Voice of Albion: Christian Berteryan (1-21-15)

[Download] Christian Berteryan is a 34 year old Nationalist from Flanders. Formerly an activist for Vlaams Blok, Christian is the spokesman for Autonome Nationalisten Vlaanderen (Autonomous Nationalists Flanders). The Dutch People’s Union (Nederlandse Volks-Unie) has recently expanded to Flanders. Christian has played a leading role in this development.

Voice of Albion: Shaun Grimsley (12-17-14)

[Download] Paul discusses British Nationalism with Shaun Grimsley. Shaun has been involved in Nationalism since the early 1990’s, being involved with various groups including the National Front (NF), British National Party (BNP) and British Freedom Fighters (BFF). Shaun is currently a National Front member and also supports the West Midlands Infidels (WMI). Cannock Chase German … Read more

Voice of Albion: Emil Hagberg (12-3-14)

[Download] Emil Hagberg has been a National Activist in Sweden for 15 years. Formerly Nästeschef (Nest Chief) for Stockholm, he is a member of the Nordic Resistance Council, which includes Resistance Movements in Norway, Denmark and Finland. – Swedish Resistance Movement website www.nordfront.se – Swedish Resistance Movement vs Antifa 2007 Video – Kärrtorp December 2013 … Read more

Voice of Albion: Richard Edmonds (11-19-14)

Click here to listen! Veteran British Nationalist Richard Edmonds joins Paul Hickman to discuss; The Nuremberg (show) Trials and the torture of Germans at Bad Nenndorf, by British interrogators following WW2. – Guardian: The post war photographs that British Authorities tried to keep hidden – Cruel Britania – a secret history of torture – Jailing … Read more

Voice of Albion: Thomas Wulff Steiner (10-1-14)

[Download] Thomas Wulff Steiner is a Veteran White Nationalist from Hamburg Germany. Steiner has been involved in White Nationalism for 30 years. He has Organised Election Campaigns and been Hamburg Organiser for the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD). Steiner has also organised marches in memory of the Dresden Holocaust and the torture of German Civilian’s at … Read more

Voice of Albion: Simon Sheppard (9-3-14)

[Download] Paul interviews Simon Sheppard who is a British Nationalist and Publisher of The Heretical Press. A native of Kingston Upon Hull, Simon was jailed in 2000 for the “crime” of “Publishing or Distributing racially inflammatory material.” Simon and a fellow free speech advocate were convicted of “publishing hate speech against Jews and other groups” … Read more

Voice of Albion: Vilma Čekutienė (8-25-14)

[Download] Paul interviews Vilma Cekutiene who is a board member of the Lithuanian Nationalist Union Party. Vilma has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Management. She has been involved with the Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Centre (link) since 2008. Red Terror on the Amber Coast (Full Documentary) The January Events … Read more