Heathen Hof: Pride, Honour and Nobility (7-20-18)

In this Broadcast H.V starts off the show talking on some recent news. From Youtube adding wiki pages to “conspiracy” videos, to the James Gunn pedophile revelations. He then gets to the main topics of the night, pride, honour and nobility. Looking at how our ancient ancestors viewed them compared to Christianity. As well as the National Socialist approach to regaining folk pride. In the last half hour he takes a call from Anthony, discussing some of the ways modern Brits pride is being destroyed.

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Excellent podcast by Urban Jungle Girl on The Jewish Utopia.

Heathen vegan

Thanks for the recommendation Renny, Ill make sure to check it out when I get a min.


There is a downloadable compilation of Urban Jungle Girl’s “Valkyrie Underground” podcasts available here


HV what was the name of the band you mentioned after one of your breaks?

Heathen vegan

The band is called, Winterfylleth and the song I was refereing too is “The Hallowing of Heirdom”


No wonder I could not find them I was spelling it all arse ways. Thanks

Once again thanks for the show HV. This is such an important message you are bringing us. I find it very powerful. When looking at our situation, I was so depressed before finding Renegade I was sure all was lost for us. I was completely defeated without even receiving a physical blow from the enemy. That is far from the case today.

Thanks to all at Renegade. Callers included.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Nuada.

Yes, our modern world is set up to sap our self worth, which makes us feel hopeless. Realising our power is one of the first steps to regaining control over our lives.

The truth is, so many of our folk felt like you did, I know I have at certain points in my life. Its good to hear Renegade is had an effect on your beliefs, as without the belief of victory, there can be no victory.


Anthony gave a good call tonight. His story of spooks following him may sound, to the “unschooled “,like unreasonable paranoia, but really it is classic Bolshevik tactics. It is being unleashed upon the UK openly and Europe proper and is coming our way here in the US as well.

As an article at Minghui stated, nonetheless, the persecution of any righteous practice (like Falun Dafa in Minghui’s case and probably the nine noble virtues of the Vikings in our case) has never succeeded in the face of history. In fact, it can expedite the collapse of the regime, that persecuted the righteous practice in the first place.

Besides, I wonder how hospitality is related in some way to compassion (as in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance), along with fidelity.

Heathen vegan

A truly righteous folk can never be “beaten”, as the manifestations of their nobility will not allow it. They will always fight on beyond hope, and always be to proud to submit. History though, is a long vision idea, when you are in the middle of the fight, hundreds of years from both beginning and end it can appear hopeless, especially as you can never know exactly where you are. This is the test of the resolve of the virtues, can they withstand it? or more importantly are the virtues able to maintain their hold of the folk? This is where are now, our history erased, our societies full of ignoble deeds and folk. Some of us still carry the memory of these honourable men… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Thank you Scarlett. I think nerves got the better of me, so couldn’t offer much – but i try. HV is a natural at this, so that helps. Sorry for keep over-talking you HV, and for the quality of the sound, my end. I only have a phone and decided to stay in my livingroom this time, so i had to keep my voice down. Being in a small terraced house, the walls are super paper-thin, and you hear every person’s convo during the day, let alone at 2:30am! I’ll go back to sitting in my car on the drive, like the first time, in future. Yes, no, it’s not paranoia Scarlett lol. We have motorway cameras probably every quarter mile here, so they know… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Anthony, thanks for the call.

As I said to Scarlett, they are petty in their paranoia. It only shows how much they fear us, how much they need to control every last thing. They are schizophrenic control freaks, high on their own perversions. We have truth on our side, they only have a littany of crimes, and abuses.


Yes, H. V. is definitely a natural at this and has a fine-tuned message that could be taken to the people en masse. I especially like when Kyle and Heathen Vegan get on air together. I really believe if those two follow their destiny, we here at Renegade have the honor and privelege of watching (listening ) to two heroes of our folk in the making, one on my side of the pond and one on yours.


P. S. No pressure or anything guys. Lol

Heathen vegan

I agree, I enjoy taking calls from Anthony. I also agree that it is not beyond our governments to use such petty tactics, to test our resolve.

I have known people involved in low level activism for various causes, that have had their phones tapped. At first it seems a little silly, but when you have phone tech guys tell you that they have, you realise just how paranoid they are. They monitor everything, especially folk that are considered “dissidents” .


I was thinking about your words: “We can’t have peace on earth,” and “War will never go away.” I saw in myself a resistance to them, just in even considering them to be true. I understand the need for “territory” and putting one’s own first, and at the same time I wonder about human nature, I mean at its highest, where conscience is served. It got me wondering if the creation could accommodate the win/win model. I guess it is not modeled in nature when we see, for example, the lion take down the buffalo, but perhaps humans have a different destiny. Just speculating. Some speak of an innate earth intelligence where the laws of abundance are in place and scarcity is but a man-made… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Liz, some interesting thoughts there. The world is not ALL about competition, many organisms operate in a mutualist manner. Nature, ultimately wishes harmony between organisms. To create and maintain this harmony though, checks and balances need to be in place. This is where conflict comes into play. We (especially the European) are no different. I believe most people wish harmony, but like Nature, for this to be maintained we need checks and balances. Our world atm is unbalanced, especially the “human” world. Again like nature a certain amount of ruthlessness is necessary to correct it. Nature in its raw form calls to all “Let live, what can live”. Adolf Hitler himself, talked of the Challenge cup of life. “The earth is a challenge cup.… Read more »


Thank you. I do understand your perspective a bit more now. I try to simplify it for myself and here it does come down to survival of the fittest, all dressed up in its Sunday clothes. And I am not saying that is a bad thing. I guess it depends on end objective with nobility and honor doing its best to serve integrity. Survival is the trickiest endeavor. I am on-board with fighting. I just want it to be conscious fighting. I do not know if what you posit about European compassion being “unknown in others” is true. It is something I must study more. Perhaps you refer more to history and not just present day, for surely my lifetime has not yet revealed this… Read more »

Heathen vegan

All peoples have compassion to a certain degree, but I do believe the compassion of the European is far deeper. I mean it is in part what is being abused and used against us now

I think it is a case of removing the desperation from the idea, of survival of the fittest. And holding up something more noble, like life itself, the love of life. survival of the fittest has a desperation to it, that I think taints the view.

inspired this conversation, I am writing an article on “cowardice”. It will though, delve into What i mentioned above.

And thank you for your kind compliment.

My intuited interpretation of the upcoming electronic game We Happy Few is that its occult intention is to paint the lives of the White British people (maybe an ethnonym-intended-retronym, no less) as always desolate and violent, and never peaceful at all.

Heathen vegan

Thanks to Kyle I have a canvas upon which to paint their true picture.


Good job man! I’m new to your show and will listen to them all. Thank you for your message.

Heathen vegan

Thanks -E-

Its great to have a new listener and thank you for taking the time to give my show a chance.