Militia Intelligence Report: Prosecuting & Abolishing Terrorist World Government (2-13-17)

[Download] chris dorsey with callers including David Dauterive discuss witnessing the blatant easily verified Treason carried out by the US Government as well as their Jewish controlled corporations including the FED, BIS, UN, AIG, Anbang, The International BAR, Rothschild & Company, The State of Israel, et al. chris describes the ongoing operation to lawfully decapitate … Read more

Militia Intelligence Report: Israel’s Trump Card (1-16-17)

[Download] A man called chris dorsey and guests including David Dauterive and James from Tennessee discuss International Jewry’s tactic of using Israel to control all the world Governments including The US,Russia, Europe, China et al.  In the second hour AIPACALYPSE is discussed as the opening salvo in returning control of  America to her founding stock

Militia Intelligence Report: Shadow Government Stagecraft (11-28-16)

[Download] chris lays out how the Jewish controlled deep state utilizes overt lies and obfuscation to  terrorize a thoroughly confused population. Topics include mustering the militia at AIPAC, the orchestrated Ohio State “assault” the election recount, Pizzagate and the Kushner family power over Donald Trump.  chris hears from callers including David Dautrive.

Militia Intelligence Report: Connecting the Dots – FBI/NSA/DHS Treason (11-14-16)

[Download] A man caIIed chris dorsey and guests verify prima facia evidence of sadistic war against the American peopIe by the “inteIIigence” arms of the Jewish occupied US Government. Guests incIude Glen Sutphin, David Dautrive, and James from Tennessee

Militia Intelligence Report: Financing World War III (10-17-16)

[Download] chris and journalist Glen Sutphin discuss the fact that the Bank For International Settlements in Basel Switzerland is the lender of last resort for all of the Governments in the world. Topics include the Basel III accord, Military cooperation between Russia,The US, and China,The Mosul offensive, Gitmo Torture/Kangaroo Court, Cyber war, organized Jewry’s control … Read more

Militia Intelligence Report: Chemtrail Whistleblower & News (10-3-16)

[Download] During the First Hour chris interviews Chemtrail Whistleblower Amanda Baise aka Madison Star Moon. They discuss her testimony before a congressional EPA hearing regarding the danger of chemtrails and Geo engineering. chris also takes calls on Jeff Epstein, Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump; UN Election takeover Voter roll hacks in 20 states; Russia, US, … Read more

Militia Intelligence Report: Martial Law & The Puppet Sideshow (9-26-16)

[Download] chris is joined by guest Glen Sutphin press reporter and photographer with American International News Service, and Get the News Straight to discuss the decades long plan to destroy the Constitution and install the Martial Law we now experience in paces including Charlotte, Baltimore, and Boston.  In hour 2 we shall take calls and … Read more