Wildcard: The VeGAINator – Ranting to Radicalize (7-14-17)

[Download] Andrew (The VeGAINator) returns to Renegade for a jam-packed two hours of analysis. He talks about the all-out assault against us, how we need to intelligently resist, the call for people to protest AIPAC in 2018, how people need to see through the jewtrix illusion, the military threat, biological weapons of mass destruction, healthy … Read more

Wildcard: Hugh Wyatt – On Ariosophy and the Runes (6-30-17)

[Download] Tonight Hugh discusses the 20th Century German occult revival including prominent figures such as Guido von List, Lanz von Liebenfels, and Karl Maria Wiligut. Topics covered include Ariosophy in general, List’s Armanen Runes, Liebenfels’ Theozoology and Ario-Christianity, as well as Wiligut’s amalgam Irminism, including other orders such as the Thule Society and Himmler’s Ahnenerbe. … Read more

Wildcard: Never So Defiant And Proud – Aryan Emperium Awakens (6-28-17)

[Download] Host Chris. Topics include: Awakening of White Aryan people to a true recognition of themselves Red Pill Neurosis vs The Aryan Dream .. From Goy to Yog NS: National Socialism, Natural Solutionism, Strength Through Joy The New Mythos, The Aryan Age, The 3rd Path, Will Of The Aryan Nation Ubernation: Europe — Subnations: Celtica, … Read more