Firestarter Radio: Arrested Developments (7-11-20)

[Download] Tonight Sinead discusses the recent “arrest” of Ghislaine Maxwell, the Jonbenet Ramsey case and it’s inconsistencies, how AI can create fake people with Generative Adversarial Networks, the new Irish Minister of Children and his ties to pedophilia promotion, The Randonautica app and it’s ties to Discordianism and The Church of The Subgenius, and how … Read more

Firestarter Radio: Don’t “F” with Trad Cats (1-24-20)

[Download] Tonight Sinead discusses christians who abuse children for “not taking the lord seriously”, the documentary ‘Don’t Fuck With Cats’ and her theories on how this could be an elaborate psy op to get people to shy away from internet sleuthing and solving murder cases without the assistance of the “authorities”, discusses some strange Russian … Read more