Heathen Hof: Asaheim Wulfguard – Leaders in Charge, Ruling Currency & Harnessing Energy (7-6-18)

Heathen vegan is joined again by Asaheim Wulfguard. They pick up on “leadership” that has been discussed quite a bit recently on Renegade. They move on to how leaders (mis)direct “currency” or energy of the folk and how simple life could be without such interference.

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The jews are using the football to promote the black and mixed races as superior. Our folk are worshipping these idiots, and it’s absurd. It’s no coincidence that non-White Brazil are promoted as a “global” team.

During this distraction, the jews continue their electric conversion plan: money, homes, transport, surveillance, until they hold all the cattle prods. They are slowly closing down White society and the means to group and fight.

PS Great convo guys – thank you. I just wish more of our folk would wake up to this obvious deception and genocide. Btw, wasn’t it are very hot summer in the UK, before they started ww1 in 1914? Hmmm?

Anthony, they.can try to promote other races as superior, but their homelands are shitholes, we all know Europeans are best. I must also ask, what are you doing to help the cause? At the moment all I am doing is using my YT channel, same.name as this comment, but I plan on starting my own podcast once my situation improves. I tell most people I can, drawing lines when it comes to work colleagues and stubborn idiots. We all need to do more! Asa Wulf and HV are doing more thsn their fair share!

I agree mate. The hosts at Renegade give their time and energy to our cause, and do so much. It’s great that you will be getting the truth out in future podcasts. I’ve hidden away for the last 20yrs, so i’m not the most confident person, and this world (nationalism), is so very new to me. I did have a YT channel for 5mins, with some very amateurish phone recordings, but it got taken down. I’m still trying to find my niche. Apart from: hosting, phoning in, writing, drawing, singing, any physical action that involves violence, researching, chatting, meet-ups, computer skills, i can do anything – i’m your man lol. Muh ego writes cheques, muh talents can”t cash, i’m afraid. Seriously, i need to do… Read more »

Hopefully you will catch my podcast and you’d be welcome to speak on that. I’d like to get more active myself, or rally the troops so to speak. My channel is just a mirror channel, but that is one strike away from being shut down, again! So I have made most of my videos private and cannot post for 2 weeks, I will just let it cool down now as I have put a lot into this new channel chopping up the myths and uploading them individually. You certainly do more than the average person! I hope my podcast will inspire other people, the next Mosley could be inspire by an average Joe like you or I!

Hey Ant, good to hear you call in the other day! You certainly do plenty, just be sure you don’t put yourself at risk. The bumper sticker is a great idea! If you still work may not be a great idea though! I’ll assume you are retired though! Have you heard of the Nordic Resistance Movement? They have a good podcast every Tuesday on Spreaker under the channel The Nordic Frontier.

Cheers Vegtam. Yes, it’s terrifying this talking to other humans thingy, but i’ll give it a go lol. Kyle, HV, Richard, Charles & JS make it appear so effortless & easy, but my it’s nerve-racking.

I’m lucky, i live off my small savings now. My office job went to India, so i was offered redundancy. I held down (((their))) slave work for 32yrs (16-48 ), so consider myself fortunate. I can do activism.

You have to be careful of these “far right” groups. Most, if not all, are jewish funded and controlled. I have a feeling Kyle may have interviewed these guys, and later found out they were mates with some alt-right muppets.

Thanks for the comment Vegtam, and I will add Anthony does a little more than he lets on.

I look forward to hearing your podcast when you finally get it up. As for doing more than my fair share, I am not doing nearly enough. I get torn between what to do, but I feel a more “real” presence on the ground is needed. This will obviously bring with it new risks and dangers, but I feel it is essential.

That’s what I am hoping, I may not be the most eloquent speaker, but I want to appeal to the normies as much as possible, and generally normalise and spread the plight of NS. I don’t know if Tommy boy will be out and about much anymore, all it takes is for one person to ask about the Stephen Christopher …. stuff and he will be finished, I am surprised many more haven’t found out about that! In my small town where it feels as though I am the only one, someone did spray paint on a phonebox “HAIL MOSLEY”. So no doubt there are plenty of sleeper cells that just need a little nudge!

Thanks for the comment Anthony.

The mass distraction, continues at record pace, England now in the semi final. this doesn’t bode well for mr Tommy “Yarmulke” Robinson, as his supporters may be a little pre occupied.

I sincerely hope your “hot summer” correlation isnt prophetic.

