The Graham Hart Show: Sabine McNeill (8-29-16)


Graham Speaks with German national Sabine McNeill about the Hampstead Children Satanic Sex Cult case; of Germany and WW2 truth. After getting cut off during the show, Graham moves to the shocking news that broke today from Max Igan revealing the fraudulence of Ken O’Keefe.

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File seems corrupted, cannot listen past a certain point. This is Very Interesting to me because it is shedding a deeper understanding of the German girl I dated while living in Ireland who was such a beautiful person and physically beautiful but got very upset after we talked about her life growing up in the US occupied area of Berlin. She also told me how many of her friends commited suicide via AIDS. These ass-fucking jews need to burn in hell; they will probably feel at home, for what they have done to us and our brothers and sisters in Europe and South Africa


And of course Australia.


Thank you for your bravery Graham. I so wish I could have a ‘ pint ‘ in peace and laughter with some of the people around Renegade……
It is my humble opinion that we ARE experiencing the Apocalypse ( The Revealing ) unfold in front of our eyes. Everything is falling. I can see it in my own life, the lives of people and friends around me. Ken O’ Keefe, Zen Gardener…….The truth is arriving – buckle up…….!

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

Auschwitz has revised its false 4 million number down to 1 million. Academics would like to lower this number even lower, but face resistance from jewish groups.

Therefore, with 3 million deaths removed from the false 6 million narrative, at most, only 3 million could have died.

This is fact, and refutes any attempt at the magical 6 million number.

Google Auschwitz revises death numbers to 1 million.

Thus, we may ask, what else is a lie with regards to the Holohoax?


3 million is way too high and there was no gassing or ovening so it wasn’t anyway a holocaust burnt offering. The Germans went to great efforts to take good care of the concentrated Jews. The fact is that the Germans were too considerate and underestimated how Jewed was the rest of the White world.


Absolutely the Auschwitz revision is the smoking gun.

Juden Raus

But good luck getting the average brain-dead goy-tard to look at the true facts of Auschwitz.


Those are the ones that anger me the most. The drool mongs that just rattle and fart along to the guide line, and condemn anything that makes them feel uncomfortable as a “conspiracy theory” in the derogatory sense.


If Ken’s story is true, IF, then Nick Spero should invite him on and give him one of those Circus Maximus style Fuck Yous.


I hope it isn’t. I hope Ken is for real. I am completely fucked with having these apparently good warriors turn out to be inverted anuses.

Steve L

If it’s true about Ken then to be honest i am not surprised nor shocked. I suspect there are many in the ‘truth movement’, a term i hate to use, are frauds. Why follow anyone ? I have no doubt that there will be many more exposures to come, there is a certain Book that says ‘put your trust in no man’ and in my 57 years experience that is proving to be true.

Anthony Roberts

This is how the jews control governments and influential people. They get them involved, or encourage their predilection, in this filth and then blackmail them. Just like Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein.
Sabine is a wonderful brave lady. We all need to call up that level of courage and determination. My heart goes out to all the poor innocent children being abused. With good people like Sabine and you Graham, the truth is slowly coming out.
PS Very shocked about Ken O’Keefe and this possible fraud. I’m glad to be listening to Renegade and the integrity and honour of the people who make it all work.

Thank You, Graham, for a fabulous conversation!

Please note that my first presentation to the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament was on

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

The theft of cash is a serious matter, as others have pulled this same scam within the Nationalist movement. Examples: Angelo John Gage stole thousands of dollars for a fake printer (along with his buddy, Nathan Damigo). I brought this fact up after Damigo’s interview on Red Ice and I was immediately censured. Why do Henny and Little Lanny Palmgren protect individuals involved in the theft of tens of thousands of dollars. Myself and many others were taken in by this scam and we have yet to see the return of the money stolen from us! John Friend ‘sold’ a life-time membership scam to his supporters for $75, and when he reached over one hundred he quit his show and kept the money. John Friend… Read more »

Technically they did buy the printer but that was after having their feet held to the fire and rightly so. All they had to do was communicate with their donors about what steps they were taking to get the printer but when asked about this, Angelo doubled down and started accusing us of being “crazy” and that we don’t decide when they buy the printer. They bought it and printed some retarded posters for “Identity Evropa” which has done nothing in the past months since they’re too busy riding Trump’s dick.

