 or 2 good cells somehow justifies the continued existence of a vile cancer! Just look at how the other side operates – their way of treating actual cancer in their foul allopathic medical practices is to pretty much kill the host with all kinds of poison, radiation & cutting away almost as many good cells& sometimes many more as bad and THEN you’ve got the best example of what they’re like – the Samson Option. Graham, if you don’t think for a second that when the jewish tick is threatened with proper removal they would take out as many, if not all, of… Read more »

Oh and on the subject of Kyle supposedly deleting comments I just have this to say – grow up! Kyle has stated numerous times in shows and in comments that he purposely doesn’t edit comments. Please read through some of the other controversial show comments of the past – there’s way worse comments than these here that haven’t been deleted either. I used to be in 2 minds about non-censorship but it has proven at Renegade that the idiots always just expose themselves in the end because while we can agree that there’s obviously fuckwits here there’s also some VERY smart Renegade regulars, many of whom read comments but NEVER actually make their own. Crying “censorship!” is definitely a common ploy of the weak-minded.

Great comment and analogy Mary. Failure to remove ALL damaged cells and the disease inevitably returns and spreads far worse. The white race is at stage 4. There are no ‘good’ cancer cells.

Last time I checked, no jews are going around saying “Not all nazis were bad people, most of them were good; it was just the elite nazis that were bad”.
Graham promoting Icke just shows where he’s at. Icke wants us to believe that there is a shape shifting tribe of demonic iguanas that rule the world, yet jews themselves know its a code for jews, and try and get him banned. “Its not jews, its shape shifting multi-dimensional demonic iguanas from the Dog Star in Sirius”. This is actually Ickes theory on the rulers of the world. And, he goes onto the BBC TV to spew this shit in front of millions of people….and Graham supports that meth head.

Graham’s Muh Feelings VS Renegade’s Cold Logic
By the way Graham, none of the comments are deleted so stop acting like jew. Kyle doesn’t do that shit.
You acted like a dishonest spoiled child and they humiliated you.
Dishonest because after all these months you still turned around, misrepresented the history by blaming ALL Whites while at the same breathe vaguely defended the mythical “good Jews”, and blamed for exposing ALL jews for what they are and do.
Spoiled child because of your illogical expectations and irresponsible actions.
Go listen to Shaun’s latest podcast too 🙂