VeGAINator: Black Athletes – Even Privilege Cannot Stop Black Criminality (12-9-17)

[Download] VeGAINator goes over some infamous cases of black criminality and explores articles about how black athletes are 10x more likely to commit crime and be arrested than white athletes, and this is always scapegoated by racism, injustices, and inequalities that blacks are subjugated from whites. Video link for the podcast @

VeGAINator: Time to make Haiti Great… Again (11-25-17)

[Download] This show is about Haitians, the “enrichment” and “vibrancy” that Haitians are bring to white lands, and critiquing the recent news reports about deporting Haitians that were granted a protected “temporary” citizenship since “Haitians deserve better” and that Haiti is not ready for Haitians to return. Kyle calls in. Video version here.

VeGAINator: Criticism, Tactics, Realization & Radicalization for Our Agenda (11-18-17)

[Download] VeGAINator discusses how we should try to mimic the tactics and templates that the jews and their controlled opposition use towards corralling the masses to stay within the Jewtrix – like comedy, meme magic, etc – but hijack it to align it towards attacking the root source of ALL the problems (The Jewish Problem) … Read more

Wildcard: The VeGAINator – Ranting to Radicalize (7-14-17)

[Download] Andrew (The VeGAINator) returns to Renegade for a jam-packed two hours of analysis. He talks about the all-out assault against us, how we need to intelligently resist, the call for people to protest AIPAC in 2018, how people need to see through the jewtrix illusion, the military threat, biological weapons of mass destruction, healthy … Read more