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

The whole printer facade was seriously shady, as Gage also quit his nationalist youth group after receiving all the funds, having promised to buy a top notch printer and print flyers for his defunct nationalist group (Gage pulled a Friend or did Friend pull a Gage?). How much money did Gage receive, as he had multiple money drives. I suspect Gage knew all along he was quitting and simply wanted to leave with a pocket full of cash. Also, refusing to buy said printer for a major period of time suggests ulterior motives, such as greed (only changing his stance when he saw the theft of funds could potentially damage his character). I believe one must pay to hear him speak now on his ‘its… Read more »

Nick Dean

John Friend took a well-earned break – no big deal.


Really Nick Dean? Are you trying to convince us out here or yourself by typing that? Just think about it for a second (it doesn’t even need that long!) – John Friend says he’s going to start a new career being an alternative news reporter and jumps in with both feet building everyone up to thinking “this man’s sincere and he’s actually getting out there” so they get behind him and donate to his website because they see a man with enthusiasm to get stuck in and make a go of it. he gets people to pay quite large sums of money for all levels of subscriptions saying he’s someone that’s going to get out there & get things done and he’s not giving up… Read more »

Nick Dean

Yea, really. John Friend has contributed a great deal over several years, and I expect him to do even more in the future.

Will you provide a table for comparison of your contributions vs. John Friend’s, Valerie?

I quite sincerely believe YOU and YOURS to be genuine, long-term, pro-White activists, by the way …

Nick Dean

But seriously, who do the mods think is trolling these threads? Altright-preferring Jews?


I thought about this for a while today and came to three conclusions, one more general than the other. Firstly, if Ken’s story is true, he has been compromised later on by whoever. Selling out for several 10Ks or even 100Ks for a person like him is not possible (or maybe I’m playing naive fooling my own self and there’s a larger game in play here). Secondly, this should be a lesson for all of us to always hold the feet of our leaders/public figures/content creators, or, more generally, whoever makes himself/herself known, to fire and as Scott Roberts says “to hold our leaders to the highest possible standard” and not give ANYONE A free pass. Thirdly, material “want” corrupts for as long as humanity… Read more »


Graham you have extremely poor judgement. I’ve listened to a few of your shows and you sound like a noob. The fact that you can watch those kids, and not see that they are obviously ‘lying’, i.e are coached, just shows how easily duped you are. Look, these peado networks in the UK are all linked to spooks, and create garbage like this to discredit opposition to actual, horrific, systemic abuse of kids. Watch it again without your girly emotionality, and there are plenty of clues to show those kids were not telling the truth. You got set up by actual paedo networks, and fell for it. Notice everytime something comes out, it is either distracted (e.g Prince Charles’ Jimmy Savile links got hidden when… Read more »

The children both spoke of unique piercings and birth marks on their alleged abusers. Why haven’t they just checked for these markings on the alleged abusers? You are a noob and most likely have no experience with children if you think those children are being coached to say such things.


Sinead, it is a sting. They do this everytime, and it always discredits genuine investigations. The psychologists can easily pick apart this story then go to the press with a full breakdown of the childs syntax and mannerisms and show it is not authentic, and all of the real cases are now tainted. Far from being new to this, unlike Graham, I knew about Savile being a paedo when he was a live, when everyone was worshipping him as some lovable oddball. I watched in horror as 30,000 people went to Saviles funeral in Leeds. No doubt Graham was in tears at Saviles death. Graham runs his mouth as if he has been awake for 20 years, yet clearly hasn’t; unlike Graham, I have. He… Read more »


Think this may interest you Graham. Cornwall is very prominent in this war story.


Cuts off at 49:16 just as you got into some unknown well known facts

Was enjoying the show

Even the feed on your server cuts same spot ty


Graham, the jews you love so much say, “Tob shebbe goyim harog” behind your back.

