The Graham Hart Show: Sinéad McCarthy (7-18-16)


Graham has on Sinead to discuss her awakening to the jewish problem, the power or propaganda, Palestine and how it related to our current situation, the gay agenda, sovereignty and future projects.

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Whilst I have spoken plenty of times about Palestine, they are not my prime concern. My white people are. In fact, before Will Roberts passed away (a gentlemen that was a fellow host to me on Oracle Broadcasting) and I covered Rachel Corrie at great length and I still speak about Corrie once in a while. I’ve even gone into detail about how they really killed her twice. Because a ship was named after Rachel and was then boarded by Israelis and the crew taken hostage for a time, so it was like she was murdered all over again. As for the Arabs in general, I couldn’t give a shit about them. The damage they have done to this country without flickering an eyelid is… Read more »

I agree. My only concern is my people. In the meantime, have a beer Shaun, take a deep breathe. You can’t do TCTA this Thursday if you have a heart attack.

Cheers Maiden! And while I am here, I just want to make it very clear, in that I am not screaming and yelling at Graham. I don’t even have my arms flailing around the room. It’s OK, if we don’t agree on everything people. That’s the beautiful thing about Renegade. For instance, Shield Maiden would disagree with me letting you all know that she’s a man since she has been taking Anti-Semitox. But that’s OK, we can agree to disagree. But I digress. Grahams show always brings something to the table where I go I agree on that, but not that. I don’t agree with this, but I agree with this. And that’s the way a show needs to be. Thought provoking and debate entailing.… Read more »

Agree 100% Shaun. The situation there is more complex than most think. It’s not all “poor Palestinians” – there’s a TON of Pallywood Propaganda out there. And I agree 100% – I do not give a shit. They need to get their own shit together. Our focus needs to be 100% OUR people.

Exactly my point. Stop feeding the beast. The moment that Israel is disarmed and no longer funded, Palestine will be able to look after themselves, so that we as white people do not have to be burdened with saving the fucking world. And a “turd world” at that.

Sieg Heil!!!

Yeah well – no one said the US should be funding Israel. Cut the funding as Jews parasite enough off of us as it is. “Pallywood” is also real – it’s so much a PSYOP.

They create the psyop propaganda and then feed it to the likes of (((Medea Benjamin and Code Pink))) and others. Also, pro-Palestine supporters largely only support it because they’re so vehemently anti-White that they wrongly see Israelis as “white” colonialists. If it was other Arabs or anyone with much darker skin, none of them would give a shit.

There are faults on both sides. The biggest fault of the Palestinians is that they like Israeli socialism (free education, medicine etc). THAT should be a lessen to the rest of us because white people are NO different. White people LOVE free medical services, pension plans and education. START PAYING FOR YOUR OWN LIVES!!! Then you will be free of Jewish influence.

And for the record I don’t give a flying fuck for Israel either. But ask yourself why almost all (yes, almost all) (((mainstream))) outlets – Jew owned or not – constantly cry about the “plight of the occupied Palestinians”? If you think the media tells you otherwise, you’re not paying attention. They’ve crafted it with the design of having the whole world both sympathise and and become accustomed to “Muslim oppression” and “Jihad” – as they invade our lands. The psyop runs so deep with this one! I just get so bored listening to pro-White anti-Organised Jewry folk cuck on about it all day. We may have a difference of opinion there, but that’s OK. I love the content here at Renegade!

Goddamit Shaun! That was supposed to be between us. I don’t want to air Shaun’s dirty laundry since I have more class than that, so all I can say is, HE WOULD KNOW!

I totally agree Shaun ! (Btw, i’m in OZ too)
Check this out, this is my Twitter:

Good show Graham – and Sinead’s a ‘trooper’ as always, willing to help out and guest. I think it will take white people at least 2-3 decades to rid ourselves of the damage that the jew has done to our mind, body and spirit. The rest of the races will have to do the same, but in their own lands after we win. Also, these arabs, who follow the other jew cult, would have us whites on our knees with a knife to our throat in an instant don’t forget. Not so human when it’s convert or die! You just need to join the last few dots Graham and toughen up. The jew and all other races see this weakness and go in for the… Read more »

To Graham re: the Irish.
On September 11 1649 (check and numbers, occult), Cromwell led the Protestant Puritans on an invasion of Drogheda Ireland against the Catholics. End result = Irish genocide.

Thanks Roj – I never knew that. I was in Drogheda last September. We talked of the “Battle of the Boyne” but not the above. But there’s no doubt, the worst was yet to come…

Sounds as though the ghetto thugs are just as mindless, and brutal, as the IOF thugs in uniform, who have now been given the green light to rape Palestinian women, as “spoils of war”.. A number of years ago, I wrote a little piece, comparing this strip of land where we live to the Gaza strip. They are similar in size, but that`s where the similarity ends. The Palestinians, and Lebanese, should have been well off, due to the gas fields off the coast of both countries, but the usurping parasites have stolen that as well..

Got it!! The answer!! infiltrate jewish communities, and persuade non-whites to impregnate all jewish women. Play them at their own game..

The jewish mind-virus and ugly-face gene is transmitted through the female line, so it doesn’t work to mix with kikes. All that does is create a strain of psychopathy in other races. It is the method they use to spawn into other cultures. World domination through honeytraps.

The point was to reduce their capacity for jewish supremacy, but, once again, da jews have the upper hand..and, once again, they have the upper hand.. Sooo learn to live with it….dah!!!

The only way of doing that is to cram them all on a rocket and send them into the sun. It is something that has to be removed in its entirety.

What was the very last tune played on the show with the Sax ?

