Heathen Vegan, Chris H, Shawna – Take No Prisoners (3-20-18)

Money, Compromise & South Africa. Chris H’s mic was broken which threw off his direction so HV took over as host and Shawna also joined the call. Topics included Money, Usury, Money as compromise, not giving up on our fight and raising our game, investing in others, how money makes progress within the world unnatural, The National Socialist approach and building local, Getting real to the situation in South Africa and saving our folk.

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“Whatever forms our yearning will one day assume, we cannot say exactly. But we see one goal shine far off and have set off on the journey to it. It draws us to that irresistibly, and this faith will one day prove us right. We are forerunners of a new time, and even if many or all of us should no longer experience it, we will nonetheless be able to say at our end: we have lived and it was beautiful to LIVE and Fight.”

Alfred Rosenberg~ The folkish State Idea 1923

To those of you here on RT, who have at least a basic command of German I warmly recommend “Der Volkslehrer” (teacher), Nikolai Nerling: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4teOyQNXzMH94YMYySl9mA/videos
He appears to be totally authentic, courageous, spiritually and mentally cultured, wise and above all he radiates nobleness of the heart.

Very inspiring, thank you three. Jan Lamprecht was on bb9’s show recently, he talked about South Africa, and standing ground, but also the need for a global european ‘team white’ approach. Here’s the link to the second hour.
Also, i felt better when I realized there are 4.5 million whites in South Africa. One meme or angle to go for is the farmer, like their name literally means Farmer – and to show this pattern repeating in history of Aryan farmers being targeted, as a tool for genocide, and possibly to reduce the numbers of non-whites too in the case of Africa.

Thank you for the link Callwen. Really appreciated that show. I will be listening to it again. It is true that we as a people value and seek the truth, and through that we make progress. I recommend people to listen to Callwen’s link.

Yes, and that our people are doers, and that was a theme of your show, to go beyond talking, which is really where our enemy excels. Plus, it seems the net and webs are starting to feel more like traps every day.

I loved your show Aryan Emperium Chris, unfortunately our level of truth is above what most people are prepared to digest and be able to make sense of lol. I want to thank you for that show, it truly embodies the Aryan spirit and intellect. That show really touched me, knowing I am not the only one that holds these principles dear and understands this dream of our Fuhrer, the heart of this folk movement, what it really was about. Your podcast showed a level of understanding and heart that is rare to find in this world and is true gem, on my channel. Easily the best podcast I have ever heard. Much love brother I am with you in spirit and mind, at your… Read more »
Thanks. I made the show you are refering to with the thought that I may never make a show like that again. It took 3 months of spare time to put together (translations etc), and really it wasn’t even ready when I put it out there. I am very wary of alternative histories at the moment, and various esoteric movements. Alot of it seems very wishy washy to me, and really I don’t want to be dealing with vague ideas right now. I feel I did my bit in that arena, and unless I really feel I can do some good there I can’t see me indulging in that side of things for a while. ps the show was called Ancient Aryan Emperium, not Aryan… Read more »
Here in the jew-K, we have new £5 & £10 plastic notes. They are small and look like something out of a child’s toy set. It’s all part of the psy-op to phase out physical money and go cashless. India seems to be the test bed for this process. We also recently had our jew media reporting that the treasury were considering getting rid of small copper 1p & 2p coins. As with cheddar man, it’s the drip-drip effect that nobody notices, but just except as a given. PS Thank you HV, Chris & Shawna for taking the time to bring us these shows. Remember folk: only keep the minimum amount of cash in banks or savings accounts. If there is a bail-in, your money… Read more »
Quick thoughts on S.A: 1/ The jews would spin any activism as a black v White race war, and use their proxies here (blm, muslims, antifa) as a curtain to hide behind and manipulate as normal. 2/ A lot of S.A’s still have the Christard virus, so that is problematic. The Western (((churches))) would welcome giving sanctuary to White refugees, and at the same time bolstering their pews & power. 3/ There is still a grudge and hatred for “the English” by boers not willing to consider that it was jews and elitist traitors carrying out past atrocities. Would the jews use that as another div&conq tool once they are back in Europe? To my mind, we have to expel the jew from all positions… Read more »

Pertinent point, and I would encourage all awareness activism. No matter what we do they will spin it, I am at the point that I dont care about their spin, only reaching my folk.

And glad to see you back commenting, I noticed a dip and then sporadic comments here and there, hope all is well with you.

Thank you for your concern. Inbetween bouts of feeling unwell (chronic sinus infection, from 40yrs of hayfever – and no doubt dairy), i have been trying to raise awareness of White genocide & Renegade..with little or no affect. It’s so easy to get discouraged when nobody cares, and your own situation is pretty c#%p also. But i, and we, must fight on. My thoughts on activism are that it needs to be targetted at jews (or “bankers,” as we have to say here). They want us to get into slanging matches or tussles with black, arab or sjw’s on the street. We have to be clever in that any objections from jews reveals their total supremacy at every level. Shawna was correct. Using their systems… Read more »

According to my experience and knowledge there is at least one natural product which almost instantly relieves the symptoms in cases of hayfever and other allergic reactions according to the testimonials of users and it is based on goat colostrum powder and AFA algae.

The name I forgot once again was Ezra Pound. Here is Canto XLV “Usura”

Very good show. In regards of money and the relationship of our ancestors to it, you were spot on, Heathen Vegan.
Tacitus says this in his Germania:
“It is the custom of the states to bestow by voluntary and individual contribution on the chiefs a present of cattle or of grain, which, while accepted as a compliment, supplies their wants. They are particularly delighted by gifts from neighboring tribes, which are sent not only by individuals but also by the state, such as choice steeds, heavy armour, trappings, and neck-chains. We have now taught them to accept money also.”
“Of lending money on interest and increasing it by compounding interest they know nothing-a more effectual safeguard than if it was prohibited. “