Heathen Hof: The Ancient North Western Origins of the Greeks? (8-17-18)

In this edition of the Heathen Hof, HV delves into the question of where the ancient Greeks originated. He puts forward a hypothesis that it could be no other than the ancient isles of Britain and the North West In general. Using this exploration to shed light on some mythology and folklore from Britian, that many may not of been aware of.


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Anthony Roberts

Interesting show H.V – thanks for doing the research and for your time. As you were going through these possible mythical connections, it made me wonder whether the jews have this “lost” info hidden deep in their vatican library, or that other jewish hotbed of knowledge – yale! Have they actual evidence of this north to south migration of the blonde folk, but have to suppress it?

I know jews have had their runs-ins with the Greeks over the centuries, but is there more to it and they know their ancestors were Indo-Aryans from the north-western area? It seems the jews don’t just want to bankrupt and destroy modern Greece, but want the total humiliation of its citizens also.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Anthony, and you are most welcome. Many people have commented on just what we could learn if we got access to places like the Vatican library. I am sure those that wish to enslave us, keep hidden so much. Early Greek history that we have shows us Semites and Europeans do not mix. I am sure what is now forgotten (by us at least) still burns within these folk. Tolkein designed the Dwarves after the jewish people and even though he appears to be a fan of the jewish folk, the book of grudges sums their mentality up quite well. They being the planter of the seed of destruction are the masters of it. They will consume everything till even they are no more.… Read more »

I recall the 220,000 Greeks slaughtered by the jews on the Island of Cypress – and afterwards there was a law put on the books, that NO jew was ever to be allowed on the Island again. Does anyone know if that is still a law there? I wish we had a law like that for our countries

Heathen vegan

240,000* The extract from Cassius of Dio’s “Roman history” is also pertinent to Kyle’s recent show on Cannibalism, as well as shedding some light on where they got the “soap and human skin” stories in WW2 Cassius of Dio “Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put a certain Andreas at their head, and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would eat the flesh of their victims, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood and wear their skins for clothing; many they sawed in two, from the head downwards; 2 others they gave to wild beasts, and still others they forced to fight as gladiators. In all two hundred and twenty thousand p423 persons perished.… Read more »

Oh, Heathen Vegan, oh, how utterly horrific and vile!! Now I remember reading about (((them))) wearing the entrails of their poor victims, and wearing their skin, and put the blood on their bodies!! The Roman empire was infiltrated by the Jews – and yes, now I remember that they did horrible things to the Romans – and Egads -the Egyptians, too!! The Roman historian Cassius must have witnessed some of the most horrific crimes!! It’s also important to note that the stories of the holohoax of the lamp shades made of skin, that the Germans made soap and lunch meat out the Jewish “corpses”, must have all come from what the damn jews had done to their victims in the past!! Oh, God, HV –… Read more »

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my grandfather told me of horrific crimes that the Russians were perpetrating on the captured Germans one was, that they were sawing the German POWs from the head downword with saws – oh, the horrors!! And to think that dumb white Zionists, worship these demonic beings – thanks again, HV


Great show HV, this is much more in line with my way of thinking. Thanks for showing a more realistic look at the connection between the ancient myths. As good as a read as Lebor Gabála Érenn is I really don’t like it. However it shows a link between Ireland and Greece throughout it. And lots of bible BS too. Starting with The Cesarians the first invaders, their leader Cessair was the Granddaughter of Noah. The second wave were The Partholonians who were Greek, their King is said to be a great Grandson of Noah. The third were Scythian’s The Nemedians who eventually fled Ireland. Both The Fir Bolg and the Tuatha Dé Danann are said to descend from The Nemed. When the Nemed fled… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Thanks Nuada, When researching for this show, every time I found someone who had made some connection between these cultures, they always put the migrations from them to us. This seems to be the standard of thinking, but for me this is in error. If, as many state it was them that came here then we should have examples of their culture in our lands, but we dont. The reverse is true though. Now, many may think well how do we know which way around the influence was, It could just as easily be them to or us to them? Well, take for example the Mycenaean “circle graves”. Known in England as a henge or grove, these are unique to this part of the word… Read more »


Outstanding show. If only mythology was offered in such a manner as this in schools. I like how you use linguistics as a necessary factor when it comes to understanding a myth’s origins and original meaning. It always comes back to one’s ancestors.

Heathen vegan

Thanks SC,

The show could of done with a little more structuring overall, I think. I do enjoy researching such shows though, they certainly peak intrigue.

So many things today are already agreed upon by the so called “experts”. This leaves the young folk learning with nothing to do but remember and repeat. Encouraging free thought and questioning is essential to gaining their interest for sure.