Pick up the Pieces – The Average White Band.
You couldn’t make this shit up could ya ? 😉

Wow, Graham and Sinead together!! Excellent.

The reason anti-Israelness comes from “the left” is because “the left” are anti-white, and they incorrectly view Israelies as WHITE colonialists. Palestine should not be a concern for white people whatsoever. I know everyone thinks every last drop of Jihad is Jew-created, but, news flash – it’s not. There’s a ton of propaganda out there – and the (((Globalists))) don’t give a shit for Israel and love it when Westerners kiss Muslim ass. Why do you think the (((Pope))) is “pro Palestine”? Hello! Here’s the best solution: don’t think about it, don’t care about it. Care your tax dollars go to Israel. Care about the white slave trade there. Don’t care about Pallywood.

Liz, could you share your news sources where you are getting this information that I have certainly have not seen anywhere. Your comments come across as disinfo.

Hi Karen, nice to see another Tennessean about!

No disinfo here – just an honest opinion. You can Google “Pope Palestine” among other things and see the slew of info out there.

Organisations like the UN and EU etc. are also declaring supposed Jewish Holy Sites as Islamic – like the Temple Mount. The EU draft just disregarded ANY Jewish connection to it.

And doesn’t the EU generally support a boycott on Israel?

It’s all there plain as day.

There are no jewish holy sites, they simply appropriated then start worshiping toilet buildings build by Roman soliders 2000 years ago. Several sites were shown to be Roman pig sty’s and this is why Rabbis say don’t eat pigs/ pork, as tthey realised in around 300 AD that jews eating pigs is actually canabalism.
Anything the UN does against israel, is just part of the prophecy theater play which they are playing/ acting out, with israel being the perennial victim

Well, I dunno if there are no Jewish holy sites, but yeah – you are echoing what I think: Israel was set up to ultimately fail. “Greater Israel” is a hilarious myth. It’d never happen. They want a huge rise of Islam.

Very good point. The world sees Jews as whites.

Oh, y’all can thumbs down me – but I totally believe Bill Hicks is Alex Jones. The connections and physical comparisons are uncanny. Is it worth doing a show on or focusing on in any way? Hell no! But it’s just a funny footnote, to me, of this whole (((psyop))) that we live in.

I won’t thumb you down…but no………just no.

Hicks supposedly hated advertisers. Jones is an advertising bitch, from water filters to Super Transexual Vitality. Hicks was an effeminate leftist, Jones a Jew-loving kosher-nationalist. Unlikely.

I think you might be missing the point. Hicks was a journeyman comedian with fairly limited success during his career. He was almost irrelevant until he did that final chat show appearance (Saturday Night Live, I think) where he joked about finally getting a good gig, doing conspiracy/ political radio show, working for a major network. 6 month later he was dead, yet gets reborn soon after, with the same manage-come-best-friend, working on the same label (Sacred Cow), doing exactly what he said he was going to do. Hick’s so called cancer death is deliberately mocking, as hardly anyone that age gets that form of cancer. Hick’s dislike of advertising etc, is simply the standard faux piousness of the poor and unsuccessful leftists; offer them… Read more »

There certainly are some strange coincidences with Hicks and Jones. I wouldn’t say I totally believe the two are the same, but it’s certainly not something I have dismissed.

BUT – Jones talks about attacks on white people more than anybody else. Let’s give him credit for that.

Jones has been forced into that position. He wouldn’t touch it were it not for the Duke debate totally fucking up his viewing figures – to the point that Jones took a few weeks vacation to let everything cool down. His kike wife divorced him and he has to pay some obscene amount of money in maintenance, so he needs to cross over into racial politics somewhat to keep a paying audience. When a white woman is being sexually assaulted in America every 15 minutes, and niggers are chimping out everywhere, Jones can’t really ignore it anyway. Jones is on record saying his long-time producer for Infowars is a kike, so any mention of white people is simply doing Michael Weiner Savage tactics and pleasing… Read more »
OMG, I can’t believe this ridiculous bullshit still keeps popping up. Alex Jones is alot of things but he ain’t Bill Hicks, lol. Hicks would be spinning in his grave if he knew people were comparing him to Jones. Number one, Hicks was obviously dying of pancreatic cancer in the early 90’s when Jones was still a teenager. Hicks is 13 years older. Number two, Jones is 5’10 and Hicks was 6’1. Look at video from some of Hicks’ last stand ups, he is bloated and obviously sick. While Jones in the Late 90’s, is young and virile, and athletically fit. He also had a major temper, and would fight at the drop of a hat, at that point. Hicks was never that athletic or… Read more »
The fact that you use ‘omg’ ‘ridiculous’ and ‘lol’ in an opening paragraph already shows you are emotionally invested in the Bill Hicks character. You say its ‘obvious’ Hicks was dying of cancer, yet it wasn’t obvious at all; no one knew he had cancer until he allegedly died of it, and it was later reported that he was diagnosed in June 1993. He died in February 1994, yet between diagnosis and death, it is claimed he had chemotherapy. Look at Hicks last show on Letterman, or his documentaries recorded at the time – does that look like someone dying of cancer, or even someone going through chemotherapy? When that English guy from Channel 4 (UK) did an interview regarding Alex Jones, just after they… Read more »

There is no point in debating obvious trolls like this Daniel guy. But here is a video link if you are interested, that shows some of the visual evidence to the contrary. The guy is obviously a Jones fan that made it, but pretty revealing anyway. Make up your own mind.

Everyone else is a troll or autistic, and should be ignored as such, when one doesn’t have the capability to form a counter-argument.