The Graham Hart Show: Max Igan (6-6-16)


Graham speaks to Max about the attack on European people, the jewish plan to rule over a mixed planet, the toxic world in which we live, how to resist this system, the Holohoax, Israeli aggression, and much more.

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He sounds like a new age anti-white ignorant man regarding WW2, race and White Genocide.
“We are all one” “Arabs are being wiped out too because they are mixing in our countries” “He likes Bernie Sanders” and he used words like “facism” “gestapo technics”

1. No we are not all one. We are diffenrent races with different skills, different social skills, different creator skills, different IQ’s, different empathy levels, different looks etc.

2. Arabs countries are NOT being invaded and are not mixing in their countries!

3. Bernie Sanders is a dangerous communist jew.

4. Does Max Igan think that the ‘NAZIS’ were bad???


Arab countries ARE being invaded. ISIS is CIA creation and US troops are guarding afghani poppy fields to fuel European herion epidemic.

Anthony Roberts

Great interview both. Have to disagree with the opening – Prowhite = supremacy. You are both falling for the jewish script! Not one host (or decent white person) advocates enslaving or abusing other races when we have victory. Joking about factual differences is not hate!
We want jew leaders ( and puppet traitors) executed for their real crimes against humanity – the rest shipped off to Israel. Black, browns and yellows to go back to their homelands – taking their cults with them!


My plan for kikehood – all to israel, then we arm the Palestinians and watch.

Jews are a race. That’s what they claim themselves, and they are right. That’s why you can recognize a jew. In fact an ashkenazi jew in russia, have more DNA in common with a sephardic jew in spain, than with the russians among him. You cannot recognize a christian or a muslim.
There is a lot of atheistic jews.
Sometimes Israel takes DNA tests on people if they want to be Israeli citizens, because they have to be jewish to become that.
You got it wrong Max.

WHAT!… He just said: “The problem isn’t the jews. The problem is who is controlling the states, and this goes back to the banking cartel, if you ask me. We can go into this in another show…”
Is trying to confuse people with these false claims?

For example, the danish government consists of 75%+ people with jewish blood. And the danes don’t know this.

Ingrid B

All non jews are victims and should stand united, at least until victory is achieved, Doing otherwyse is to play into the divide, and rule strategy..

I can’t stand united with groups that only goes after muslims and never mentions the jews. And that is actually a problem here in my country.


Mine too. That is a sure sign of kikeism hard at work. I don’t think any country is not infested with these scrotal tics. Faroe Islands and Iceland perhaps?…


a real #cuck opening, I could only take a few minutes of it. Anytime I hear a White man saying he has no problem with race mixing I know he’s a reject that should be expelled from a healthy White society


Thanks for this. Most fascinating. Especially about the kundalini part. The religions we have been ‘given’ are shells. The true Earth spirituality of our ancestors connected to a religion that had POWER from nature.


This guy Max sounds skewed toward dementia with his views saying Trump is a moron and the US electorate deprived of Sanders , not to mention his overblown paranoias. For someone new Nationalist pro-white thinking, this guy is a red flag waving stay away.


Great interview. Max is a wonderful philosopher but needs to revisit his understanding of history. Globalism is an extension of communism and is the death blow to the European peoples. Nationalism or people-ism, kinship is the natural order. Unfortunately, we will never defeat the Judaic world order with a brotherhood of man mentality. Without the concept of defending our own we are lost. Defending our own cultures and being proud of our people is not supremacism. The French revolution did not see a victory for the common French people. It was the first ‘communist’ revolution which of course saw a victory for Jewish Freemasonry as did the other so called revolutions which were in fact coups. I could go on…. but will finish by saying… Read more »


Someone should ask Max Igan how and why he became a nuke hoax believer.


Just got in…. cup of tea and Graham Hart on Renegade will Max Igan. What a great way to start the day. Love the west country, especially Cornwall, I try to drive over at least once a year. Yeghes da/ Sláinte!


Does anyone know the song that is playing at 1:02 one hour and two minutes into it. It’s a song that is purely instrumental.


Someone should interview Jan Irvin to bring this one into balance with regards to the woo woo stuff. I think Giuliani had before, long ago, maybe on Oracle. I had a tirade, but my rant points seem to have already been largely covered here by others. Palestine has been a clusterfuck since before I was born and there are other Promethean tasks affecting our race, as was noted briefly. I wish them luck, hopefully they extend the same with regards to what’s being done to our nations too. Can’t say I’ve known that to be true of many activists in that arena though, I’ve come across. Is Blumenthal objecting to what’s being done in Europe? Maybe Gilad Atzmon is. I dunno, haven’t checked in on… Read more »