Right Perspective: Put On Your Thinking Cap (9-22-17)

Davis discusses how to conduct proper research, logical fallacies, the god helmet, Hitler’s ideas for the New Order and other NS material, 9/11 and Israel’s involvement, and more.

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Right Perspective: Old School Conspiracy Class (9-1-17)

Davis talks about the JFK assassination, Masonic conspiracies, Christianity, the ozone layer, the moon, UFOs, Waco, ritual, and what it was iike researching such topics in the decades before the Internet.

Image: cobalt123

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Right Perspective: Troubled Times & Paranormal Phenomena (6-5-17)

Davis talks about the ongoing lockdown of Britain, government leaks, and more current events, before playing some older audio about “ghost hunting”, with a particular focus on Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

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