Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 10-25-13

[Download] Episode XXIII: Ladies and Gentlemen VS. LikudLickers & Groid Grovelers Segments will most likely include: Roadshow reflections filthy Yehudim mind poison (the media/degenerate art) on Hitler “bashing” and “White pride” Call of the Ancestors (ie. the only AA meeting you’ll ever need.) personal theological misdoings Click here to download

Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 9-20-13

[Download] EPISODE XIX: Stylus Phantasticus Rejuvenation Amidst Media Mind Minutia Siegfried intends to yet again baroque-style butcher the sacred cows populating the fields of our collective mind.  It is all too clear the revolution is imminent, therefore a discussion on future societies and religious systems is required.  Going to be discussing the content found in … Read more

Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 8-16-13

[Download] EPISODE XIV: Eternal Darkness Siegfried, Renegade’s resident Extreme Romantic Volkish Europid-centric Meritocratic Skald puts subtlety to the curb with; epic consumerist poetry by Papa John rants and brainstorms to combat the darkness anti-miscegenation ditty from Merseyside savage whims expressed by law and # of “tweets” a somewhat soothing message from Haydn for the somewhat … Read more

Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 6-28-13

[Download] Odal Rune Bearers’ Rise Part II: There and Attack Again; The Dawning of the New Mythic Age Join Siegfried at 3PM EST for a crash course to Mankind’s course.  The past, present and future will be explored along with written pieces of the host’s own mind.  Calls welcome as always. Click here to download