The Graham Hart Show: John Paterson (5-9-16)


Uncovering the biggest money laundering fraud in British history which led to his false arrest and imprisonment in Lewes Prison.

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mark pleavin

So they withhold a 10 and a half million pounds inquiry for fear of harming the eu vote as blair is campaigning to stay in this murdering war criminal should be behind bars not having a say on this vote and david im also a war criminal cameron is trying to help him normally if the opposing party has mud to sling they do unless you stand to upset the banking bosses cameron will be disappointed unless its rigged because ive spoken to quite a few people and they dont want to vote yes were a sovereign state and people have had enough of the pair of lying imbeciles cameron and osbourne id rather ozzie osbourne be in charge than that charlie sniffing waste the… Read more »


These guys seem to take the position that the 7/7 Bombing was “real”. The 7/7 event was a “Staged Atrocity” pulled off under the cover of Security Drills. It was a “Movie”. We KNOW this was a “Staged Event”. It was not a real bombing. Are you guys going to continue spreading lies? Or, are you simply “mistaken”? Which is it?

Graham Hart

Where on Earth did you get that idea from Pat ??? Of course we know it was staged !!!


My apologies. I listened to the show and someone made a comment about there being a “UXB”…(Un-Exploded Bomb).. and the discussion in NO WAY made it clear to the listener that the 7/7 event was staged.

Graham Hart

No worries. I took the assumption that everyone knows that 7/7 etc, are false flags. Perhaps I shouldn’t have…


Dylan Storm Roof is going to have a trial as well. Many Alt-Right people and White Nationalists seem to think that he is going to be denied a great opportunity to spread the truth about “what he did”. Should be a great chapter in the struggle for the White enthnostate. Of course the Charleston “shooting” was no big deal. After all, it disappeared from the covers of the newspapers. That is until, the phony “trial” is to take place, affording the psyops/blackops division of “our” media to saturate the body politic in the dangers of “hate” and “the need for sensible gun control”. Right? I have no answer to what should be done about such lazy research by those that believe this nonsense. The only… Read more »


Right. No big deal. It just resealed in the taking down of the Confederate Flag as a cultural icon. No big deal… The Roof Trial will be the America version of Brevik. Same game plan. Both events faked.

John Paterson

You should LEARN to listen and use a search engine.