Heathen Hunt: Sacred Sources and the Spear of Destiny (6-19-18)

Kyle and Heathen Vegan go on a hunt through the past to discover the essential elements of our folk mythology and also consider how it can be used to reclaim our destiny.

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5 years ago

All of us here can influence that spear, even in a small way, and help destroy this monster enslaving us. Great show Kyle & HV. You are both family men, so your time and tireless efforts are very much appreciated.

Maybe in the future you could all collaborate on a book detailing basic known timelines of our folk, interwoven with our various myths. It could be a children’s book for all the family, and of use as a home-schooling aid too. Colourful illustrations by Mr Hunt of course.

PS Happy Solstice for tomorrow (21st June), to all my Renegade friends & family. Greet the Sun as it comes around, and give thanks for the light and warmth. Nature and the truth are with us.

Heathen vegan
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Hey Anthony, The spear of destiny, could be seen as the people themselves, or at least something born out of them. I didnt get chance to do enough research before the show and got a little distracted with the Perseus, Percival stuff, to really delve into the esoteric. As a spear of some sort appears to be linked with many leader figures. Wielding it defiantly invokes something within the folk, so it would make sense that it originates within them. Books are something I want to write more and more, again its just finding the time. I have for a long time thought about children’s books, as most today are really, well, lacking. My main problem when it comes to books, is I always worry… Read more »

Reply to  Heathen vegan
5 years ago

If you have the skill to write children’s books then don’t let self doubt scare you off the idea. Our children can use all the non-diversified books they can get their hands on.

Half the skill in children’s books is finding the child in yourself to be able to write something that children can relate to.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

I love the idea of more materials for our children! Storybooks ESPECIALLY. I’m looking into some of the children’s books of Norse legends stories illustrated by the d’Aulaires. Does anyone have these or can provide a critique?

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