Great show, profound. I feel like I had peak spirit power awhile back, then got very tangled in root survival issues / debt (contraction), so it’s good to hear the many parallels of ourselves and trees, the many fear-assaults to keep us in the root. On another note, I had an intense confrontation that I didn’t start over the World Cup with family, even though ‘football’ isn’t even a thing here. My sister in law, a preacher, started saying the Russian fans are racist, then the British fans are racist and isn’t it sad. Why do you say that, I asked? Because they make comments about having blacks on their opponents team, even though they too have blacks on their team. I said well I… Read more »
I feel for you Callwen. I’ve had similar encounters with some of my once closest family members who claim to be christian, yet never (not even on holidays) go to church, and participate 100% in the matrix gotta-get-every-gadget, ”follow the stars”, hollow, surface level lifestyle. I’ve suffered tremendous heartbreak, as many have, from the insults and rejection of those whom I once respected, and who’s relationships helped to shape and nurture me, in what feels like now as almost a previous life. They claim to have ”family values”, but it seems as though their love and care only applies anymore to the sick, deranged, wounded, and alien – not the actual family, or kin. One of my grandmother innerstands, but she can only give voice… Read more »
I have said on shows before I draw great strength from learning and trying to understand our ancestors. From them, I have learnt this life has never been “easy” it has always been wrought with challenge and sacrifice. In some ways, we are lucky, we have been born in a time of great change. I often wonder how many ancient heroes, would trade their achievements to be born now? In a time when the actions of one person, could affect so many for the better. could there be a time where more glory, honour and heartache is at stake? The trials of this life are not easy, and it is sad to hear stories like yours and Callwens. We are aware of what is happening,… Read more »
I cheer you on Amber to start a new family, while being open to inner standings from family. I’m sure a lot of elders anguish over what they’ve seen, the loss of habitat. This family blow-up was a long time coming, as my strategy with the two in question has been to speak pleasantries, as they are notoriously self-righteous, LGBTQ allies, nearly adopted a non-white child (though their profile wasn’t elite enough to get chosen and they ran out of money), somehow support the invasion of Syria and do not accept your perspective at all. It was an eye opener as there was absolutely NO room for other views, than theirs. And it sounded like a script. The thing about rising with the vibration, knowledge… Read more »
Thanks Callwen, It can be very difficult in this world to hold on to our progression. The world, as we know, is set up to keep us down, and this even applies to us in the know. Via money and family they can still affect us. It sad that so many people lose touch with family, like yourself, but just shows how deep the programming is. That they would trust complete strangers on the T.V over hearing out their own kin. Hopefully we can bring these people back to us, in time. Christianity is a mind virus, I am lucky that none of my family were caught up in it. Well, when I was researching my family tree, I did find relatives in Canada, that… Read more »
HV, I was able to keep it non-personal and say, ‘do you hear how self-righteous that sounds?” Instead of ‘you’re a self-righteous beee-ahtch.’ I’ve heard you say that, and it’s a good thing to strive for. The articulation and sound quality was really good this time, and I caught it all the first go this time. Glad you’ll have Asa back. I’ve felt that the tech stuff, the energy body manipulation crept up on me and I lost my intuitive gifts that I had. I got a sense of what’s being scrambled, to keep us from higher knowing. So I’m working on protecting myself, like using a projector, and also sleeping without the electricity turned on. Thanks for all you do HV and thanks to… Read more »

Another great show, HV. Definitely looking forward to hearing Asa on again.

Thanks Gilly,

Asa is a really good guy, I enjoy chatting with him. I have been talking to him about a possible live show, so we can take calls 😀

The two of you bring alot to the table.
Thanks to you both Asaheim and HV for sharing your thoughts and findings with us, and to Kyle for all you do behind the scenes.
Lots to think about, and I will certainly be exploring more of Asaheim’s work.

Thanks Amber,

I have spoken to Asa a bit recently, and he is a very interesting and good guy. His youtube channel has a lot of intriguing insights for sure, so am glad you’re taking a look.

Thank you for another amazing show. HV and Asaheim: your knowledge and insights are incredibly inspiring. It is an honor to learn from you both, and it is humbling to realize what I haven’t known for so many years of this life. The enlightenment your words have brought fills me simultaneously with joy and rage; realizing how to better conceptualize the Aryan race-soul and its connection to nature as I strive to improve, but also realizing how long I’ve lived in ignorance about the spiritual and esoteric aspects of our race. The service you are doing for your racial brothers and sisters is invaluable.

Thanks for the very kind comment Quintus. As I am sure you will appreciate, being quite the prolific writer over at the Tribune, such comments can really help you push onward. I too lived in ignorance of much of it, even though, when I look back it was screaming for attention from my youth. It is as we know all to well, deliberately withheld and ridiculed, so as to make sure many fail to recognise it. Asa is a really interesting man, he has a great intuition and I too have learned much from him. Anyway, thanks again for the comment, I greatly appreciate it. I am glad you are finally seeing the power in this aspect of our struggle. without this aspect of our… Read more »

Regarding – getting out of the root chakra. A good place to start, physically is nofap. It is a game changer, if you have a girlfriend then have less sex. Semen retention is a good starting point since the testicles are literally aligned with the root chakra. It is the base to build from, you cannot be a spiritual warrior while acting like a degenerate masturbating regularly or having too much sex

You should link Asaheim Wulfguard’s YT channel in the show description. Lots of good information over there.

It should of been and its my bad. When writing the description for Kyle, I forgot to add the youtube channel. Ill ask Kyle to amend it Asap, so thanks for highlighting it.