Heathen Hof: National Socialism, an Old but New Ideal (8-31-18)

Tonight on the Heathen Hof, H.V discuses national Socialism and its true aims and ideals. He talks on the unifying and folkish nature of the winter aid programs. How National Socialism cannot be boxed into petty modern political or philosophical ideas. How it is more akin to our ancient ways, just adapted to its time.

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This was a wonderful show H.V and thank you for it. It’s not just the info and the reading material. There are many out there with the same facts to communicate ; you possess the genuine depth of love and honor for your own, for our own that sets you apart.

Heathen vegan

Thank you Scarlett, I really do appreciate your words and faith in me.

Was great to speak to you again last night, and always feel free to send a mail here and there. Oh, and defiantly send me one when yo have finished your reading.

Be well


I haven’t forgotten and I know I’ve been AWOL lately. Just trying to bounce back from some recent pitfalls. I’m akways here though and got your back.

Anthony Roberts

The irony is H.V, this is exactly what the muslims, hindus, sikhs, orientals, and of course, the jews do. Almost like a national-religious socialism.

They each have a united homeland, with colonies (((provided))) for them in White nations. Their wealth, culture, customs and communities are fiercely protected and they only look after their own.

We need to recapture a modern spirit of Hitler’s NS, and start helping OUR folk; whether through your time, skills or money. Only deal with your own race where possible.

PS For a start, knock $5 off your normal (((grocery))) bill, this week, and send it to H.V* for this marvellous “no notes” show.
*Other hosts need your help & support too!

Heathen vegan

Thanks Anthony,

Our good nature has been abused, and left us open to attack. As you rightly say , many other groups, understand the value of more “tribal” thinking.

Kindness, is probably the most powerful tool to reach other folk. Lending a helping hand no matter how small, can change the way a person or in our case a group is perceived. Doing that little bit extra for someone, when you dont need too has great power. The National Socialists knew this, not because they wanted to manipulate their folk, but, simply, because they loved them.

People judge you by your actions, our folk have been let down time and again. We need to act in a way, they want to be.


Thanks, HV, especially for your words on the poor. No ism of any worth can exclude them from the equation.


Heathen vegan

Thanks Liz, always good to hear from you.

The poor of my folk, are my greatest concern. Those doing well in this world are passing their “debt” on to their children, which is bad enough. Those not fairing as good in this world, are struggling to feed their children. This difference should not be overlooked.


Thank you. I think you are opening up some long dormant instincts regarding love of folk. I see myself trying to cultivate that again, beyond my own immediate contacts.

I think of LOTR’s battle at Helm’s Deep, the concern for the other; it was as if it was a concern for one’s self. Beautiful to behold. Perhaps that is what self-preservation is all about. There are models of it in nature, dolphins, for one.

So much to shake off from the years of me-ism they drenched us with. Self Magazine, venerating self to self-indulgent heights. How sane it is to care for each other.


wolf GT

Hi Hv. What a powerfull show. I think your best yet. Had to switch off half way through to get a few beers and cool off. The message is so true .Depicting NS as the humanitarian ideology it is., a very important message to drive home. This show really came from your heart .

Heathen vegan

Thanks Wolf GT,

I know what you mean about how it can make you feel. When someone really considers the harm that has been done to our folk, and tries to comprehend it, it can be quite overwhelming.

Maybe I am too sentimental, and emotional at times, but both my folks suffering and their bravery in the face of it, can bring me to tears at times.

Dear Heathen Vegan, this show is on my to-do list, but I must say, that your shows are filled with so much knowledge and insight – and the manner in which present the information, is just wonderful! Mr. Hitler knew that we Aryans were very closely related, and fought vehemently against another fratricidal war – I would love to meet so many of my European brothers and sisters! You have a gift!

Heathen vegan

Thank you Lotti, I hope you enjoyed the show (when you got around to it)

I agree with Hitler and the National socialists on our connections. In fact I probably take it a little further. I am fully of the belief of a great people that occupied the North and western regions of Europe. That these people became both the Celtic and Germanic peoples. The work I am doing now on the Cimbri is a great example of the connections. We are one people divided only by time and our enemies.

