Fired Up: Music Festivals – State Sanctioned Goyim Play Pens (10-16-19)

[Download] Tonight Sinead talks about how music festivals are state sanctioned goyim play pens. With the assistance of club drugs like MDMA, these festivals create the illusion of community and spiritual experiences. She also discusses “drug testing” at music festivals that encouages drug users to have their drugs tested to make sure they’re real, without … Read more

Fired Up: The Omega Institute – Esalen of The East Coast (10-1-19)

[Download] Tonight Sinead talks about the unknown twin of the Esalen Institute. The Omega Institute pushes White genocide and jewish ideologies under the guise of “spiritual enlightenment”. Once a Yiddish summer camp, the campus now hosts over priced workshops and networking opportunities for scum bags. Closing song: ‘Leave The Lights On’ by Meiko (Krot remix)

Firestarter Radio: Disinfo, Degenerates, and Disappearances (8-30-19)

[Download] Tonight Sinead finishes up from last weeks topic about LSD being pushed onto the populace, discusses Robert Sephr’s promotion of pedo jew, Willhem Reich, Jan Irving’s 10/10 shilling, Ugly Jewth’s extended shill network and finishes up with a segment on strange disappearances and deaths of people in the wilderness. Closing track: ‘Father Ocean’ (Ben … Read more

Firestarter Radio: Shillin’ in the USSA (8-23-19)

[Download] Tonight Sinead talks about nootropics companies such as Onnit that are big within the fight community, Onnit’s ties to the military industrail complex, the goverment sponsored psychedellics movement being pushed as “cognitive freedom” and “life optimization”, the jews over at The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, as well as Joe Rogan , Alex Jones … Read more