The Graham Hart Show: Rick Simpson (6-20-16)

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Graham speaks to Rick Simpson, who has pioneered the usage of cannabis oil for the purpose of curing cancer and healing all sorts of different issues that are not being fixed through medical solutions.

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Excellent show. This is really a miracle plant. There have been studies time and time again that it cures cancer, and only attacks the cancer cells, thus also reducing tumours to nonexistence.


My abject apologies of overspamming your comment stream, but I am listening as I go along. There was an English prince/king some royal guy at the turn of the 1900s that said that anyone with a certain amount of free garden HAD to grow cannabis plants. I can’t get any search results but I definitely remember some fact I heard multiple times about this. I think it was Victorian, possibly… Edward… George…. not sure, but I clearly remember this stipulation. At any rate, how the FUCK can anyone dictate what can be grown in Nature?… Unreal.


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Brother Nathaniel hasn’t disappointed, although, on a show he did with Henry Makow, he (Nathaniel) said he believed in the holocaust, which troubles me. But on a later show he discounted it, so I don’t know if that was a legit retraction, but he is good int= the information he gives.


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This will be of great interest on the incredible effects of cannabis juicing


What a show! I’ve been using hempseedoil for a few weeks for my toenails ànd I’ve ordered some CBD oil too. But Rick mentioned THC is better?
I’ve ordered it from ‘Dutch-headshop, anyone familiar with these guys?
Great work Graham and best regards from Belgium! Cheers, Jan.


One thing that I have not heard mention yet is that cannabis is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Don’t believe me, over to you people! This plant IS the answer to…. everything? Again, a monumental show here Graham.


Great show Grant. thank you. I just had my beloved Maltese dog put down. They would have given her intensive therapeutic treatment IF I had $2-3000 available.

I am in a great deal of pain over this.

Wish I had this information before I allowed them to do the deed.

Question? Is it possible/necessary or dangerous to mix doses of the oil with colloidal silver?

If anyone knows…..please tell me



Colloidal silver should not be used internally unless you’re dealing with something crazy like ebola where you have no options and death is imminant. Silver is the most conductive metal on the periodic table. Our body operates with various localized electrical and magnetic fields. By introducing silver, you can disrupt those fields. You can make yourself subject to becoming sensitive to electrical fields, as electrically conductive silver is subject to the properties of induction. Save colloidal silver for sanitizing external cuts, etc. Any one promoting the ingestion of it is a fool who hasn’t contemplated the implications of saturating their body with the most electrically conductive metal known to man. Again, ingestion should only be for immediate life and death issues, not for cancer, or… Read more »


Thank you Hermit….good to know. I had ordered the silver for my doggy, and it arrived to my home after she passed, but still was wondering if I should try it myself. Glad you replied. You seem very knowledgeable.

Graham…sorry I called you Grant

Again..very good show


Really great to hear Graham talking about getting off his pills. Keep at it man! I’m young(ish) and eat very healthy, so I don’t really need cannabis for medicine. But I love some sativa when I play my banjo…

Is medicinal weed grown organically? How do we know for sure?


There are labs patients can send samples out to for testing. Obviously the best way to go is for one to grow it oneself. For those with serious chronic health issues the gardening alone is therapeutic if one is capable of doing it. The other thing is, sick people should avoid burnt plant material. It’s not good for the lungs. Healthy people can cope better with that. Oral edibles are safest for sick people. In some cases, such as the severe heavy metal poisoning that I’ve been struggling with, vaporizing was the only thing that helped with the metal toxicity induced headaches. I’ve already been on hydrocodone for severely, permanently damaged hamstring tendons and the opiates did NOTHING for the metal headaches. On the flip… Read more »


the analgesic effects of cannabis prevail even when opiates fail. I have had experience of it myself, it is a very strange feeling/non-feeling. As for the lungs, you can get vapourisers for that so you dont get the smoke debris.


Vaporizers are significantly safer and have significantly less particulates but they still have particulates (the THC and other psychoactives count). I switched from a sherlock bubbler and occasional joints to the vaporizer months ago, but the heavy metals in my system have wrecked my general recouperation capabilities, so I’m saving the vaporizer for the worst of metal induced headaches, which haved wained since having reduced my lead levels, but I still have outrageously high arsenic and mercury. I still recommend that any one using cannabis for health stick to oral consumption, stay ahead of the pain. Keep dosage and time of dose logs so you can start to predict when you should be orally dosing to avoid pain/inflammation/injury. The 1 hour to peak blood plasma… Read more »

Maybe victims of Muslims acid attacks could fix their faces with the oil.


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Anthony Roberts

Thank you Graham and Rick – very informative. If only the world had the sense of you two gentlemen. I’ve had a sinus infection for 3yrs with mild tinnitus and migraine. Every 2-3 weeks i’m bedridden with severe head pain and nausea for a couple of days. I’ve tried a salt sinus rinse off ebay and also used jewbiotics ( as a last resort ) – with no results. Cannibis could be the answer. Are we allowed to grow a small amount for personal use? Could the plants be cooked and eaten like cabbage – to extract the goodness? Would you need to eat fats with it so it’s absorbed? I’ll have to investigate this route further. PS Try to wean yourself off the jew… Read more »


Check out the link in my post


Get a Doctor’s Data hair test to see if your minerals are imbalanced and if you have metal toxicity. See my earlier posts. I’ve had tinnitus since I was 4 or 5 but it wasn’t terrible until around 32 or so. It’s oscillated since I started metal chelating. Before I dialed in my chelator dose low enough (I didn’t think I was as poisoned as I apparently happen to be), I mobilized too much metal during some rounds and my tinnitus got so bad that I would jerk, like an unconditioned reflex, at sounds above a certain volume and I had to wear earplugs all day for a few days until it settled. Please take my suggestion seriously for your sake.