Heathen Hof: Asaheim Wulfguard – Esoteric & Occult Origins of Heathen Culture (5-8-18)

Tonight Heathen Vegan has a conversation with Asaheim Wulfguard. Asaheim has a popular Youtube channel where he discusses many things from Northern European heathenism to the plight of the indigenous European. They cover a whole range of topics, mostly delving into the esoteric or hidden knowledge within many of the northern folks mythology and how astrology played a big part in our ancestors understandings. We talk about how its important to go to source (nature) when looking to understand our ancient ways, as appose to reading everything secondhand in a book. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did (H.V)

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Chris H

My favorite radio show so far in 2018

Heathen vegan

Thanks Chris, I really enjoyed recording with Asa


I subbed his yt channel long ago and very much appreciate his work, but it’s really, really hard for me to understand Asaheim Wulfguard because English is not my first language.


He has a brilliant mind and is very interesting. But trust me his English is hard even for natives…. he comes from north eastern England and has a very very strong accent. His YT vids could benefit from subtitles!


Yes, I hoped that someone would tell me that even natives have issues with his accent 🙂 Thanks, Jollyfree! It’s similar to a Bavarian or a Friesian speaking in their Volkssprache or Mundart as we say for dialect, besides Dialekt 😉 Lovely to listen to, I really like the sound of this language and dialects in general, but very hard to get your head around the contents, especially for non-native speakers, which I find quite unfortunate, because I gave up on several of his yt videos for this reason.


I found listening with headphones necessary to understand him. Helped a lot

Heathen vegan

I am a native Englishman and although Asa does have a strong accent I have no problem understanding him at all. After Asa listened to the playback, he did bring up his concern that his audio, he felt was a little off. He was using a new mic and wasn’t happy with its performance. I have to say though when recording, other than a little blip after the break thought his audio was fine.


Great show HV and Asaheim. Lots of wonderful information shared. I especially loved hearing about the kundalini and the chakras. Well done!

Heathen vegan

Thanks Bita,

Asa certainly has a lot of interesting things to say, I too enjoyed that part of the show. I have been fascinated by his colour interpretations for a while now, so was good to be able to chat to him about it.

Indeed HV. This show tied together much information for me in regards to kundalini, the chakras and the caduceus. It would be great to do a part two perhaps tying in which herbs are good for the chakras and what rituals we can do to protect ourselves and our folk.

Heathen vegan

We are hoping to do another show together, as soon as Asa’s work schedule makes room 😀

Great looking forward to that broadcast. If you are seeking show guests, I have an idea for a topic that could be of interest. Please DM me on twitter if you’d like.(@naturalnational)


This show is so full of things to ponder, then I checked out Asaheim’s YouTube channel, and well,; I do believe there is a lot more sitting and thinking ahead of me than I could have imagined. I think just this show will require at least a double listen. Thanks very much.

Heathen vegan

He as a lot of videos for sure lol. Well worth the watch though if you have the time. Glad you liked it though Scarlett


One good thing about my job is I can listen to whatever I want all day while I paint. I’ve gotten through a lot of videos these past two days. This guy has so much to share about the nature of our struggle, what it means to be Heathen( I have a lot of work to do but I knew that already), and many spiritual truths, some of which goes over my head. I definitely appreciate and agree on his approach for dealing with the psychopaths.


Yes, I think he’s a genius in a class of his own in so many ways.

Asaheim Wulfguard

Hi everyone thank you for taking the time to listen to the show and thank you for all your positive feedback its greatly appreciated, I hope to do it again some time . . . And remember stay golden folks 😉


Yay you got AW on! Glad you took the recommendation. Been subbed for ages to him. Great stuff on the runes. We have to network with people like him.

Heathen vegan

I had been following Asa’s channel myself, but after about the fifth person said I should get him on, it became a no brainer to ask. Thankfully Asa was kind enough to give up some of his spare time for the show.


No problem, it is good to know the threads are connecting.No problem, it is great to see threads coming together. Good session.


Great show guys , ah is a great sub to follow on YouTube I’ve been watching his vids for a while and he’s got great insights .
Thank you .


Aw , my mistake

Heathen vegan

Im sure Asa wont mind being given the initials “AH” lol. I agree he has some very interesting insights for sure, happy you liked it Reboot.

Chris H

I noticed how show name has the initials “HH” Heathen Hof.


The info on tech and the pineal gland is very interesting, because I have felt pulsing and tweaking, even though I don’t have wifi. Yes the accent was challenging, but iI love hearing a regional accent that I”m not familiar with, especially in England. Heathen Vegan, your voice and will / intent has a lot of power and I feel activated by it as a listener, as you become on fire with the material and with your guest. I look forward to your next show with AW or solo.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Callwen, I too love regional accents. I do hope to have Asa on again, but he is very busy with work, so its just finding the time. Either way as long as kyle will have me on the network, I will produce shows.

Astrid The Red

I like Asaheim Wulfgards channel.


Brilliant! Cannot wait to listen to it!

Heathen vegan

Hope it lives up to your expectations Vegtam 😀

Dear Heathen Vegan and Asaheim,
Excellent show! I have been awake as a National Socialist for many years but only over the past few years came to a real Spiritual awakening through Esoteric Hitlerism of Serrano and learning as much as possible of the faith a practices of or Aryan ancestors primarily through the Vedas, the Kaula Tantrism and Shaivism.of.Northern India. More recently learning Hermeticism, Gnosticism Sorcery and witchcraft and ceremonial magic of Europe and most recently delving deeper into our ancestors faith and spirituality through reading the original texts.and folklore.and Varg Vikernes books has opened my eyes.
Still this show with Asaheim was really enlightening and I learned so much I never had seen or understood before. Really Amazing
Thank you!

Heathen vegan

Hey Konrad, glad you enjoyed the show.

esoteric Hitlerism is interesting, and if you havent already check out Kyles show with Jason Thompkins. Personally however I find it all makes more sense from an historical perspective, regarding faith. I find it much better to approach esoteric Hitlerism from a Wodenist point of view.

either way, I am happy that you are on your path to a spiritual understanding of race, and if my shows can help in anyway with that journey, then they are serving a purpose.

Thank you for your kind response sir and I am leaping to an assumption but I feel comfortable I already know what you are referring to when you state approaching from a Wodenist perspective! I don’t know if you are familiar with Oregoncoug or Siddhareich and other while interesting are rather strange online characters with views that I know for certain Serrano would have found very problematic and some which are contrary to National Socialism! And make no mistake as I have read more and more of Serrano while he was definitely a poet and wrote in Magical Realist style much of the time he was totally devoted to National Socialism and did not ever deny Race or excuse Miscegenation or Jews in the movement.… Read more »

Heathen vegan

hey Konrad,

I am sure if you follow Wotans Kreiger, you most certainly understand what I mean by viewing it from a wodenist perspective.

Yes, many movements end up straying from their initial beliefs , this is why finding the source is all so important.

On a more personal note, I am very aware of both Wotans Kreiger and Wodens folk, if you get me 😀 And hopefully I will have a show coming up you will be very interested in.

Hey sorry But I just wanted to add in addition to my previous comment for anyone who is interested in Serrano and Esoteric Hitlerism, I recently read that Serrano was an avid reader of the French Scholar Henry Corbin.
His book “Man of the Light in Iranian Sufism” was seminal to Serrano’s writing and where you find specific references to the Green Ray