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This was a very interesting interview! According to Diabolus our current rulers and current religions are trying to take us down the right hand path to self-annihilation of our individual selves by using Abrahamic religions and their modern spinoffs of capitalism, Marxism, and cultural Marxism. The right hand paths final destination will turn humanity into an amalgamated, mixed race, bunch of sheep who will be obedient slaves to the Jews. (I agree with this) The guest proposes the Left hand path where we rise above our animal nature and become hyper-individuals or (gods) instead of dissolving into an ant like mass consciousness like where the right hand path will eventually take us. On the Left hand path we become the Gods of our existence, we… Read more »

Kevin Sommers

Exactly. Just going to start out by saying that the Jews control Transhumanism as well as they do modern religion. In both sides, they are attempting to turn themselves into Gods(through religion by destroying us, and through tech, well we all know about Google, the NSA, and that whole mess.) I have a kind of different view where I see the process of creating something outside the confined of the world as an experience that can easily drive one mad. I believe that the creator of this world went mad through creation and now plays the role of the destroyer. God in my eyes would be best represented by the figure of Atlus, holding the world on his shoulders. Sure, he didn’t create it, but… Read more »

Kevin Sommers

There is a great power in paying respects to your ancestors and symbolically ‘laying amongst them.’ This was really the transition moment for me, I tried a Satanic ritual during a power outage and at a point where I was so ill that I expected that I would be dead by the end of the month. Basically I had some candles lit, I laid dead still on the couch looking out the window into the stars, and had Electric Wizard’s We Live and Black Priest Of Satan’s We, As Shadows Of Satan playing on my portable player. As I was into Satanism at the time, I went into a deep meditation and tried to connect with Satan. Well, nothing. Over time my mind drifted into… Read more »


Interesting, I will take a look at your blog…


I personally think people enjoy going into these matters since they know the situation, the enemies, and they are like well I don’t want to actually do anything so I will act like they need to read thousands of five-hundred page books until they die of old age like several others have such as Pierce, Klassen, etc. and many more to come also! So all of this “spiritualism” is only a waste of time or energy. If you don’t have much patience for this type of make-believe content, I recommend skipping half way to the 90 minute (1:30:00) time. I listened to the entire show, but almost stopped until that point it started finally getting somewhat interesting. If you are still bored then go the… Read more »


I thought is was just a bunch of BS, Rex was speaking , words came out, but they were so ethereal; to make him appear highly intellectual yet make no sense. He spoke a jumble of words that literally mean nothing. Sounds a lot like the new age nonsense or Corporate Public Relation speak, you will notice there vocabulary is full with words like singularity , string theory , mass consciousness, and other bunch of BS that means anything the listener wants it to mean. Stringing a bunch of words together especially from physics, chemistry and other sciences does not a message make. Best not speak at all.

I agree with Bill. Unfortunately, the echo made it difficult to follow everything that was being said. I do know that I have no interest in “satan” or lucifer, except in so far as it helps to understand those perspectives, as I like to understand most everything. Within the judeo-christian context, Lucifer is an attractive and sympathetic character, however this is the same shit the judeo-masons and wiccans are into. I have heard that they subverted it. Idk, this is why I keep an open-mind.

Awesome art, by the way.

I might add that even though I don’t care for his left-hand path, new-age, satanic, luciferian, and occult aesthetics (totally fucking useless in my opinion, and not in any way related to an explicit European identity, if anything I’d be perfectly happy to dismiss it all as jewish nonsense. But, like I said in my last comment, I do keep an open mind and freely admit my ignorance in regards the actual content of many esoteric and occult doctrines), I do enjoy his aesthetic use of the greek key and swastika. ‘Nuff said.


The trouble with the diabolical is that it is so jewish and therefore anti Christ.
White humanity can do with out it.

We could also do without christ, so I don’t what your point is. Thankfully, Renegade is known to be opposed to christianity.


Very intersting topic. We definitely need some kind of special kind of new approach, merged with fresh marxist thought with some anti-demonic spiritual attitude to unite anti-system forces in current hiatus.

Dear Dana, Primero, I hope you never took any comments I have made in the past as me being just an asshole. Sometimes even a punch is more honest than cussing someone out if you understand my meaning but I think I try to just be honest. Dear Dana and Diabolus Rex, Surprising even to me when I look back on my adolescent self, I recall reading The Satanic Bible and Trevor Ravenscroft crazy book “Spear of Destiny” and Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke “Occult Roots of Nazism” along with Nietzsche’s “Thus Sprach Zarathustra” all in roughly the same three month time span. I really was disgusted when I realized LaVey simply plagiarized Ragnar Redbeard for his bible and those were the only sections that I really really… Read more »


Dude, the show was amazing to listen to, you two were bang on topic. If you ever read this, you got to check out Dan Winter on his work with phi ratio, consciousness and fractality. He has practical application to life, and his interviews and lectures exzplain the physics of consciousness and gravity. It is technical but I think you would definitely get it. He also explains how the Holy Grail IS the electric fractality in the blood.


My idea of transcendence is not through external technology, but through the constant incrtease of your own power to overcome the physical i.e. psychic phenomena hint at this. External tech is OK as long as we dont rely on it. A crutch is only there to help you become strong after that you discard it, you do not integrate it. It can be taken away and furthermore, anything not earned off your own back ultimately, is not yours: you have not become it, integrated it: not grown. Reliance on ‘crutches’ maintains weakness, and this is what the current ethos is: to be more and more intimately dependent on the external (I dont mean the Natural world) artificial tech such as implants and bionics. This to… Read more »

Great interview. Obviously D. Rex is brilliant….having said that, might I reserve a place on the upper ninth plane of Hell? Gotta run, keeping it short.


I was just listening to it for the first time – really sorry for the connection guys, it wasn’t him after all, I could hear him fine, it was the spaces in between him speaking and on my end – and I seem to think that speaking very loud helps things, which it does not. again, apologize for the quality, but don’t really control that.

I wonder if D. Rex went to Arizona State?