Here is a Tweet of mine about “Tavistock” done prior to this show:

Forget (((Gilad Atzmon))), just because they are in opposition to Israel and “Zionism”, ignores the fact for why it, the “Mock Nation” itself was created. Being “Anti-Zionism” is not entirely the definition of Saintlyness if you fail to see why it was created !

Atzmon (Federal family-ties) like O’Keefe (((World Citizen))) are high flyers.
Time to say, goodbye to them both …

Steve L

Never trust a Jew, but even when the evidence is right in your face many still will.


Graham will be the first to tell you there are good jews….plenty of them. But he is a relative newbie to knowledge of the filthy kike. Give him a few years, and he’ll change his tune. Tob shebbe goyim harog.

Oh, yeah….fuck Gilad Atzmon.


I hope Graham will read the very interesting article posted above about his little tribal buddy, Gilad “the Kike” Atzmon.


Daniel. First of all pedos are not more clever than other people. Second, if I would be acused like that, I would be running through town showing everyone my bare back. plus there are many other evidences.


Benni, I’m not talking about some working class loser that is on the sex offenders register for fucking a 14 year old. I’m talking specifically about those Home Counties paedo networks. There are people in this country, entire networks of high flying professionals, aristocrats, kike financiers and goverment permenent buerocrats that had higher IQs than you when they were 7 years old. If you look around our own life and extrapolate your friends intelligence, comparing it to those people that run those networks, you are beyond ignorant. Put it this way, when David Cameron was at school, it was known (and he was ridiculed for it as a child) that he had been chosen to be a future PM. He had the lowest grades in… Read more »

You know, you’re intelligent and even useful at times with your replies Daniel because you often make sense, but if Grahams “conspiracy porn” as you put it is so useless, what are you doing here? Quite a many of us here at Renegade get out and active in ways to try and tidy this world up, but when we cannot, because we sometimes simply have no other options, revealing what we know on our broadcasts is the next best thing. So to call it “completely useless” I think means that YOU are underestimating something here. 10 years ago, people wouldn’t speak of HALF of what is being discussed now. Now, we see people getting out and becoming active because of some of the shows that… Read more »


Well I was commenting as Graham is peddling bullshit, and peddling it as if he is absolutely, catagorically right. So he isn’t revealing anything, given its a fake story. It is the usual conceit we get from baby boomers like Charles, Graham and Icke, who pass other researchers work of as their own, interlaced with calling everyone else (in Charles’ case) “god damn stupid”. I know it might be new information to some who listen here, but it is not totally new, or always even truthful. These boomers are the same people who thought they were absolutely, undoubtably right about evangelicanism (Charles), or this 40 year liberal utopia project, who lived through the great revolutionary awakening of the 1960s, who then, recently, woke up and… Read more »


Hear! Hear! I actually agree with what Daniel is saying here. He might sound like a cunt sometimes but he’s calling a spade a spade in this comment!

I don’t know where you get that information Benni, but you’re absolutely wrong in what you say. My father is a pedophile and he is as slimy and sly as a fox and as clever as they come. They have to be to get away with what it is they do. Whilst he ended up being caught out, he’s nowhere to be seen. It’s apparent that he skipped the country some how and is now living between different Asian countries. Where he’s probably still doing it to other children no less. Thailand especially is prime pedo ground. Don’t EVER underestimate these fuckers. They are quite often very intelligent and this is why they get away with it for so long. I don’t even want to… Read more »


Daníel. I get a confidence boost when you attack me with your rants. You are an obvious shill, with an IQ on the lover levels. You are so easy to spot, that you are going to loose your salaries soon.


Really? Sorry I’m just convinced by that blasé comment Benni. Sounds like a butthurt retort. Oh and it’s “lose” not loose – that right there scores you negative points in the little battle of wits you boys seem to be having.

Aphrodite Smith

Hahaha! I too have an IQ on the LOVER LEVEL (hence my name!). Maybe Daniel & I should get together! LOL! But seriously, what’s with all the morons with terrible grammar around here criticizing other commenter’s IQs? Ok I take the “seriously” part back – it’s actually quite entertaining! 🙂