The Graham Hart Show: Understanding the Jewish Problem (8-1-16)


Since his guest did not show up, Graham did a solo show, talking about the real story of National Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler, the fabrication of the Holocaust, how our world is being wrecked by jewish tyranny, and much more.

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Graham, you have my total respect as well Sir. This is one of the reasons I have always loved Renegade, especially of late. It’s because each host has his own way of explaining things and each host comes from his own experience, whether it be of the same country or separate countries as you have rightly stated.

We won’t agree with everything and some of us may even bump heads once in a while, (with both what we know as fact and experience) but without a doubt we have come to know here on Renegade, that we are all fighting for one thing and that is to stop these global jewish pricks from tearing us down any further.



I’m liking Graham more and more every day. Great info and a profound hatred of the jew. The jews are not human, they are anti-human. Regardless of the consequences, we need to give these fuckers hell every day. Spread the word. Tell the Truth about the jew every day. And never forget: the Truth is fatal to the jew.

Karen in E Tenn

To the jewish mindset and religious beliefs, a nation wanting to be left alone and run its own affairs IS a declaration of war.


I think you held the show very nicely by yourself.

Steve L

In scripture a ‘woman’ represents Matter, the physical, in our case the body. The body is mainly comprised of water ( salt water ) and earth and water are symbols of the lower carnal, physical aspect of life. The miry clay as it were, and God is often portrayed as a potter, this is true in ancient Egypt also. The name Mary from Maria, Mariam, Miryam means ‘ bitter water, sea of bitterness ‘, and the body is the ‘vessel’ of the soul. When the soul incarnates into Matter it is coming to its baptism in water – we are enslaved by the ‘birth’ certificate and are ‘vessels’ of commerce subjected to ‘Mari’ time Law.

Steve L

I should have continued: Mari or Mary = Gaia and Time = Kronos who was associated with the Roman Saturn or satan, the jews worship on Saturns day. Worship = work ship a vessel in which the work is done. Cronus was a descendant of Uranus ( heaven ) and Gaia ( earth ) = Spirit and Matter. Cronus was depicted with a sickle or scythe in which he ‘castrated’ and deposed his father Uranus. Under this system have we not been ‘castrated’ or ‘cut off’ from our Higher Self ? Is not the intention to keep us from giving birth to our Spiritual Nature ? Call it Christ or whatever. Mary or Matter, is the tomb, prison and also the womb ( womb of… Read more »


It all looks to me to be a bastardised form of truth that has been given to us. The Norse had Yggdrasill that connected the 9 worlds. It also has the oceans beneath it, I am sure there is some common thread to all of this. It seems to me that the jews are taking the piss out of us for not knowing the true workings of the universe which they have tried to destroy. Also you have Chronos who is Father Time, Old Nick; Santa Claus. The male aspect being Time which is the organising principle of Mater (or matter). Is there some hint of messing with time in this circumcision thing? This legal system is exploiting a very fundamental principle and it is… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Well done Graham. To be able to do 2hrs ‘off the cuff’, unprepared, brilliant! I agree, we can all come to this from different angles, as long as it doesn’t distract or deplete our energy from naming the jew. You can put out small fires around your house, but if you don’t stop the sneaky little rat-faced scumbag starting them, nothing changes. Just remember Graham, they always control both sides. Could the few ‘good’ jews be tricking us with their help and concern?..Once a tribe member… Hitler was a compassionate man – he loved animals. To see these non-humans torturing innocent animals is sickening. They are only doing a slightly more sophisticated version to us cattle. The result will be similar. Those white faces of… Read more »

Anthiny Roberts

Re: Hazel O’Connor’s song is called “Will You” from 1980. Check out Wesley Magoogan’s live version sax on jewtube.


Great listen. I have massive doubts about nukes. Apparently you have to squash together two pieces of enriched uranium… at light speed. But no way can anything be accelerated that fast, let alone inside a 2m bomb casing LeeeeL. I don’t see how mashing two bits of matter together will make a nuke pop, but there may be other ways, ways, that I can guarantee they will not print in text books. No wonder there is so much confuxion when you are taught bad physics from the ground up, and it doesn’t make sense. So many holes, and I don’t mean black holes either. And yes (((focus))) we must, the I believe like a domino effect the rest will fall away. Israel must perish.

The “Baruch Plan for World Government” drafted in ’47 ? was based on Nuclear fear and proliferation, that says a lot, so too the many movies etc promoting this sort of fear, and also the “Greens” focus on anti-Nuclear Energy is targeted at Iran. Big Oil is behind this no doubt.
I have reason to suspect that Harold Holt went “missing” 4 years after JFK for a similar reason, a Nuclear Energy plan to coincide with the Iron Ore and Manufacturing would have given Australia a major economic advantage (there are other reason for his disappearance too).

Steve L

Off topic but just heard the sad news that Victor Thorn committed suicide – he wrote some very good books and did some good work.


Graham, you’re a good man. I too, I’m 46 now, have only ‘woken up’ the last 7-8 years. It was a shock. To find out that all you’re been taught and told is far from the truth. To find out the ‘good guys’ are actually the bad guys. And the worst part for me is to find out that you’re alone. Most people simply don’t take the time to look things up. I don’t remember who said it but people don’t want to be confronted with the fact that all they have believed throughout their entire life just is not true. I had a big arguement with my wife the other day, and ‘my obsession’ came to speak. Certain points she understands and agrees on,… Read more »


Great show Mr. Hart.
I have a guest suggestion.


Graham and Giuliani have vastly different takes on Hitler. I would love to hear the two of them discuss the topic together. It would be nice if Graham’s take on Hitler was correct, but I have a feeling Giuliani is closer to the truth.

Graham, please let us know what you think of Giuliani’s view that Hitler was basically a jew tool.


Graham, check out “There Are No Forests on a Flat Earth.” I found out about this from one of Sinead’s videos. I’m no flat earther in the least, but this video has a strange, amazing take on our past history. (Be sure to watch the version with captions as the Russian narrator is hard to understand.)