Heathen Hof: History of Leaders and Subversion (10-15-18)

This will be H.V’s last show for a little while and he starts of talking of all the great leaders of our past who sacrificed all for the love of their people. In the second hour he takes a call from Shaun and later Scarlett where they have a chat about subversion in all its forms.

America’s Manufactured Opioid Crisis – The Hidden History of Heroin Pushers

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Anthony Roberts

Thanks H.V for your off-the-cuff inspiring shows. To speak for 2hrs, from the heart and the head, takes a special kind of bravery. You have it in bucket loads my friend. Take some much-deserved business/family time away, but we know you’ll come back stronger, helping motivate our folks to find their own inner greatness.

PS Great hearing Shaun’s vast knowledge and family stories. He could fill 2hrs with just one thread – hint-hint, mr semi-retired lol. Nice thoughtful cameo goodbye (for now) from Scarlett too.

Foster XL

Thanks for all your shows HV & all power to you moving forward! I’ll be listening to this show today my time so looking forward to it. Till next time mate 😉

Tabitha Wolfram

Thanks H.V., Shaun and Scarlett. It’s shows like this that remind me just how respectful and tight knit the Renegade community is. I too look forward to your return. I hope your time off is fruitful, pleasant and successful.

Sad to see you go, HV. Thanks for leaving us with plenty of food for thought. Can’t wait until you’re back on the lineup again. Best wishes old chap.

In China, there is an old saying that things will turn around after reaching the extreme point, and good luck will come after bad luck has gone to the extreme. – http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2008/5/3/96976.html


Thank you for all you have done, HV. Your work is informative and inspirational. Sad to not see you in the lineup. I’ll be waiting for your second coming. 🙂

Hi, Yrton – I don’t do live chat, when you chat with level6toaster, can you tell him I love his cat pictures, and that I think it’s awesome that he has twelve cats? What a nice man he is! Thank you


If you want to shine like the sun, first you must burn like it. Thanks for that HV. See ya when we see ya. stevo


All the best with your businesses and I hope you spend some quality time with your family .
Will eagerly await your return brother take care .


Only listened to first half hour so far. It was stunning for me to hear that the origins for the word “freedom” come from the Indo-European root meaning “to love.” I verified it in the dictionary. For me that sums up to mean without love there is no freedom. Some might challenge that I, myself, might challenge it, and of course all words are open to individual interpretation, but many are pretty universal in their meaning. “Love is Freedom” might make a good bumper sticker. I’m going to have to consider this more deeply.


Great show, HV – thank you for digging into our ancient history – I admire you for that, and that you love animals so much, and our folk – I know that you are a super kind man who has a thirst for the whole truth!! We need our peoples to come together, and get on board with taking our lands back from the vile, parasitical jews, and now their invading armies!! Thank you Shaun and Scarlet – I hope that Shaun can do that wild card show! PS. HV – I loved your video on the fighting spirit of the Cimbri!!


Heathen Vegan, you are wise to refill your well and like the Celtic spiral, retreat within and return when it’s right for you. I was re-listening to your show on the spells of words with Kyle and the power of the orator, which you have. Kyle said aura-rator – extending your aura across a broadcast. Your voice stirs my soul (and others) and it got me to do more articles awhile back, and it’s helped me feel that bridge to the past that can feel as faint as a ghostly echo. You have already given so much – I wish you every good thing for you and your family.

Good stuff HV as always! Enjoyed listening to the show.


Some kind of red flag went up when you mentioned Hitler’s suicide. Not because some deny that’s true. Myself, I do not know. But you mentioned that “he couldn’t watch it anymore,” couldn’t watch what was happening to his people, and that “he was powerless.” So he took his own life. I wonder how discerning minds might see his decision to do this. Is it promoting suicide as a viable option? Is suicide a viable option? I ask myself if I would have responded as Hitler did and taken my own life. This is, of course, almost an absurd question for I am no where in a similar circumstance to him. But still… Would I have instead chosen to fight to the end? Just some… Read more »


I’ve thought about this as well Liz. I believe he did commit suicide and if I knew the Asiatic Bolshevik hoardes were at my doorstep I would do the same.

Ghost Man O; War

My theory on Hitler’s death, Scarlett, considering the photo’s I saw of Goebbels wife and lovely children dead laid on the ground outside of the bunker, and Goebbels was clearly, VERY clearly partially burned and his nose was hacked off. I think Hitler was probably after the suicide, and murdered, probably so mutilated and abused they’d never allow his corpse to be seen because if anything would re-kick more resistance back off would be Hitler being disgraced like that. Those J’s are beyond filthy. Ya? After seeing Goebbels like that and their girls little legs sticking out from under than mauve tarp was sickening. Ya know, the way the tribe has so far successfully flipped the script like that is beyond belief. I’ve read all… Read more »

Bobby Joe

You probably mean well Ghost but I never read your comments – they’re just WAAAAAAAAYYYYY toooooooo long! Please consider saying what you need to in a tenth of the space & I may consider reading your comments! 😉

Skim through it, or just read some of it?

Ghost Man O; War

Sorry for the long winded comment. It reminds me of a family member that asked me what’s going on with our world. I got 5 words out and they said, “No what’s happening right now.” I tell her a little more and she won’t listen. Then, she’s a nurse of 20 years, she comes back months later and listens. She then said, “That’s exactly what the lead Doctor said is going on. It’s a long tale and you must know how as well as what happened last night. on the news”. But I do understand your impatience. Have a great day. It’s why I made A’s throughout my so called academic journey and not B’s but got really drunk on the weekends.”

Foster XL

Haha! I got A+’s for being concise & sticking to the important facts. I just remember one of my teachers when I was very young saying “Don’t waffle! Teachers hate wading through waffle to get to the facts!” I believe that same teacher was the first one I heard say “You’ve got 2 ears but only one mouth so listen twice as much as you speak!”. Both are great life lessons that children need to be raised with! 😉

Ghost Man O; War

You’re an idiot. hahahah You made a comment to be passive aggressive. No more talking to ya, so post what you will. I post comments, you attack. If you’re so set on attacking. Do ya see the diff? Mr. Concise. I’ve got 2 ears and have heard and read tons. Your comments don’t even make sense. If it’s based on saying half as much has you heard and I’ve heard more than you would I not speak more? I’m not passive aggressive. I’ll flat out bust your teeth out. How’s that? hahhhaha If you drove up and honked your horn and got out….talkin. is over. How’s that little boy? Does that get ya hyped up. I hope so. Was that message too long for ya?

I have commented with Foster XL before, and I truly believe that he was just joking with you – I don’t think he is passive aggressive – the jews are passive aggressive!!

Ghost Man O; War

I was wrooggn. I mean, I was wrrrrrng. I mean, I was wwwwrrnggg. Damnit. Okay…I was…wrong! I was wrong! I did it. You’re right Lotti. I’m sorry I twisted off on Foster. I apologize to him also. Forgive me please. Have a great day.


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Thanks, Scarlett. My main point was not in debating how Hitler died, but in the idea of the man committing suicide. Anyhow, I do understand your perspective. For myself, I’d like to think I’d face the enemy head-on and go out fighting, even if it meant certain and horrible death, and in that experience, hopefully take one or two or a few of the enemy with me, in whatever primitive method I might conjure. Maybe just hands and fists, but hands and fists that didn’t surrender. Seems to me that if more adopted that stance, we’d be a bigger menace to any enemy. And what/who comes to mind is Aragorn facing down Sauron, “For Frodo,” ploughing ahead in the face of what seemed like hopeless… Read more »

Jamie Dunkley

What’s everyone’s opinion on natural law?


The greatest truth I know.