Heathen Hof: The Womb, The Tomb and the Mother (4-17-18)

Tonight Heathen Vegan talks about our ancient ancestors and how they viewed life and death. He traces back to the early neolithic, through the bronze age and Iron Ages, to try and get a glimpse of how they viewed the world around them. He also delves into Christianity and how it the basic structure was stolen from these ancient understandings, and used to trap and pacify us.

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I wonder, how can I get started in taking up Odinism/Wotanism? What articles and books are recommended? I’ve been considering a set of runes and advice on searching for fellow Wotanists.

Heathen vegan

Fellow Wodenists will depend on where you are, If you are in the UK, I would be able to help.

As for getting started , you already have. For me I found the personal Gnosis route the most rewarding, It led me on a journey, my journey. I would also try to refrain from labeling yourself yet, we have many Gods and Goddesses, all with their own paths, find yours.

I do have a site http://mimirsbrunnr.com/ , This is not specifically Wodenist, but does delve into some of the concepts. I have not posted for over a month, but will become more active as time allows. Kyle kindly allows me to post most of my articles on the Tribune http://www.renegadetribune.com/author/heathen-vegan/

Anyway good luck on journey.

I used to live in Monroe, Michigan; now I live in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Also, I’ve been thinking of playing some May songs, such as Der Mai ist gekommen, on the first day of May.


Wotanism is a state of mind, an old (new) perspective, a different way of approaching the gift and task of life and our role in the ongoing creation.
Play your May songs on the first and do other small things that might stir your spirit and the spirits of our ancestors and all the folk. That’s what I’m doing, with my family and neighbors, in small measure yes, but I think it matters. It’s the collective unconscious of our people awakening and having the desire to to do these old things that seem new to us now after our long and deep sleep.


Of course, not just those things, but is often how I have to approach it since I don’t know of anyone locally or anywhere remotely near me that practices folkish heathenry.

Heathen vegan

Great advice Scarlett.

No measure is to small, each to their own means. It is the small things that move the world. We must awaken the Gods and Goddesses in ourselves first, before the wider population. We are the ones given the task to kindle the racial fire, even the smallest of puffs give it vital oxygen.

Allison MacPherson

I just checked out a newly published 2017 book from my local library entitled, “Odin, Ecstasy, Runes & Norse Magic”, by Diana Paxson. I briefly looked through the book before checking it out, the part I read was addressing Europe before Christianity took over. I have always been very interested in Euro history pre-Christianity. It’s very hard to find such info, it’s almost like our ancestors didn’t exist before Jewsus came along, or else they are referred to only as “barbarians” or evil “pagans”.

The local library where I live has that as well, if I recall well.

Besides, I’m thinking of making a hand-held alter or two out of tins for Altoids.


Paxson is a universalist practitioner of a small movement known as Wiccatru (Asatru with a heavy blend of Wicca). She believes that we should allow non-European stock into the ways of our ancestors. I read Essential Asatru before I was seriously corrected by more ardent practitioners.

A Piece of Horse Liver is a great book as is Culture of the Teutons Vol 1/2.

Allison MacPherson

Thanks Gilly for warning me and also for the recommendations for reading. All the new books in public libraries are more or less NWO, so I was surprised to find a book on Odin in the new books section. I should have known better. Whenever there is any movement amongst the Gentiles, the social engineers are on it.
I went to my local Wiccan group appx 3 times. I think the Wiccan groups are more or less psy-op New Age fakers, asleep at the wheel. I almost got into a scuffle with the leader/host for speaking to members of the group about the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Heathen vegan

Haha, Nice story about the wiccan group, no politics here…. The idea of separation of religion and state is something I have pondered over. In our ancestral past there was no separation, Folk were united by blood and faith. It seems to me the only real need to separate them is to weaken the main group and allow in others.

Rosenberg talks of how, it is only Europeans that allow freedom of religion and how this would never be extended to us by others.


If I’m not mistaken “ Freedom of Religion “ or as you more correctly put it “ Seperation of Religion and State “ originated in the United States. In my opinion the Founding Fathers, all white I might add, were not attempting to set up a secular nation. Jefferson may have been an exception. But even he was an Deist. For one they didn’t want the Catholic/Protestant power struggle to continue in the Colonies. Though majority Protestant they were split into many denominations. They wanted the Federal Government to stay out of it. However the individual States had sanctioned Religions. All Christian of course. I come in agreement with you HV that I LOVE my White brothers and sisters that are Christians. I use to… Read more »


Hi Esther. On runelore I still think the most thorough and powerful work has been done by Edred Thorsson, so seek out his books; they’re quite widely available. Also Guido von List. On day-to-day traditional practice and ritual I’ve found Swain Wodening’s books well-informed.

To my mind, the true Wodenic path is a more esoteric one. For this you’d want to look at Miguel Serrano, Wulf Ingessunu (founder of Woden’s Folk), Savitri Devi and perhaps Ron McVan to an extent.

Stephen McNallen, ex-leader of the AFA has even done some good work on individual, meditative practice and his book ‘Asatru’ is a very solid general introduction to Folkish Heathenism.


Another wonderful, enlightening show Heathen Vegan.

Heathen vegan

Thank you Scarlett, happy you got something out of it.


Great show HV! Instilling a real sense of wonder in the modern folk consciousness

Heathen vegan

Thanks Steed.

Wonder is the inspiration of the European soul, where would we be without it?


Greet show Heathen Vegan. I wanted to share this link for a couple from Newcastle upon Tyne who work with Runes and copper. They offer a copy of The Elder Futhark which is pretty basic, but very interesting. I have always been fascinated with astrology, tarot and such, but don’t think I was every able to really ‘delve’ into any of it because something just didn’t feel quite right.. Like christianity.. Sounds woo woo, but the Runes really do feel very different to me. I was raised christian, but always resented being forced to go, be around a bunch of awkward adults, and felt so uncomfortable basically playing pretend with all of these people whom I wanted to respect but just couldn’t for some reason.… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Thanks Amber, My work on the Fehu Rune has come a long way since this broadcast. I have started a book just covering the Fehu Rune, the information is so vast. It will probably only be a short book though 40-60k words. When its finished it will be offered for free on my website and I am sure the tribune too. The Rune translations are completely off, not only that, but I believe in each poem is hidden up to 7 alternative “narratives”. The fact NO ONE has really looked into this and accepted them as is, worries me somewhat. Here is a little example, “ok flæðar viti” Is translated as “and fire of the sea” ok = and flæðar = sea viti = fire… Read more »


I will be looking forward to your future works!
It does make sense that so much would/could be interpreted wrong, for deception’s sake, but for protection also.
It’s obvious what power in the wrong hands looks like.