Heathen Hof: Transcending Shame and Transforming it to Fuel our Righteous Fury (7-13-18)

In this edition of the Heathen Hof, H.V talks about how shame, Depression and Frustration are used as tools against us. But how they can be also be used to propel us forward and realise who we really are. He takes calls from former Renegade host John Smith and first time Caller, but longtime commenter, Anthony. Some other subjects touched upon are the recent State visit of Trump to the UK, and Sadiq Khan’s response, as well as National Socialism, Original Nobility, striving for betterment and unleashing our Righteous fury.

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Shame (and possibly depression and frustration) can also result in or come from body dysmorphia, an interesting example of which can be read about here (in the article’s case, it discusses body dysmorphia with respect to scent): https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2018/07/why-smell-is-more-important-than-you-think-your-consciousness-is-under-assault-in-the-modern-age/

P.S. I understand, that the article is long to read, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

P.P.S. Can the article be re-posted at the Renegade Tribune?

Tabitha Wolfram

Hi Esther: interesting article. The fragrance industry aids in the race mixing agenda. I used to wear these perfumes in some of my earlier years, but now I am fully repulsed when I smell people wearing them. All races smell different for a reason and fragrances take away our olfactory consciousness.

Heathen vegan

I have not read the article yet, but I am sure scent can plat havoc with all sorts of important biological stimuli.

Anyway thanks for the article, ill read it when I get a little time.


Thanks, HV, am drawing much encouragement from the show. When you spoke about the burden we carry from past mistakes, substance abuses, etc., I realized that much of the shame and guilt attached to that is most felt in terms of family. The rest of the world doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on the guilt and shame being on-going and relentless. May have something to do with needing approval. Even in things like just asking them to consider that the history books may have been wrong about Hitler, is guilt and shame inducing. The guilt for so drastically upsetting their apple cart, and the shame for disappointing family. But when people know deep inside they did the right thing, the guilt and… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Thanks liz, for your continued support and kind words.

Pier pressure is a massive part of the control system, and intimately tied to shame. I should of maybe touched on it in this show, but because it is such an important part of the modern system, a whole show could be dedicated to it.

Thanks for sharing the video, was a very simple but well put together animation.


This is the essence of subjugation of the German people, has been the shame and guilt of this fantasy holocoas$ter that is imposed upon them still. The essenceofthis is that this is one BIG diabolical scam perpetrated by the jewin order that they can enslave them through NATO and the UN because of the CGI sideshow that was WW2, in order to give everyone a personal investment in it. THis is psychological mind control of the highest order, so high that people really do not want to comprehend it. The jews worst fear is the the German clocks that they have NOTHING to feel bad about and and then acts against it. NATO and the UN was designed by the jew to hide their own… Read more »


Really enjoy all your shows brother your spirit is adding much fuel to everybody’s lingering fire .
Great work keep it up .

Heathen vegan

Thanks Reboot,

Its nice to know folk are getting something out of the shows. A little comment like yours here and there can do wonders for morale, so thank you.


Still finding my way around here. Just wanted to say that your shows have been great Heathen vegan. Really enjoying them.

Heathen vegan

Thank you J F

There’s a lot to listen to if you are new to the site, so hope you stick around. Its great to hear from new commentators (to my shows at least).

You’re a hell of a speaker, HV. Your show was very moving.

Heathen vegan

Thanks Sencha,

Comments like these really help boost morale. Knowing the shows have an effect on my folk, is all the encouragement I need. so Thanks again.

Be well