Firestarter Radio: Infiltration Agents and Their Subversive Agendas (11-8-19)

[Download] Tonight Sinead discusses the GDL’s latest stunt in Colorado which coincides with the “White supremacist terror plot” on a jewish synagogue being foiled by the wonderful and competent FBI. She goes on to discuss “dietitians” funded by the meat and dairy industries that are attaching themselves to the vegan movement in order to get … Read more

Fired Up: Music Festivals – State Sanctioned Goyim Play Pens (10-16-19)

[Download] Tonight Sinead talks about how music festivals are state sanctioned goyim play pens. With the assistance of club drugs like MDMA, these festivals create the illusion of community and spiritual experiences. She also discusses “drug testing” at music festivals that encouages drug users to have their drugs tested to make sure they’re real, without … Read more