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10 years ago

Larouche once discussed Dionysian, Apollonian, and Promethean, such that Dionysian is analogous to the iron soul, Apollonian to the Silver soul, and Promethean to the Golden Soul; the Prometheans being those from which the Philosopher-King is drawn.

Somewhat parallel to this hierarchy are the concepts of Eros, Caritas, and Agape.

10 years ago

Great dialogue between Bill and Frank in the last hour.

A question for all of those who have read ‘Might Makes Right’, especially if somewhat recently:

“As you finished reading, and for the next period (hours, days, or even longer), what was your general overall feeling? (e.g. ‘calm and collected’, ‘alert and energized’, ‘pissed and ready to fight’, etc.)…”

Looking forward to some feedback. Thanks!

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