The Graham Hart Show: O’Keefe Scandal & Dennis Wise (9-5-16)

ken and max

Following Last week’s story of Max Igan exposing Ken O’Keefe as a fraudster, Graham goes live to The Richie Allen Show in the first hour, to hear Ken respond to the allegations made by Max on last Thursday’s edition. Afterwards, he is joined by film maker Dennis Wise to talk of the outcome of this explosive interview and much more.

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Whilst I agree that Ken buried himself, I think he would have buried himself even more if he had more time to talk. Richie has to be the worst person besides Alex Jones that I have ever heard hold an interview. He asks a question and then barley allows the person he is interviewing time to talk and THEN accuses the person of not wanting to answer the question. Then he just repeats himself over and over again, proving beyond doubt that he is INDEED accusing Ken of what he says he’s not accusing him of. So I give Ken that much. Richie can come across shoddy. The fact remains though, is that Ken did bury himself. It’s ridiculous to come across as though he… Read more »

Shawna Marie

Shaun have you listened to the first interview & the point Max brought up about how ken with one phone call accomplishes amazing feats. Think about that one. Max is right, there is no bloody way you or I could or even Kyle could pull off even one of those minor stunts & not be in a cage or worse.

John A

That’s very true! Max made some very interesting claims and I am inclined to believe him. I don’t agree with Max on some of his world-views, but I think he’s an honest man. He seems like HE truly believes what he says, I mean.

John A

Well said man! After reading many of the comments on YouTube under this show, I am almost inclined to believe this may well be just another kike psy-op. I’ve NEVER seen so many blatantly obvious (Hasbara?) trolls together in one comment section, causing massive triggerings. I can’t believe, that so many people who are “awake” would take sides with Ken O’Keefe after hearing this tirade. He’s obviously a massively egotistical asshole, regardless of whether he’s a fraud or not. His refusal to publish or offer any real proof is damning as hell and his attitude is shit. The interviewer sucks ass and kind of led him. But when your accused of such serious fuckery, it would be advisable to not display yourself as such a… Read more »

Steve L

A great shame they chose Richie Allen’s show to ‘discuss’ this issue – didn’t seem to be very productive for either of them and Richie isn’t the best radio host to interview people. Ken i’ve never trusted and Max i’ve had doubts about and neither have convinced me to change my mind.

Anthony Roberts

Ken didn’t come off very well tonight. Wasn’t he going to provide evidence? Instead, all we got was a slanging match. Is Ken stalling, hoping people will forget, so as not to hurt the movement?
Has he been a cia plant all along? He gets his promised payoff, girlfriend and a new life; the jews have division and the resulting alt media/msm fallout.
PS Thanks Graham and Dennis for shining your honourable lights on this shoddy episode. We can only wait and see.


Ken’s doing what Anjewlo Gayge did which’s self-destruction. Both of them are “former” zogbots.
Truth transcends human beings hence people need to move on and learn to be like Renegade (aka not give free pass to anyone and hold leaders/servant to the highest possible standard).
And if they are offended by the word “servant” then so be it. They’ll either serve jews like little worthless shabbos goy and continue to make this world more and more unlivable or their own people like Aryan kings and restore the glory of our world.


I’m convinced this show was an act for both parties, maybe even Igan as well. It seemed to may like both Ken and Richie set out to have the most outrageous, unreasonable public argument possible, on orders from… whoever. I think Ken (and Richie) were planted to sew discord and defeatism in the truth movement.

I wouldn’t say that’s out of the question. I’m nowhere near convinced on that, but it’s not out of the question for me personally.

John A

I am thinking the SAME thing. Look at the comments under Richie’s show. CHOCK-FULL of trolls. Many taking sides with Ken, and I don’t think any half-way intelligent person would do that, after hearing that psychopathic shit-show.

Shawna Marie

Ken O’Keefe is still on active duty for zog.


I have a son who talks like him; shouts everyone down because he seriously believes he is right and the world is wrong. Narcisist.


Exactly Hazel. I was thinking the same thing: O’Keefe demonstrated textbook narcissistic behavior throughout the whole interview: obfuscating, blame shifting, making wild accusations, blistering, aggressively attacking all the while evading the interviewers legitimate concerns or even acknowledging those concerns were legitimate. My narcissist radar went off the charts with him. Narcissists will always default to those behaviors when cornered and held to account.


That might be right but does that change the truth…. He might be an asshole but does that change the truth…..he goes in on subjects that other people would not dare utter and for that I admire his courage…. No ones perfect…. I know I’m new to him. But I am not new to research of the truth…. And saying I’m going regarding being spoon fed lies from our government and media. Y’all let me know if I should just turn away from O’Keeffe..

mike angelo

I cannot understand why O’keefe would film himself in his car with a sleazy dame. Then post it on you tube. Is it a set up by someone else.?. Or to make the truth movement look stupid or to discredit O’Keefe?.
The truth will out. Meanwhile we need to get on with truthing. Don’t let others divide and rule us. Anyone who thinks all truthers are squeaky clean people then I suggest that you don’t get out enough!.
There will be a third party in the background stirring up the shit for this movement. And we can guess who they are. The usual tribe and their cohorts!.

