Imperium Europa w/ Dana Antiochus 11-13-13

Tonight I will have some bad news of the passing of both a racial comrade kindred spirit – also I will give some background on a person who will be interviewed, but I am not sure it will happen tonight because I haven’t confirmed with the individual who lives in a different timezone and may presently be unconscious.  The man was chased out of Canada by the Jewish lobby for hate speech and incitement to genocide, was wanted by Interpol, and presently lives in Pakistan.

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Dana, with all due respect, is this picture of the guy with the Hitler mustache and a sign hanging on him saying “occupy Poland” supposed to be funny? Do you think that you may be overcompensating for the fact that you are only 3/4 native European by pandering to a Nazi point of view? Do you suppose that this stuff is going to build European concordance?


i actually took that picture out – i didn’t like it after i put it in, but i guess it stayed. anyway it is a mockery of the OWS movement


and no i don’t think that at all, you read way too far into things – relax, blogtalk just changed their dashboard and i guess that pic got through, i’ll re-edit it out but not for you, only because it wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place

Ok, no problem. But don’t feel bad about about following a similar path as my wishes. I think you’ll find we basically want the same things. You live in Long Island? brrrrr .. no wonder you are under stress.


no i’m in ct, thats sieg over in jewville

Connecticut isn’t Jewville/ mud-hell too?


What we got Middle eastern Assyrian “White Nationalist” now??? LOL