Thank you, Heathen Vegan – I know that you are a kind soul!


Inspirational show. Thank you

Heathen vegan

Thank you Mark,

I do worry sometimes that my subjects are a little, what they call “Black pill”. To really commit to the cause though, I believe we need to fully understand what is at stake.


Really enjoyable listen than you again brother.

Heathen vegan

Thanks as always Reboot.

Foster XL

Just wanted to add my support here HV. I feel like my comments lately have mostly just been critical responses to other commenters so to balance that out let me say I’ve enjoyed every one of your shows immensely! The topics you discuss are ones I’ve always been very interested in & your pursuit of further knowledge in these fields is very inspiring. It’s sometimes tough these days to find inspiration & motivation in the daily grind that most people encounter but the historical subjects you discuss are one area we can draw much from. It sounds cliche to some but there is definitely a power that can be experienced by tapping into & beginning to understand our own ancestral & spiritual realities. So thank… Read more »

I think this would be a good article for you to read that shows how a true National Socialist experiences a spiritual conversion in embracing Hitler and the worldview that is behind the label National Socialism

Great show, HV – I am glad you brought up leaders vs. rulers! We need great leaders, not greedy, ruthless, rulers like we already have! The NSDAP did not have a class system, but afforded all German citizens with the same basic, civil rights! If we could only have such a wonderful platform like the National Socialists of Germany! Oh, also, the Winter Aid program was awesome, and so successful – the massive demonstration of the German people to give beds, food, clothing, and other necessities, to the poorer German folk, was unprecedented! We are awesome people, HV – we CAN do this again! I really like you, HV – you are a true man of conviction!

Heathen vegan

Thank you Lotti, I too believe we have within our selves the ability to change our circumstance for the better. Although many have legitimate concerns about “politics”, I still truly believe that victory will come through the people. If only they could see the beauty we see when we look upon the great and compassionate achievements of the NSDAP. If only they could, for second glimpse the enormity of what they were building, and how it would of changed the world for the better. Our struggle, is their struggle, and like the NSDAP we will face our enemies wrath, but like them we will stand tall. “National Socialism would not be the last word. Things must be concealed in the background which we cannot imagine… Read more »

Thank you, HV – I really do hope that our people’s plight will change – I must admit, though, that where I live, the whites have no clue as to what is really going on in our countries – I have pretty nice neighbors that have three teens, and the Dad told me that he would like his oldest son to go into the military – I just thought to myself – oh no, don’t let him join – the jews sure have the lies and programming of most of our folks perfected. I would like to tell people to watch, “The Greatest Story Never Told” as a starter – people need to start asking themselves some hard questions which will lead them to the… Read more »


“The truth about the British empire”? Yes, It didn’t make our own families any wealthier. Their was no “trickle-down” effect. And anything we mine or produce here in abundance, is ample proof. We pay the same, if not more than the exported product. No breaks from government. The British empire and all empires, made the monarchy wealthy and a few people to boot. And we helped India and Africa out of their own abyss.


No it won’t get any better. On NS, it’s too bad we don’t have leaders, cause I wouldn’t give them credit in calling them rulers. They don’t lead they follow. NS was totally different. And it was not about people but Volk. That is the term I believe Hitler always used.

Danny Torrance

Magnificent video – subscribed. Keep ’em coming sir.

Heathen vegan

Thank you Danny,

Next one should be out next Saturday, hope it lives up to your expectation.

Dear H.V. Great Show! you should do more shows about National Socialism! You really gave a great approximation of why White people are suffering so much in this contemporary Kali Yuga Jew World Order where the Chudra usurers are the rulers: most of us just can’t find a way to thrive and prosper that will sit right with our conscience or sense of honor, morals, and justice. I feel that I have had enough experiences also that I know there is a kind of supernatural evil Kabbalist sorcery that makes it impossible for aryans to prosper within society at all today. All of those I know who are Aryan truly and are doing well have land way out in rural areas and are living lives… Read more »


I have only just managed to catch up with this show, but well done Heathen! It was a wonderfully passionate and inspirational delivery!