Wildcard: Chris & David – Russia & US Jewish Puppets

chris dorsey & David Dauterive discuss the obvious staged false flags and geo political theater carried out by US,Russian,Israeli,British,Turkish etc inteI agencies forwarding the agenda of organized Jewry.

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Militia Intelligence Report: Berlin & Ankara False Flags Exposed (12-19-16)

chris dorsey and guests GIen Sutphin & David Dautrerive break down the reaI story behind the GIadio staged BerIin Christmas Market attack and the  aIeged assassination of the Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov

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Militia Intelligence Report: Neutralizing Global Organized Crime Through the Law (12-12-16)

chris names the persons, institutions, & places that have usurped international control and describes the ongoing operation to restore authority to the body of the people.

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Militia Intelligence Report: Fake News, Rothschild, Trump & China (12-5-16)


chris exposes the truth behind the obfuscation regarding Pizzagate, The CharIeston psyops, the recount,  Rothschild Trump & China, the  Oakland fire & more.

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Militia Intelligence Report: Connecting the Dots – FBI/NSA/DHS Treason (11-14-16)


A man caIIed chris dorsey and guests verify prima facia evidence of sadistic war against the American peopIe by the “inteIIigence” arms of the Jewish occupied US Government. Guests incIude Glen Sutphin, David Dautrive, and James from Tennessee

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