Circus Maximus: Standards in the Struggle & Syria in the Spotlight (5-12-17)

[Download] For the first hour Nick speaks about many of the relevant issues within our struggle, including going through some good comments on a recent show, then he interviews Johnny Achi of Arab Americans for Syria, discussing the Western misconceptions of Bashar Al-Assad, the regime change agenda in Syria, the Greater Israel agenda, and more. Link to … Read more

Circus Maximus: Brendon O’Connell – Int’l Intelligence Operations (3-17-17)

[Download] Nick speaks with Brendon O’Connell about his experience being imprisoned in Australia for exposing jewish subversion and then his time seeking asylum in Iran, why he left the country and is suspicious of them, how Israel is spying on everyone with their high tech companies, how psychological operations are being employed to further their … Read more

Circus Maximus: Scott Rickard – American Likudnik Inauguration Day (1-20-17)

[Download] Nick Spero speaks with former intelligence linguist Scott Rickard, who frequently appears on PressTV and RT, for a discussion about the new president of the United States and his many connections to NGOs, think tanks, the deep state, and the state of Israel. While many people are celebrating, Nick and Scott take a much … Read more

Circus Maximus: Kyle & Sinead – Mind Control Mafia Cartoons (1-6-17)

[Download] Kyle and Sinead fill in for Nick after his mysterious disappearance right before the show (don’t worry, he’s fine. IT issues). They discuss the recent shooting in Ft. Lauderdale, the anti-White attack on a Trump supporter, how degenerate cartoons are part of a mind control operation, and much more. David, chris dorsey, and other … Read more