Mike Angelo Garcia


Hi, I’m really just discovering Mr. O’Keeffe the past few days. He was speaking my heart truth in RT interview regarding stupid wars. I was so moved by what he said I had to research him. All the videos are full of such truth….. Now the man probably is making some mistakes….. But is truth is still the same. It can’t be muted. And the first thing I thought when I saw that women in the car with him is she probably some spy…. Or something…… O’Keeffe is a man….. If he want to ride around shirtless that his own busy. I don’t think he was comfortable with video…. And why was the girl so posed to get him in the shot. But still there… Read more »

Who are the financiers of the “Common Law” (movement) in the Hague ? Who are the financiers of “Statutes of Law” ? Hegelian Dialect ? Of course it is. Both are vested interests of the same tribe. Neither of these serve any National/ Ethnic interest.
As far as Israel concerns us, try to remember that the main players do not live there and you will understand why it was created and thus why, certain figures or popular names (((GOLEM))) are the “talking points”.


With respect Mr. Hart, you’re extremely naive.
O’Keefe is clearly a scammer. He even looks like a subhuman with those tattoos.
I don’t know about his little trip to Israel, but its irrelevant in the larger scheme.
Haven’t you seen this video?
Move on Mr. Hart.

Stephen mocko

Not revealing a legal strategy is a privileged doctrine. It is call the work product doctrine.

Michael Garcia

I’m not impressed with Richie Allen. Just look at his website. An associate of lizzard man shill david Icke.

Shawna Marie

David k Ike is a discredited gatekeeper traitor just like Fed Lice radio & judenfowars


Hilarious and accurate Shawna Marie!!! Fed Lice! I love it!!


Ken blew the Richie Allen interview which is surprising and sad. It was so bad that I’m of the conclusion that Ken couldn’t have handlers, therefore is not working for the CIA or other special services. However, It does provoke questions that many of the tunnels in Gaza were not known of or destroyed by the IDF until Ken and Max’s visit there. Ken’s mistake is that the people don’t really care about the details, as most donate for achievements past using the current fundraiser merely as an impetus to donate. Ken needed to approach this whole situation with a warm heart and a personal human touch…. admitting he acted badly because he felt let down. As far as the sexy young chick leading him… Read more »


Straight jacket and meds are in order I think

Ron Vibbentrop

Following what Dennis said about the two party system in politics – is this the most truthful page on Wikipedia?


I don’t know enough about Ken O’Keefe’s organization to have an opinion, but the man interviewing him – Mr. Allen – Is very skilled in the Delphi technique. Ask a loaded question, and before Ken can answer the question, interrupt with condescending and off-topic remarks, designed to confuse the listener and shame the one being interviewed. Judging by some of the comments and Mr. Hart’s comments, it worked pretty well.

2 turds in the punchbowl, like Icke v’s Wilcock, Jones v’s Piers Morgan, Stone v’s Snowden, people should be aware of cointel agents/ celebs and their tactics of wasting your brain space with kookery and pretense.


What happened to Graham? He’s not in the lineup anymore?

White Genocide

Could you tell me the name of the tune at the beginning of the programme, thanks.

Graham Hart

I’ll respond to the other comments on Monday’s show.


You people must know that such a big name as Ken will be visiously attacked after praising Hitler. Ken is easily angered, has always been and Ritchie tryed as hard as he could to get Ken to explode. I have seen the jews attacking Ken and know he is under constant pressure. Max and Ritchie hardly mention the jews. I know that Max only mention them to hard core anti-semites like us. Take that in to consideration.

Biff Bangboom

I haven’t been keeping up with the shows – has Graham left the network now? He was a funny fit at Renegade for me due to his different take on a few issues but I genuinely liked his eloquent delivery style as a broadcaster. Graham, if you’re reading this you have a great voice for radio so don’t let that talent go to waste. Also, don’t ever go backwards now on your “jewview”! Maybe that was the reason he’s not around now? I know they’re draconian on (jew voice) “anti-semitism” in the UK and Graham was at the very least giving them hell which was great to hear! Can someone please fill me/us in?

Stephen mocko

He who makes the allegations have to proffer the proof. Ken can’t prove a negative. Hearsay is not proof. I don’t think Ken was wrong.

Anthony Roberts

Those jews certainly know how to set up the jewdiciary. I can hear Sinead doing her little Jimmy shekelstein credit union advert voice lol.

Stephen mocko

It is not jewdiciary, the rules of evidence have been in countries where jews were kicked out of. Ken, is a human being and not an invincibly moral creature. He is subject to original sin like the rest of us.


original sin? peddling the kosher line oi vey

Stephen mocko

No its catholic.


that IS the basis of OUR common law folks, also, i wouldnt buy a used car from ken


Is it not an obvious set-up here? Nobody seems to want to say it, but Graham”s piling-on jump-to-conclusions bandwagon condemnation is just too transparent. Leads me to believe Ken must’ve been on to something…

Steve L

I think this is the problem of ‘followers’. The ‘followers’ will support and defend those they follow. Something we all do to one degree or another.

John A

We should always be very discerning about who we ally with, individually or as a group. There’s more positive than negative about being part of a group, rather than alone. But we should always be cautious, no doubt. This is why I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just another kosher side-show.