Firestarter Radio: Silent Weapons for Quieting Goyim (2-22-19)

Tonight Sinead talks about many topics including: Savitri Devi, IMSI catchers, Latinos and Islam, the “nutritarian” scam, 5G, silent weapons and more.
Closing song’ ‘Alchemy’ Above and Beyond Feat. Zoë Johnston

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Blitzed Up: The Green Gestapo is Coming (2-20-19)

Kyle and Sinead go on a deodo-rant and then discuss environmentalism, tree hugging, animal rights, plant-based power, right-wing resource raping, left-wing controlled opposition, and a whole lot of other triggering topics.

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Fired Up: Massimo – He Who Controls the Past Controls the Future (1-1-19)

Tonight Sinead speaks with Massimo from Italy about Assad, Iran, Dugin, Casapound, the new chronology, Fomenko and more!
Opening song: ‘Indiscretion’ by MPH Closing song: ‘When I go’ by Emancipator

Link to book Massimo mentions:

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