Dinosaur News: White Progress Amongst Chaos (11-2-16)

[Download] Beattie Boy takes us around the world for a review of unfolding events and some history related to the White struggle. Music list Sadly Joyster no longer wishes to participate with “Dinosaur News”. Her sharp observations will be missed. It is sincerely hoped that Joyster will have her voice heard on othr venues, via Renegade Broadcasting. … Read more

Dinosaur News: Joyster’s Setback, Canada’s Hate Laws & White News (10-26-16)

[Download] John and Joyster talk about why Joyster’s plans didn’t work out the way she planned, how to avoid running afoul of Canada’s hate laws, and more. John then covers some events from around the world, including the new Canadian “hate” bill, as well as an anniversary of a Welsh tragedy and the Hungarian revolution … Read more

Dinosaur News: Anarchy (7-20-16)

[Download] Mr. Beattie talks about news and current events, with a central theme being what happens when law and order breaks down, when police are murdered and intimidated, and when the law of the jungle becomes the rule of the streets. This, of course, means that we need strong legal underground units.