Wildcard: Steed, Chris H, Heathen Vegan – English Natural Nationalism (1-9-18)

[Download] Steed hosted a show which initially covered recent arrests that have taken place in the UK whereby nationalist have been targetted. Steed, Heathen Vegan and Chris H then went on to discuss how we are being disconnected from our natural solutions through modern media and a political environment where people don’t want to think … Read more

Wildcard: Heathen Vegan – A Brief History of Our Folk (1-5-18)

[Download] Heathen Vegan takes on a journey through time, from the Stone Age to National Socialism and beyond. Topics include: Community, bonds of kinship/blood, trust, the rules of men women and child, land and its true value, what freedom means, religion and its effects, natural and unnatural war, slave and parasite classes, National Socialism as an … Read more

Wildcard: Chris H, Heathen Vegan – About Aryan Cultural Revival (12-29-17)

[Download] Chris H stepped up to the plate to take the initiative to speak about how we connect with nature and our natural way of thinking. Heathen Vegan then turned up, and both discussed civilisation and finding our cultural heritage through the artificial world. Vegan Nance came on near the end to speak about staying … Read more

Wildcard: Heathen Vegan & Steed – The Ancient Anglo (12-5-17)

[Download] Two Englishmen rule the airwaves to discuss some of the history of their nation, the story of Hengist and Horsa, the effect of industrialization, spiritual and economic impoverishment, fighting devastating wars for the empire, the hypocrisy of Varg Vikernes, the use of runes, and much more. There is even an extra half hour of content.

Wildcard: Heathen Vegan speaks with Chris – English Sunrise (9-27-17)

[Download] Heathen Vegan goes on a rant about the current state of affairs in the UK, the political shutdown of free speech even in its simplest most innocent forms, a political and philosophical breakdown of where we are at and where we are going, the importance of staying strong to our faith and our culture and … Read more