Heathen Hof: British Hate Prosecutions & Countering Pessimism (5-29-18)

Tonight Heathen Vegan talks about the recent wave of court cases and convictions in the UK. Trying to sort the real from the “fake”. He also takes calls from Ben from Denmark, Chris H and a friendly caller from Oklahoma. We go on to discuss the overall “clash of civilizations” plan and possible solutions for countering the current threat.

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Anthony Roberts

These “figureheads” are purely there to confuse, distract and of course, provoke. If they support, or never mention jews/israel, work with known controlled oppositon characters, or are just unsavoury degenerates, then logic dictates they are the enemy of our folk. Renegade is the only pro-White, pro-family group that jews haven’t managed to infiltrate and subvert, thanks to Kyle & Sinead’s strong leadership. We have to remain vigilant, but keep moving forward. I’m all for having our own political party or lobby groups, but you are looking at wasted money, energy, and more important, time, if you use the current establishment route. It is still a rigged system, once inside. They have an army of masons. We have to forge our own pathway. Get thinking bright… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Thanks Anthony, Firstly, Id like to say I understand your concern regarded the wasted time and effort working within the system. BUT, how much time are wasting now, by doing little to nothing? In the show, I believe I did also mention, I didn’t think they would be successful, if we judge success by normal standards. I will though clarify what I said here, as I was a little rushed and ranty, as I wanted to get back to callers. The point of this action, as I said would not be measured by “normal successes”. It would be to highlight our plight and cause and give us certain protections and legitimacy, whilst showing hypocrisy. For this to work, it would take an enormous amount of… Read more »


I am very interested in finding out more about the private prosecution you spoke of. I am unaware of anything close to its equivalent here in the states. Perhaps civil suite, such as in the case of OJ Simpson, but even then, only financial penalty can be applied.

Heathen vegan

Hey Scarlett I am no expert on British law, let alone American. to see if these things are possible, I would look at maybe animal rights groups and alike. Even if you they are possible, like in the UK, where you can get a criminal prosecution, IF the CPS decides its worthy. There is still the financial problems with such things, which is something I was meant to mention in the show. It is very expensive and would for us give us limited, if any “normal successes” as I said to Anthony. This again shows how our justice system is only for those with the money, the rest of us have to suck it up. This is why I mentioned the importance of getting together… Read more »


Great set m’man. The bullshit terms: racism, hatespeech and intolerance, are purely, only and solely for use AGAINST WHITE people. They use the other so called “terrorists” as a method of scaring the public into a state of shock, but the actual legislation is only for Whites, and is only ACTED against Whites.

These terms are so vague, but the theme remains that it is only acted upon Whites.

Heathen vegan

Thanks mate, And I agree entirely, I was going to cover the hypocrasy a little more in detail, but because (for which I was happy to have) I had callers had to shorten that part. This was the point though of my entire show, we need to not be defending against such absurd accusations, with “I didnt do it”, more challenging them wholesale. These clearly lop sided and vague terms, being used in a court of law to convict people is clearly against any idea of “justice”. Take the “anti semitic” guidelines……. If we were to accept them, then everyone and their mother is an anti semite, you cannot defend against such an accusation by reasoning with it. You MUST challenge the ground it stands… Read more »


It’s wrongspeech not hate speech. Anti-Whites routinely call pro-Whites by the term “White supremacists” for a reason. Until pro-Whites learn to use language the same way we’ll always struggle.

Yeah I know wrongspeech is still negative but it shows how Orwellian the laws against free speech are.


Yes, these words are only used in areas of the world in which White people exist as a majority. I’m not sure they are used in eastern Europe so much though. However, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, is a well known saying for a reason. Either we stop being afraid of words and start using our intelligence to free our mind controlled people, or we are going down as the most pussy race in history, having been genocided by scary words. BY SCARY WORDS. NOT EVEN A PUNCH. I don’t care about the corrupt people in power. They are meaningless, transient. What’s not transient is our people. Our genetic makeup. Our race. Our millennia of beautiful history… Read more »

Mr Pajo

Very good show. You certainly put some meat on those bones, HV. Whatever the case as far as who’s an agent, and I think there’s at least one, even though I’m pretty sure Jez Turner is legit. They have ways of baiting the defendant to say too much in regards to why JT would mention Jack the Ripper etc. It was always strongly suspected Tommy Robinson was a character but what you pointed out about his Paul Harris passport and the Judge’s remarks pretty much confirms it. Some of these cases are orchestrated to ‘educate’ the onlookers. Most people/revisionists/truthers etc would have no idea about any newly suggested laws against ‘anti-Semitism’ if it wasn’t for some of these cases. An environment of self-censorship is created… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Thanks Mr Pajo. My mind is not made up on either Jez or Alison, but Tommy, I have no doubt. Sadly it is the environment we live in that we have to question everything we see. Even though, they have sown the seeds of distrust among our “movement”, we have to be cautious. People like “Tommy” suck up so much of our time, focus and funds, it the sad reality. Even me having to try to warn people about him, took up some of my time and focus……… And as for “what do I know” , I don’t think anyone is hundred percent sure of anything anymore. The show was supposed to focus more on what it all means for people like us, than to… Read more »


What is confusing about that Jez Turner trial? Speaking of Jack the Ripper must have not been the only thing they discussed in it. Even if it was, it would make sense to focus on somewhat trivial things such as those murders from the 1800s rather than bring light to, for example, the topics of Turner’s talks of crimes and societal tyranny of today by jewry. Groups will use a private organization/person to instigate a lawsuit then go public, that’s how it usually goes everywhere. Its foolish to insinuate that some people are “shills” just from comments. There are many voices, many levels of knowledge, ego etc. When you “question” things, you better have solid proof for the questioning, not just a hunch or a… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Firstly, I did not say he was a “shill”, I simply questioned an aspect of his court hearing. There was much I could of said, if I wanted to take the root of speculative accusations. I even stated on the show, I didn’t wish to do this, but there is info out if people want to look. “when you queston things, you better have solid proof for the questioning”. I dont think you understand the nature of “to question” something. I am perfectly within my right to question peoples actions. In fact isnt that the point of all these court cases? To not allow us to question? As for the part of his hearing I did question, the bit about “jack the ripper”. Why if… Read more »