Heathen Hof: Lower Chakras and Celtic-Vedic Connections (8-24-18)

On this installment of the Heathen Hoff, HV invites back Tabitha Wolfram to talk about the lower Chakras and the Vedic-Celtic connections. They start the show off delving into the rarely mentioned lower chakras and how they relate to ourselves and the world around us. Then go onto how the Vedic and Celtic traditions, such as water worship, and Kundalini can be found hidden in both cultures. They also touch upon Harappan culture and its connection, Doggerland, and miscegenation.

Music by Belenger

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Everyone please check out HV’s new video: https://renegadevids.com/2018/08/25/fear-of-death-heathen-vegan/
Beautiful work! Brought tears to my eyes.

Anthony Roberts

I second that Sinead. Inspiring, emotive and uplifting. Well done HV and Rhys – brilliant!!

Tabitha Wolfram

Amazing video indeed! I myself got chills.

Heathen vegan

Sinead, Anthony and Tabitha, I thank you all for your kind words and support. Without Renegade, and all the great folk I have found here, I doubt I would ever created such works, let alone them be known.


Excellent video.
In what seems like the darkest night of the soul, I can only have hope that enough of our men and women will have the bravery, determination, and strength of spirit to inspire and lead the rest to fight for what is right – Our right to live in peace!
Thanks for lending your voice HV, and Rhys for your talent.
I am so grateful to Kyle & Sinead, and all the contributors here.

Anthony Roberts

Rootless folk with no family or community make for more compliant slaves. Soul-destroying materialistic consumption, coupled with unnatural food and this artificial environment, activate these lower Chakras, i feel. Most of our folk are dead inside, and don’t realize it.

Great info like this from you both, can help our people acknowledge and escape this jewish perversion, and start leading a true and meaningful life. Everything has been inverted or twisted to harm us. They have studied us well. I think it has been mentioned in previous shows, even the colours red & blue have been swapped, to fool us from birth.

PS Thanks H.V and Tabitha. A very insightful and enjoyable show.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Anthony,

Yes, sadly the “zombie apocalypse is all to real, just not exactly as the old horror flicks would have us imagine it. Unlike those flicks too, I believe there is a cure, especially through our ancient spiritual ways.


I shudder to think the effect on the chakras of all the synthetic frequencies. Great show – I’ve listened twice, this is practical and spiritual info.

Tabitha Wolfram

Thanks Callwen I’m happy to hear the information was helpful. There is so much esoteric knowledge that can be easily applied to our struggle.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Callwen,

Thinking to much on all the disruptions caused by the modern world can be a daunting task. We know so much effects us negatively on a physical front, I am sure it is no different on a spiritual either.


Great Information Heathen & Tabitha. You may find the following video of interest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Il_J8s2TQk

Heathen vegan

Hey Hereward, like the name btw 😉

Sadly that video is banned due to copyright claims from the BBC in my country.