Wildcard: Jeff Wilkerson – Tumultuous Trump Talk (10-20-16)

[Download] Due to some technical difficulties, Shaun fills in for the first segment and talks about the complexity of bee communication, before bringing on Jeff Wilkerson, author of Sion’s Army, who takes over from there. Jeff discusses why he supports Trump and fields a number of callers who have a much different perspective on politics … Read more

Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (9-24-15)

[Download] On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about: Charles Giuliani joining the Renegade Ranks, The negro hand in inventing White Western Civilisation (cough cough), White girls being palmed off to third world muds by their lazy parents, Homo’s running rampant in the streets like 1940’s rabid dogs, The general degeneracy of … Read more