Heathen Hof: Living Up to Our Talk! (8-10-18)

In this podcast H.V talks about what we can do to change our situation and counter the hatered and ultimate genocide of our folk. Hitting on both online and real world activism, and countering anti white propaganda. He finishes off with a call to action, and what happens to a people ruled by fear.

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You are spot-on H.V. We all have to take on the responsibility to get these vital truths out. It requires personal sacrifice. We need to create a spiritual energy that becomes unstoppable to our enemy. It’s this or a slow cowardly death.

A very timely show – well done. It’s brought home to me when i step out of my front door, on this Saturday morning in the UK, to see chem-trails. I stopped counting after 15. It looks like a David Dees poster. Could lots of clueless White folk being outdoors today, watching the start of the negroid-ball season, have something to do with it?

You mentioned how reason can hold us back as “justification for doing nothing.” Yeah, we talk ourselves out of things. But, thought I, what if to reason we added logic: “To NOT do this is to harm myself and those I love.” So reason, backed by logic, becomes survival. Just a thought. You bring maturity and dignity. And I appreciate you noting many of the ways we can contribute beyond tackling the race issue. A kind of pulling away of the layers which will eventually get to the core. The race issue is an area in which I still have much learning to do in terms of ancient origins, migrations, language, history, and false history, but as we grow in our learning, we grow in… Read more »
Excellent work once again, HV! Advocating for our beliefs in the real world is extremely important, and we cannot be afraid to debate reasonable questions and concerns from people making a good-faith effort to break free of the kosher programming. It has been my experience that many people just assume any pro-White stance is just “White supremacy”- our people have been conditioned to believe that anything that falls short of hurting White people is “White supremacy.” An effective response is to state that you’re not a supremacist, and use Bob Whitaker’s famous Mantra: “Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, White countries for everybody.” And then follow it up with explaining that I’m against imperialism, and want blacks to have their own homelands and autonomy, same… Read more »

Dear H.V. et al,
Thank you and I am sorry to admit I need the admonishment to do more. I’d like to write some articles to help others, primarily our youth, get ideas and give them some advice on what they can do pragmatically to get the kind of work they want or need to be financially well enough to get land and to start their own business/es so they can have the means to really help the way they want much more than they ever could suffering from need and want and mired in debt.
Great show! and Thank You Truly!