Heathen Hof: Of the Gods, Goddesses and Ancestors (10-1-18)

Tonight H.V talks about spirituality, relating personal experiences and views on the Gods, Goddesses and Ancestors. He looks at its role in our current struggle, and National Socialism. He give mention to his recent video linked below on the Cimbri for part too. (HV- I appologise for the glitches in audio on the show tonight)

The Cimbrian War, Part 1, Disaster and Migration

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As an Irish Celt or Gael. I never bothered to learn much of the Gods outside of Ireland, that’s why I really enjoy your spiritual shows HV. I would never call myself an Odinist as the Norse Gods are not the Gods of my land. I do of course respect all the Pagan Gods. I’ve learned so much of these other Gods from your shows and Kyles too. Both of you have shown how much our Aryan ancestors were connected which has sparked an interest for me to learn more about our European Aryan Gods. I was very excited to find in a book published in 1900, Carmina Gadelica. It is a collection of ancient prayers and blessings basically folklore collected from the Gaelic speaking… Read more »

Dear Nuada,
As a Nordic German I will still tell you since I was a teen I’ve had a very strong love for the Celtic peoples, history, and spirituality! I actually would listen to Wagner while reading Celtic lore and mythology! hows that for lol
The National Socialists showed some appreciation for and interest in the Celtic separatists during WWII. One example being the Bretons in Brezen Perrot.
Just wanted to reply that I am very thankful for your reply and the book info you provided. Looking forward to reading!
Thank you!


Hey Konrad. Celtic lore & Wagner. I think that’s an awesome combination. It breaks my heart to see so many and I mean probably in the thousands all over the country of carins, standing stones, dolmens, etc. Many of these sacred places are in such bad condition and neglected. The principle sites, the money makers, are taken care of and I tend to the sites I visit almost daily. However so many are in bad condition and have been forgotten by our so called historical society. Just another reason why I wish the National Socialist won the war. Given what I know now I feel all these sacred places would be shown the respect and honor they deserve. I read somewhere that one of Adolf… Read more »


HV, thank you. And I must say, I love cemeteries, too!! Beautiful, still energy, and yet mysterious and kind of pregnant with something. Sometimes more is told about the visitors than the residents. Ha! Personal little shrines reflecting inner stirrings and honorings. Pagan. Ahh, the story of your encounter with the great oak… Even with the technical difficulties I was drawn in for I once had a similar experience where when looking up at the night sky I found myself in a most profound moment and swear I heard a voice saying to me: “Welcome to Eternity, Elizabeth.” It was an experience of timelessness and of non-separation from anything Godly or spiritual. And like you, I came away feeling as if there was absolutely nothing… Read more »


Your shows have been very powerful lately. Thank you for all the great work you do.


Just stumbled upon this. Surely it is a sign from the ancestors:

Girl pulls pre-Viking sword from lake:



Good Evening H.V. With regards to the show I REALLY LOVED IT! I wish more listeners would reply because I can’t help thinking that we aren’t the only ones with supernatural spiritual experiences. I already had told you that what George Lincoln Rockwell described as his spiritual embrace of Hitler lighting candles before a bust of the Fuhrer and the Swastika Flag and raising his right arm and intoning Heil Hitler is very much my own faith and viewing vids of Hitler, Triumph of the Will, of course, and listening to his speeches and reading Mein Kampf and also his speeches and Table Talks and Otto Wagener’s Memoirs the recounted his many conversations with Hitler during the years prior to1933 and also Serrano’s Hitlerist Trilogy… Read more »


HV, I finally viewed your last vid on the Cimbrian War. Thank you, beautifully done. I look forward to part 2.

I wonder why The Cimbri, in their flight for survival would choose Italy and not a closer region. Could it have something to do with climate? Or, were they aware of the
terror in the south that was aggressively expanding its power. Was the migration only one of survival or also of facing an almost inevitable enemy. Just curious, in case you have any idea about this.


Once again, another spectacular show from HV.