Heathen Hof: Tabitha Wolfram – Chakras and the Perversion of the Rainbow (6-29-18)

Tonight Heathen Vegan speaks with Tabitha Wolfram, on his first show in his new slot on Friday evenings. They begin the conversation talking about Chakras, and their importance. Taking a closer look at the role of the throat chakra and its relationship to “leadership”. They also look at the “Rainbow” and how its been perverted, as well delving into health, well being and origin of the Rh negative blood types.

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Tabitha Wolfram

Thanks to all who listened to the show and enjoyed it. All feedback is important and I’m always looking for new topics to touch on.

Anthony Roberts

Cut out, or limit, as many jew poisons as possible. This will not only keep your hard-earned money out of their hands, but strengthen your energy centres, giving you the clarity of being to protect your loved ones, and the will to fight.

Very enjoyable show both – looking forward to a future follow-up. I stayed up to listen live, so muh chakras are a bit groggy this morning. Nothing that a good cup of natural tea, a barefoot lawn-zap and some sunshine won’t cure.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Anthony, Thank, you both for your comment and the fact you stayed up to listen. I wil be honest, although I have been aware of the Chakra system for many years now, it is something I have given little of my time too. Speaking with both Asa and Tabitha and making some connections via their wisdom on the subject, has made me reconsider this position. You are correct about removing their toxins. This can be difficult in the modern age, when convenience can sometimes out way correct practice. Even if people can only manage small steps, every improvement is just that an improvement, that will reap rewards. Sorry you feel a little groggy, but if its sunshine you need, the UK is not in… Read more »


Wow. Great show, HV and Tabitha. Chakras were things that I used to dismiss as New Age tomfoolery but over the last couple of years, I’ve had no choice but to accept the fact that I was wrong. I’d love to hear Tabitha on the program again soon. She’s very insightful, as are you, HV.

Dear Heathen Vegan, Tabitha Wolfram, et al, Good show! Really enjoyed listening, as always! I really felt a friendly and edifying vibe from your show. However in the interest of provided a helpful critique I would have liked a bit more of a defined, detailed, outlined, and structured presentation. I hope I am explaining this reasonably well as I’ve been up quite a bit and working a lot of hours this week. Please forgive me for being excessively wordy. I in no way whatsoever mean to be rude or negative in the slightest! I think it would have helped the show if the 7 or 9 Chakras were identified and defined at the outset of the show. What sources did you and your guest use… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Konrad, Firstly, I dont mind wordy, I believe it is always best to use as many words as needed to fully express what you are trying to convey. Secondly, I have no problem with fair criticism, be it presentation, or content. I think Kyle mentioned recently, how as content providers we must hold ourselves to a high standard. I can assure you, I am my biggest critic. As I have mentioned in a previous comment, I am in no way an expert in the chakra system. My knowledge is pretty basic, as such, my line of questioning to someone like yourself who is clearly vastly more knowledgeable, may of fell short. I will be doing a follow up show though, so maybe we can… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

Greetings Conrad: Thank you for the input. I compiled the information for this show from numerous sources. A show just about the history of the Chakras could help us all go more in depth into this topic. The topic of Kundalini energy and lifestyle could even be a mini series of shows as there’s so much to mention. I have been keeping files on many Kundalini subtopics for years. I have heard the book “The Serpent Power” on my Amazon wishlist for quite some time. Thanks for mentioning here in the comments I am going to purchase it. There are many books on Chakras and Kundalini which are totally kosher and don’t lead one to the truth path. In regards to teachers, I have found… Read more »



Thanks HV and Tabitha. Since you covered a bit on astrology, I just wanted to mention that years ago an astrology teacher told me: “The stars impel; they don’t compel.” That was kind of empowering. It left room for something beyond fate. I came to understand the stars have strong influence and affect probability but personal spiritual will can transcend this influence since nothing external to one’s self has seniority over one’s experience, unless on some level the individual allows it to. Many people let astrology rule them. I’d hear things like: “I can’t go out on Monday because the moon is in Pisces.” Or “I won’t hang out with him because he’s a triple Leo.” Or “Taurus people are difficult and Pisces males are… Read more »

Heathen vegan

That is a very interesting thing your Astrology teacher shared with you. Although, I am no expert in this, I would based of other ideas, agree with him.

For me it seems to relate to fate, especially as I have come to see it in the Northern European spheres. Fate or destiny are not pre determined, they are more related to both inclination and the roads of life. It is up to you to unlock that potential or if it is a situation that is on the cards to face, that determines their actions at that “crossroads”.

Thanks for comment Liz, was very insightful.


Regarding fate… I like the way you put it. It frees us up from any type of metaphysical force that might attempt to make us victims. Thank goodness, since we have our hands full with multiple victimizations on this physical plane.

Fate as “inclination” really rings true. Thank you.

Heathen vegan

Thanks for the link.

Dares Dutch

Great show! Thank you both. Can anyone tell me the id of the first song in the second break singing about the Black Sun? Kind regards

Dares Dutch

Ah, one last question what medicine / herb are they talking about @ 1:21:40? Arabeda or something ? Thanks

Anthony Roberts

Tabitha was talking about Ayurveda (life science) medicine of the Indo-Aryan race. Natural health and healing using herbs, yoga and spirituality to attain balance in your life. We gave it to the world.

jews now tell our folk it originated from India, so they can keep killing us with their expensive, unnatural abrahamic cures.

Dares Dutch

Thank you Anthony! 🙏🏻

Heathen vegan

Thanks Dares Dutch, Im glad you enjoyed the show

The song I think would have to be this one

Dares Dutch

You’re foremost welcome. Thanks for sharing that info. Great to hear Sigur Rós on Renegade, good selection! 🌱

Dares Dutch

Maybe you should give this band called Múm a try. They, like Sigur Ròs also originate from Iceland. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_uRwF6Aesg


The “Nazi” symbol that we know now (swastika) was a distortion of energy–The energy was spinning the other way–part of the mind trap. a deception within a deception…All isms lead to the same place…a lack of power…and most pointedly away from the “Light” people and light race.

does this answer your query Konrad–basically the conscious gross distortion of kundalini or serpent , tree of life energy–running from eath to stars and vice versa. celtic people were adept astronomers/astrologers.

Hope this clears this up a little–

mike angelo

Thanks Tabitha and Heathen Vegan.
Here is an interesting take on the chakras suggesting that the accepted colour sequence of the chakras has been reversed.


A classic example of symbol distortion is the Nazi symbol (swastika–. Aryan origins also–like the spinning chakras of life-affirming energy.

Are you saying the National Socialists distorted the Swastika or that others distorted the meaning of the Swastika because the National Socialists used this as their Symbol and they were opposed the National Socialists?