The Solar Storm: Chris Fogarty (6-28-15)

* Kyle speaks to Chris Fogarty, publisher of IrishHolocaust.org and author of Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept it “Perfect”. Topics include: events that preceded the genocide (often mis-labeled as a “famine”), the general treatment of the Irish by the British Empire, Ireland’s vast agricultural resources, the massive food removal program, reactions to … Read more

Jimmies Rustled

The Return of Tyr: The Rustling (6-23-15)

* All around the world jimmies are being rustled, hand rubbing is intensifying, white people are magically turning black, Confederate flags are being banned to prevent “youths” from accidentally burning down their neighborhoods by setting them aflame, and “Liberals” are attempting to ban guns to keep the goyim from killing themselves to escape the jewish … Read more