Radio Wehrwolf: Samhain Music Special (10-27-15)


Tonight Dion will be presenting a very special Samhain/Halloween music themed broadcast.

You can find the song list at;

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Radio Wehrwolf: The Rizoli Brothers (7-27-15)

Tonight Dion will be interviewing Jim and Joe Rizoli. We will be discussing the systemic attacks on free speech, Illegal Immigration, Jewish control, the Hollowedco$t, and more.

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Radio Wehrwolf: Taking out the Trash (7-22-15)


Random hate fest tonight, getting some things off my chest. “Wounded Knee” Martin, White Suicide, Trump/McCain, Planned Parenthood, and other Marxist scumbaggery.

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Radio Wehrwolf: Education to Indoctrination (7-15-15)


Looking into the intentional, and deliberate dumbing down of the American people through public education. Limited learning for a lifetime of labor, Anti-Intellectualism, Common Core, and more.

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