Heathen Hof: The Aryan Mindset (8-3-18)

Tonight H.V delves into the way our ancestors viewed the world. He counters some of the Mascuiline domination ideas promoted by Red Ice and the Altright. Delving into the motivational forces behind these ideas and comparing them to that of how our ancestors really thought. The importance of the “Mother Goddess” is discussed in relation to our forebears beliefs. As always, touching on many other subjects in the process.

Dedicated to “S”

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Anthony Roberts

It appears that all these “great” empires have had the hidden jewish hand behind them, funding and steering. Using their slave proxies as cattle to die, then quietly walking away once the chaos, filth and degeneracy consume all. Just the same as today. Did the Roman square villas come from a jewish mind? Would this tie-in with the saturn cube worship of our current satanic masters? Stretching it a bit: if you take out a possible added 1000yrs, would their 90 degree sodomy cult, freemasonry, start in the 4th century CE at the height of this empire? It makes you wonder. PS Another great show H.V. I have no doubt our Gods/Godesses will give you and your family shelter and protection. They show themselves in… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Thanks Anthony,

We have faith in both ourselves, ancestors and deities, that we will be fine 😀

Interesting connection you make there and one I have considered. I need to do more research into this as it is something that keeps cropping up. The Circle Square mindesets are fascinating. If I can get my research together, I may suggest a show with Kyle, as I know from his older shows that he has a vast knowledge on the “cube worship” subject.


On Tolkien… You got me wondering if, in regards to his perspective on Hitler, he was a product of his times, of what the people of England were being told in the late 30’s. I’d like to think that were he with us today he may have seen through the lie, may have followed Sauron all the way to Tel Aviv. Alas, that’s something we’ll never know. But I leave an opening for forgiving Tolkien on this issue for two reasons: One, the attention and pride he gives to race throughout his work; bloodlines and their cultures are everything. And two, because of the contribution he’s made to my own life, and I’m sure the lives of many others: The quest can never be abandoned,… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Liz,

Almost undoubtedly his perspective was due to propaganda of the time. I do think he went a little overboard in his dismissal of the National Socialists, when he himself, I believe has German heritage too.

I know many that have come to this path from reading Tolkien’s works, so I to am forgiving. He does capture something of our essence in his works, that I myself have enjoyed.

Glad you got a quote out of my ramblings, although I suspect you cut it a little to make it sound so good :D. I am though honoured to have my words upon your kitchen wall.


I was hanging on your every word HV, thinking too of how our folk wisdom used to be / is again handed down orally. I went out West seeking the the Goddess and found a multi-cult led by tribeswomen. I know two tales of Aryan women being shamed or dismissed by non-white instructors in this program of study i did. No northern Euro examples were put forth, but of course later i realized that’s not part of the kosher one-size-fits-all spirituality for those who stray off the Abrahamic reservation. Your frame is inspiring, and I wonder – do you have recommended books to recommend? Can’t wait to hear more and best of luck with your moving.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Callwen, It makes me very happy to know what little knowledge I have acquired is beneficial to my folk. It saddens me deeply how many portray the Mother goddesses, both in the “new age” beliefs and in supposedly heathen circles. Even many of the well meaning among them reduce these protectors powers, to merely fertility deities. It is of no surprise to me that the “program” you studied left out the Northern European Goddesses. Even though here she was the most revered, the most notable of all the deities. serving as Both sovereign of the land and mother of the folk. What higher honour could a people give to a Deity than giver and nurturer of both life and freedom? Yet, she is dismissed,… Read more »


The Legend Of Quanyin, Goddess Of Compassion

Quanyin is regarded by the Chinese as the goddess of mercy. One of the several stories surrounding her is that she was a spiritual person who through great love and sacrifice during life had earned the right to enter Heaven after death. However, while standing before the gates of Paradise she heard a cry of anguish from the earth below. Turning back to earth and glimpsing suffering humanity, she renounced her reward of bliss eternal and in its place found immortality in the hearts of the suffering. She is considered the personification of compassion and kindness, refusing to enter Heaven until everyone


‘The Goddess I serve may not be the Goddess of another.’ Exactly HV, i long to feel closer to my soul and kindred souls’ deities, and there’s a lot of mystery for me with that as an American of several lineages. You mentioned our folk discovered spirits of place they came to also. Renegade is my go-to for reading, and i do have some NS booklets. I like to read books, mainly because I’m EMF sensitive, one I picked up today is The Real Middle Earth – Brian Bates, a lot about the Anglo-Saxons. But my eye drawn to a story of bird divination, being a bird rehabber, and an ‘Isle of Birds’ in the Scottish Highlands, where children were sent to learn to read… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Our forebears did see within land many spirits and powerful deities, and if they wanted to live there, would certainly align themselves with them. It is still to me an enigma, as to exactly how this interplay worked. I would assume it would be related to ancestral mothers, going back to maybe the land that they originally came from and new Goddesses of land they live on now. I have still so much to learn, I so long to see what they saw, without my filters. It will be a long process for all of us, but the more I do see, the more I gain a sense of self I have never before felt. If I had the inclination, I would read so many… Read more »


Another great show brother .
Have you upgraded your mic set up because you seem clearer lately , that may also be a settling in to your position at renegade I suppose but very good work indeed .
Either way you set a standard I can work towards I admire your strength of character and appreciate all your hard work .


Heathen vegan

Hey Reboot,

MY Mic is the same and is rather expensive, but I have adjusted a few things, so glad it sounds better. My main problem atm is this heat, my PC is not designed for tropical conditions, so the fan is working over time, loudly, lol.

I too appreciate your kind comments, knowing that I make even the smallest of positive changes in he life of another, is why I do this., well and to free my folk from the grips of the parasite 😉 But seriously it is very rewarding on my end to read comments such as yours, so thank you.


Great show HV. Thanks.
Regardless if an ancient Roman or Christian scribe wrote those texts, I think it accurately describes the ancestors. Or at least the essence of them.

Man, woman, land and folk. Through that comes The Mother and her Guardians. Such an ancient way of thinking they tell us. Well….There will never be a more Nobel battle cry.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Nuada,

The excerpt was from Tacitus, who although is a Roman, I am in part at least fond of. He seemed to recognise some of the negatives of Roman civilisation. I too think that the speech from Agricola captures the essence of our forebears.

Heres the full text, it is only a short read and well worth it.


I love the thumbnails you guys choose. Amazing artwork, where do you guys get these?


It’s not “guys”, it’s Kyle himself and he does have an art degree.

Petter Gustafsson

The things pointing at most of Scandnavians ancestors comming from todays eastern Belars and Ukraine looks likely because of genetics and skull-shapes. The so called nordid race is nowere to find in Scandinavia before the Neolithc or Bronze Age. While theres mesolithic nordid skulls found in eastern eastern Europe. From Norway to Ireland, the atlatid phenotyes get more and more common.

Heathen vegan

Hey Petter, This podcast only touched upon the “Indo European” migrations, you bring up fair points that maybe I should of brought up in more detail, or do a separate show on. I will here though give a brief rundown of why I believe the “Indo-European migrations from the eastern steppes are somewhat off. By Eastern Belar(u)s and Ukraine, I am going to assume you are talking about Yamna culture. The Yamna peoples are often promoted by not only by certain groups in academia, but also within our movement as the origins of the “Aryans” and our languages. First thing to note about the Phenotype of Yamna is they were, brown haired, predominantly brown eyes, and were fairly light skinned (think modern Mediterranean) . Now… Read more »