Heathen Hof: Left and Right Deception (4-24-18)

Heathen Vegan discusses some current events and the trap of party politics that has been set up for us, dividing us into two opposing camps to fight against each other, all while our people are under constant assault.

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Anthony Roberts

My bloody blood is boiling. I’m so angry at our pathetic folk. We just take what the jews dish out – and i’m speaking about the over 30’s ( most youngsters are completely gone, brain-zogged with prop ). May-puppet has just announced a Nat. day of rememberance for the (apparent – was it a hoax?) murder of one black youth by Whites in ’93. WTH!!!! What about the dozens of Whites killed by other races?: Policeman Keith Blakelock hacked to death by a mob of 30 blacks in ’85. Headmaster Philip Lawrence stabbed by Filipino student in ’95 Richard Mannington-Bowes sucker-punched by black gang in 2011 “English” riots. 40yr old autistic Andrew Young sucker-punched by black cyclist in 2014. Where is their day May? We… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Its a fine rant Anthony, I wish I had some of that fire last night.

And of course I totally understand your frustration, I have been talking to a few people and still the same old replies, either they are waiting to be handed some opportunity, or they are to busy organising the fine detail of an ethno state to actually be bothered try and do something now.

Hey, next time your fired up, maybe you should give me a mail and we can set up a recording ? or ask Kyle to do an earlier show?

Any thanks for the comment, was a little tired last night and felt a little under par.



I live in the heart of Britain, and I will be stepping up my game when I can. I am around the age bracket you described, and I think many of the youngsters are smarter than we were, but too afraid to cone out of their shells. But they will come out in their droves when the time comes. We need s legit NS rally in Britain, with discipline and standards,none of this controlled opposition nonsense. But yeah we need to up the numbers first!

Keep up the good work Heathan Vegan! The giant still sleeps we need to wake it up!

Heathen vegan

Hey Vegtam, I agree that we need to form some opposition. I have said many times before, NS is not a one party issue, we can wreak havoc to the establishment with our social policies alone. It needs to happen regardless of if it will ultimately be what leads us to victory or not. We are called the haters, but they need to know that it is our deep love and sensitivity to the suffering of our folk that drives us. When the folk see this, they will be immune to the propaganda. That being said though, the first of us to step out and do this, will suffer, they will make sure of it. If it us that succeeds or not, matters little, as… Read more »

Cheers HV ! I’ll send you an email soon!

Shawna Marie

HV thank you for doing this show. Excellent insight into the things that are distracting dividing & conquering our folk. You had gracefulness for the caller & an honest heart felt ending that inspires me.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Shawna.

Dividing us is all they have ever done, because it works so well. Tacitus says how if the tribes of Britain had stood together, not even the might of Rome could of conquered her. The Normans divided us from our Irish brothers and Sisters, and convinced us their crimes were ours. This continues to this day, when the tribes of the North unite under one banner, the world will be free. The National socialists of Germany knew this and were, I believe working towards this ultimately. People under estimate just how massive the task of the unification of Germany under Adolf Hitler. We must, no matter the nay sayers work towards this goal, Uniting the folk.

Alexander fro Flanders

I just heard that Robert Ransdell died in a car crash. I believe he appeared on Renegade as a guest some time ago with his “With jews you lose campaign”.

Heathen vegan

That is sad news if true however it happened. If you find out any more info feel free to share. I hadnt heard anything from him for a while.

Alexander from Flanders

I have no other information sadly.

Wolf GT

Hi, HV. You say you were “under par”.Heck I think it was one of your best shows. Sometimes it´s it´s better to be less prepared and just play it by ear.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Wolf GT.

I get what you’re saying and I do agree, I just felt with this show I was kind of in the middle, my notes were half done so it was half one and half another. I am glad you enjoyed the show though, I do really appreciate feedback, and hope to be able to produce some great shows for the future.


I thouroughly enjoy your work HV you are a natural speaker and an inspiration .
Half way to a tabby …….. That gave me a good laugh.
Thank you brother

Heathen vegan

Thank you Reboot,

Your words are very kind, and I do value them, help me keep on keeping on.