Wildcard: Goy Daddy – Secrets of the Federal Reserve (8-25-18)

[Download] The Federal Reserve that often comes up in discussions in the alternative media. The story of its duplicitous founding and operation is interesting and relevant. This show covers background information about money, the circumstances surrounding the writing of the book Secrets of The Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins, getting as far as beginning Chapter … Read more

Never So Defiant And Proud: Labour Unit – Purpose & Refinement (5-22-18)

[Download] Guest Labour Unit speaks with Chris H to discuss Self Empowerment in the context of our own natural world. Topics include: The greater narrative of both mainstream and alternative together, finding the original beyond “alternatives”, the tend of nature to betterment, healing the whole with the analogy of the human body as an example, … Read more

Heathen Hof: Asaheim Wulfguard – Esoteric & Occult Origins of Heathen Culture (5-8-18)

[Download] Tonight Heathen Vegan has a conversation with Asaheim Wulfguard. Asaheim has a popular Youtube channel where he discusses many things from Northern European heathenism to the plight of the indigenous European. They cover a whole range of topics, mostly delving into the esoteric or hidden knowledge within many of the northern folks mythology and how … Read more

Never So Defiant And Proud: Unique Tribal Refinement (5-1-18)

[Download] Guests Labour Unit & Heathen Vegan speak with Chris H. LU speaks about suing culture, microaggresions & repressed expression, buisness persona, assumed reality, paper pushing jobs, the agenda to mix up europe, importance of refinement and many other topics. With HV topics included: Facing the struggle, connecting with the ancestors of your land, how … Read more