Arcane Semantics: Ole Dammegard – False Flag Operations, Staged Events & Engineered Incidents (9-3-18)

[Download] This airing we have Ole Dammegard joining us. Ole has been awarded the Prague Peace Prize, and is an author, International speaker, former journalist, musician, artist and investigator, who has dedicated the last 35 years to researching many of the global conspiracies. Ole is now considered a leading expert on many top political assassinations … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Ken Rohla – Scalar Energies & Suppressed Technologies (8-27-18)

[Download] This airing we have Ken Rohla once again joining us. Ken is a natural health educator and inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, specializing in rejuvenation and cellular regeneration using raw and sprouted vegetarian food, herbs, food-based natural supplements, detoxification, emotional healing, reprogramming of limiting unconscious beliefs, ancient esoteric techniques, and cutting-edge science. Formally … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Group Motivation, Social Conditioning & Engineering (8-20-18)

[Download] This airing we discuss the social conditioning and social engineering we are subjected to all around us – from some of the many sources and forms through which manipulation might infiltrate.  Some positive perceptions of ideals in governing are also addressed which often conflict with this group motivation, “will of the masses” mentality.  We discuss … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Militarized GMOs & Sustainability (8-13-18)

[Download] This airing we discuss some recent developments and mergers in the worlds of Genetically Modified Organisms and the Military Industrial Complex. In an incredible victory for plaintiff Dwayne Johnson, a San Francisco jury just found agrochemical and seed giant Monsanto guilty of failing to adequately warn that its products Roundup and Ranger may cause … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Totalitarianism, Immigration Backlash & Liberty Modulation (7-30-18)

[Download] This airing we discuss totalitarianism in various forms – including unenforced or restrictive laws, unrestrained and invasive data collecting and surveillance, exploitative wars and foreign manipulation to name a few. The validity of a recent federal court case ruling is addressed which may release restraint on open-carry gun laws. Some political figures recently highlighted … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Scarlett – Dysgenic Immigration & Cultural Dissolution (7-23-18)

[Download] This airing we have Scarlett joining us. We discuss some of the basic differences between the current situations in Europe vs. U.S. and their ramifications. We address this purposeful dysgenic program and regression due to weaponized, replacement level immigration. Our countries are currently entering a phase of cultural dissolution and catastrophe due to the … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Tabitha Wolfram – Generations 1890-Present, Leadership & WWII Programming (7-9-18)

[Download] This airing we have Tabitha Wolfram once again joining us.  We take a look at the generations spanning from 1890 to the present day.  The name and notable characteristics and traits which have generally identified each generation and set them apart from others are discussed.  We address many aspects of life within these eras.  … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Infiltration & Subversion – From Bandwidth to Brazil (6-18-18)

[Download] This airing we discuss the infiltration and subversion within the independent media, journalism and activism.  The Net Neutrality Repeal is considered, including how it may relate to the independent media, corporate “bandwidth warfare” and censorship.  The subversive nature in many forms is addressed as well as varying reactions and opinions.  Choosing values over business … Read more

Arcane Semantics: T. Matthew Phillips – Vaccine Abolitionist (6-11-18)

[Download] This airing we have T. Matthew Phillips once again joining us. T. Matthew Phillips is a California attorney, musicologist, and part-time particle physicist. Phillips advocates the unconditional abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride and science. Phillips is now suing the State of California to halt SB 277—California’s oppressive vaccine mandate for schoolchildren. We discuss … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Steven Whitener – Superfund Sites, Toxic By-Product Pollution & Corruption (6-4-18)

[Download] This airing we have Steven Whitener joining us. Steven has previously worked for and later tried to expose a company called AquaTech. AquaTech were initially involved with illegal dumping in South Carolina around 1989-1990 and ultimately turned into a Superfund Site. Steven has since become an acute analyst of the control and perceptions within … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Jews, Putin and the Whole Multicultural Thing (5-21-18)

[Download] This airing we discuss current geopolitical events and situations. We open by discussing Italy and their current struggle with the EU. We address some current developments in Sweden, the multicultural wonderland hailed by one Swede as a “Humanitarian Superpower”; although Swedish multicultural policies are very much at the expense of its own detriment and … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Michael Santomauro – Jewish Control: Both Foreign & Domestic (5-14-18)

[Download] This airing we have Michael Santomauro once again joining us. We discuss the current Israeli led agendas in the Middle East and the current Palestinian protests during this 70th anniversary of Nakba, or Catastrophe, the mass expulsion and dispossession from their nation state of Palestine. We discuss the many disappointments we have seen in … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Rollie Quaid – War Agendas, Cult Origins & The White Wizard (4-23-18)

[Download] This airing we have Rollie Quaid once again joining us.  We discuss some current events including a bit of war zone updates.  Many topics are covered including insights on the Military Industry Complex, Israeli Agendas and some of the notable examples and figures which have gained recent attention.  Julian Assange is discusses along with similar … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Bita Wolfram – Synthetic Multiculturalism & Tranny Foods (4-16-18)

[Download] This airing we have Bita Wolfram once again joining us. Bita has been part of the Renegade Broadcasting community as both a listener and previous contributing guest to the station. Topics we discuss include: Foods and food ingredients to avoid; Foods, herbs & supplements to beat depression; Fake foods & toxic foods to create a … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Technological Tyranny & Engineered Perceptions (4-9-18)

[Download] This airing we discuss some of the totalitarian advancements in our technology and the impact this has on our society. Some of the topics discussed include: the possibility of limited hangouts from characters such as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange; China beginning a “social credit” system seeking to assign citizens scores, engineer social behavior … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Willem Felderhof – Aerotoxic Syndrome, Geoengineering & Immigration Invasion (4-2-18)

[Download] This airing we have Willem Felderhof joining us. Willem is a former commercial airline pilot and whistleblower on the presence of toxic elements in aviation generally known as the “Aerotoxic Syndrome”. Willem is also the organizer of the Open Mind Conferences in the Netherlands. The parasitic influences that control and manipulate humanity by relentless … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Rollie Quaid – Hollywood, Government Agencies & Social Engineering (3-19-18)

[Download] This airing we have Rollie Quaid once again joining us. We discuss some of our favorite films and analyze some of their implications. We then discuss connections between Hollywood, various government branches and agencies. We consider what much of the intended messages are in some of these films, and in the careers of many … Read more

Arcane Semantics: Rollie Quaid – Kosher Meth Syndicate & Strawmen of Snow (3-12-18)

[Download] This airing we have Rollie Quaid once again joining us. Rollie covers material from a number of his recent articles published on Renegade Tribune. We discuss the idea of a snowman as a strawman used for a particular time. We discuss and question the validity of whistleblower Edward Snowden and whether this information is … Read more