The Graham Hart Show: Jeanice Barcelo (7-11-16)

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Graham speaks to Jeanice about her book, birth trauma, conscious conception, parenting, and the forces that have been waging war on the natural world.

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There hasn’t been a show yet that Jeanice attends that I have not learned from. It wasn’t hard for me to hear at all. It was welcomed in fact, because people need to hear this.

Cheers for having Jeanice on Graham and let her know for me that she can grace me with her presence on my show any day of the week.

Great and informative show.


Ingrid B

I too am sick and tired of a world where children, both boys, and girls, are being genitally mutilated, children are being exploited, and now helpless animals are being sexually exploited by sick deviants. We must do our best to protect our children, and their children..

Regarding the students watching the swimming dog. They must have been indifferent to suffering already, otherwise they could not have watched an animal suffering without saying something, or doing something to stop it..

Yes, Graham, it`s the jews, but they get a lot of help from non-jewish useful idiots..

Anthony Roberts

A good, but hard show to hear. Thank you both for exposing the evil practices of these depraved jew creatures.
Our true Indo-Aryan worship is to honour a higher power through a love of nature and ones own folk. Pagan’s have no concept of sin or satan. Too many rules and being submissive is very Abrahamic. This is how the jews keep us in a state of entrapment. Be natural, eat natural and love natural.
PS Congratulations Graham on your forthcoming arrival of a great grandchild. Perhaps he/she will create an healing echo to the sibling you lost all those years ago.


The artificial law/legal system is a totally jew contrived floating turd. Pagans operate to natural law of which there is an inherent understanding and connection of which no one is superior to and is subject to. The move of the kike to try and generate a man made system is basically them trying to be God where they call all the shots, and want to create rules and all this trash. It annoys me that I have to take the time to understand all their wankery so I can get myself into a better position against the banking/money system. To beat the devil at his own game.

Karen in E Tenn

Jeanice is always a wonderful guest, such a wealth of information. I think it would be nice if she had a regular spot on the network.


I agree. Would love to have Jeanice on Renegade on a regular basis. I would also love to hear Urban Jungle Girl on here more. If anyone has never heard her, be sure to give her name a google. Oh, my….now there is a woman who hates the filthy jew vermin almost as much as I do.


Fuck IsraHell. The Mossad is no doubt behind the Nice truck attack. I can very well see this leading to war where we will once again be Israel’s bitch to kill all her enemies. Fuck all jews and double-fuck all goy who fall for their shit time and time again.


Mossad being behind the hoax ‘Nice attack’ theater performance. Keep a look out for new upcoming stars/ crisis actors in the last months of Obamas 2nd Term. There is so much new talent in the amateur crisis acting theatres these days. Next year the Oscars is having a Best Crisis Actor, and Best Hoax Script/ Writer. Bit of a shame its about to cause a 3rd World War, but perhaps that will be fought with crisis actors too?


It was full of grenades and guns, just to get the message across to the public that this was INDEED A TERRORIST. I am shocked there was no passport or Club Jihad ID card found so we really know this was a terrorist and not mossad, maybe they forgot to plant them.

Ingrid B

Hollande has extended the martial law period by another three months.. job done..


Great show! Graham did an excellent job interviewing and Jeanice always has the most fascinating information. She is fearless in proclaiming that the jew is, indeed, the scourge of humanity. Every time I hear Jeanice, I loathe the vile jew more and more, while simultaneously deepening my love of all that is truly beautiful and wonderful about the True Creator. (And the True Creator is most definitely not the ass-fuck YHWY of the filthy kike.)


Jeanice has a great article on her site about the custom of barren jewish women eating severed foreskins in the belief it would increase their fertility. These sick fucks are literally demons. Get them the fuck out of here now!!!!!!