Heathen Hof: The Power of Emotions (9-17-18)

[Download] In this episode HV talks about emotions and how our ancestors used them to relate to the world around them. He touches upon the “Vates” of ancient times, their relationship to Woden and the Folk. also about  how “Inspired fury”, empathy and altruism will play a key role in our salvation Links, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HruBiISjq4g http://www.renegadetribune.com/woden-wild-wood/ … Read more

Heathen Hof: The Aryan Mindset (8-3-18)

[Download] Tonight H.V delves into the way our ancestors viewed the world. He counters some of the Mascuiline domination ideas promoted by Red Ice and the Altright. Delving into the motivational forces behind these ideas and comparing them to that of how our ancestors really thought. The importance of the “Mother Goddess” is discussed in relation … Read more

Heathen Hof: Asaheim Wulfguard – Esoteric & Occult Origins of Heathen Culture (5-8-18)

[Download] Tonight Heathen Vegan has a conversation with Asaheim Wulfguard. Asaheim has a popular Youtube channel where he discusses many things from Northern European heathenism to the plight of the indigenous European. They cover a whole range of topics, mostly delving into the esoteric or hidden knowledge within many of the northern folks mythology and how … Read more